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  1. Asasaid

    CL Final

    Mo Salah 1.75m, Messi 1.70m Salah wins it for me...................
  2. Asasaid

    Scotland squad

    A huge well done as it is fully deserved...... S - Scotlands O - Obvious (best) D - Defender
  3. Asasaid

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Couldn't stop thinking of this reading the post, classic sarcasmaholics meeting sketch................
  4. Asasaid

    sellick away, Fred

    Well done again lads, immense display again. Canny wait till Sunday. 56 points in the bag, great season
  5. Asasaid

    Feed for tonight's game

    Perfect stream with good picture and sound
  6. Asasaid

    Red Bull Rangers

    Nah wouldn't be allowed either, we've already got Buckie Thistle
  7. Asasaid

    Hearts Referee

    Don't know about the Jambo's game yet but here's the details for our next game. Zombies v Kilmarnock Ladbrokes Premiership Date: 05/05/2018 Time: 3:00pm Venue: Castle Greyskull Referee: Alan Muir AR1: Stuart Stevenson AR2: John McCrossan Fourth Official: Steven Reid
  8. Naw yer wrang, he's the biggest tit in that family.........
  9. Asasaid

    150th Anniversary Mega Thread

    Just checked Oxford's strip, don't like the shade of blue they wear at all. So Oxford blue is a no from me.
  10. Asasaid

    Morton v Killie League cup 1979

    What's the odds for that happening?
  11. What I want to know is why is he in Caprington woods falling down and maybe injuring himself when he should be at the theatre of pies supporting his team mates?
  12. Asasaid

    Hibs away

    And then trying to stay until Saturday night and then blagging your way into Flicks Nite club and boogieing the night away live on TV on the Hitman and Her.
  13. Asasaid

    Jones or Mulumbu?

    I'm not greedy but
  14. Asasaid

    5 wins in a row

    5 wins in a row this week, cannie wait to comment on next week's 6 wins in a row thread
  15. Asasaid


    Did someone say Hazel's coming back????????????????

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