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  1. Confirmation of the plain back to the shirt too. Out of interest @Lroy, do you know what other suppliers were in the mix for our kit deal?
  2. 17/18 and 18/19 home shirts on there with the stick on badge from last year. Wonder where those have come from. Just Sport shifting leftover stock?
  3. Greig Taylor, our £3billion left back. I like it!
  4. Closest thing they'll have to an end will be the away bench.
  5. That's fair enough. The club would do well to commission a few of these retro shirts from you and sell officially through the shop. Clearly a demand there.
  6. Did you ever manage to produce the 97 replica that you had mocked up?
  7. And now he's signed for Ross County l.
  8. Ah yes that's right. Was my first Killie top back in the day. Was it not released as both a match-winner and le coq sportif kit?
  9. The new Cowdenbeath kit has a Killie 96/97 era feel to it.
  10. Killiestevo


    4 of us heading down with 1 ticket between us. It'll be a good time no matter but if anyone needs to shift a spare, I will be a very willing buyer!
  11. Marco Garofolo according to the caption on SNS.
  12. Out of interest @Lroy@Lroy, what was the detailing that was scrapped from the away?
  13. Wait a minute... is that a stuck on Nike logo too ... I think it looks great!
  14. For all Boyd's direct contribution is limited by his lack of mobility, he doesn't give defenders an easy time of it when the ball is in the air. Part of our success this week has been from the way the team around him has reacted to the 2nd ball. We've shown so much desire to be first onto Boyd's knockdowns or poor clearances from defenders under pressure. We've managed the loss of our 1st choice strikers well.

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