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  1. Killiestevo

    Next Season's Strip

    No complaints. For all it is an off the peg effort, it still makes for a smart Killie top. Some higher res close ups.
  2. Killiestevo

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Ah yes. Pleasing that we trumped them with our away support today. Further proof that there is only one team in Ayrshire.
  3. Killiestevo

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    2,505 Killie fans according to the Accies twitter feed. Superb turn out!
  4. Killiestevo

    Hamilton away

    Hamilton West is right at the retail park and on the Partick line so definitely your best bet! Anyone know the capacity of the stand behind the goals at NDP?
  5. Very difficult decision choosing between Findlay and Broadfoot. Both were excellent all game. Gave it to Findlay for the goal but Kirk did have an equally telling contribution with two superb last ditch blocks.
  6. Killiestevo

    Accies home, Fred

    a job offer for the bbc should be coming in anytime now.
  7. Killiestevo

    Accies home, Fred

    Markus Miller's blushes spared on the BBC highlights with Rob MacLean crediting the miss to Rakish Bingham who didn't even enter the field of play yesterday.
  8. Killiestevo

    Lee Erwin

    He almost single handedly created the chance that Boyd scored from and was a major catalyst overall in our second half resurgence. He seemed to get a lot of joy when picking the ball up in wide areas as he did back in his Motherwell days when he scored a few against us. Hope tonight gives him the added bit of confidence to really push for a place in the team.
  9. Killiestevo


    He's in better shape now than he was when he was here on his second spell. No one would stand a chance of robbing him of the ball now with his skill and new found strength.
  10. Killiestevo

    Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    In the context of the interview, McFadden was suggesting Clarke juggles both roles until the end of the season but that a part time national team coach wouldn't work long term.
  11. Killiestevo

    Scott Brown

    The Sun version of the same story open with "Broony made no excuses for the display". It then goes on to list all the excuses made for the display... - the pitch - the injuries - Kilmarnock players being unsporting and not letting Celtic into the box to score goals.
  12. Killiestevo

    Alex Dyer

    Perhaps coincidence but saw Dyer having a word with Jones just after the Celtic free kick in the first half. Up until that point Jones had been quiet and when he had got on the ball, slack passing had cost us possession a couple of times. From that point on Jones seemed to really grow in confidence and was a pivotal part in us forging our way into the game. There is certainly no doubt that Dyer is a generally unsung hero in the transformation of our team.
  13. Killiestevo

    Aaron Tshibola

    Agree with this. Looked composed on the ball and put in some important tackles in and around our box.
  14. Killiestevo

    Greatest goal?...

    9th April 2011 This was also a favourite of mine and epitomised the football played under Mixu. Sublime passing move involving Bryson, Mhedi and Eremenko before the lob finish from Kelly. Match report below but highlights no longer working unfortunately. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/9450635.stm
  15. Killiestevo

    Pay him what he's worth!

    The rough figures posted on here a few days ago suggested an average wage at the club is in the region of £1k so assuming he falls into the average earner bracket.

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