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  1. Maybe you should all watch the video that still was taken from then. The real Nicola Sturgeon on display.
  2. Trust in any politician is misplaced.
  3. I'm told it was on a Monday, can't quite remember it that well.
  4. Hit a nerve or something? I knew when I wrote 2014 “you all” (the nationalist stronghold in here) would jump on that and say 2021 or something similar. it’s not smart, just predictable.
  5. When did I say I didn’t want to talk about it? I just pointed out that every thread follows the same pattern and reverts back to the constitution.
  6. Took you all longer than I thought to take a nibble at that one
  7. Incoming........5,4,3,2.......!!
  8. Eh? You were talking about how corrupt the UK system is...... I asked if you thought all these things would be rectified in an independent Scotland? I think we agree on the level of corruption at high levels in UK society when it comes to tax avoidance, I was curious as to what you thought would (not could) be done different should Scotland control all tax matters.
  9. Take a look at the majority of the threads on here and it reverts to the 2014 debate.
  10. Do you think all of these issues would be rectified in an independent Scotland?
  11. I did once a few years back when a vulnerable family member needed some support, he was about as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
  12. Like the look of these gilets. Hope the quality is half decent.
  13. Would love to hear what they do all day? Seen as you are so informed and I am so ignorant.
  14. The talent pool appears to be very dry. Although that could be said the world over.
  15. I'd be willing to bet the majority of Scots couldn't name the leader of Scottish Labour, not even sure most could name the leader of the UK party.
  16. You and McLean have a very similar style
  17. Because that's where we are at in Scotland now. Dairy milks have shrunk in size but are still the same price........must be some blame we can attach to being part of the union OR maybe they would be more expensive if we were independent. I'm sure there's a debate to be had in there....
  18. Is the Scottish parliament tied to the GERS figures? Just when we are considering a bunch of freeloaders paid for doing the square root of not very much.
  19. Anyone convinced anyone on the other side they are wrong yet...Or even just a little bit wrong?
  20. That’s some comparison, even by your standards.
  21. It should be that simple, these companies must be taken to task on how little they pay versus their earnings. The demand for their supply is there so it's not like they will pack up and leave if we squeeze them for more tax. Trident is a completely outdated concept in the UK, who are we defending against...Russia? They could and would wipe us out in the blink of an eye (with or without trident).
  22. And we will now be back onto the constitution debate.......
  23. They haven't totally controlled our economy for quite some time now and if you look at the last 5 it has remained pretty flat so is that all WM fault also?
  24. I guess this is the issue for all. how accurate are they and what makes them a true representation of the current make up. Defence is probably a good example of spend @ £3billion but if Scotland join Nato then our commitment won't be far off that. Also part of that £3billion cost creates considerable employment in Scotland, so it is a little disingenuous to say it should be much lower.