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  1. Got to agree both strips are cracking to look at. Home top for me first and then when the funds allow it, the away one as well.
  2. Edge has already stated he likes them as well.....
  3. Can't Rasic just shave off the beard, get a haircut ircut and pretend he's Adam Frizzell. A few notes in the matchday programme about how he's worked hard and bulked up since his latest loan spell should cover any unwarranted attention from the press or SFA.
  4. I think our club and JF in particular needs to start using Brownings business plan when it comes to future player tranfers.......... Buy dough and sell pie.....
  5. Just smile with them....
  6. Just a point behind Hibs. Mon the Killie....
  7. Wouldn't look out of place at all....
  8. Good to see Wilson getting involved with the match day squad. About time as well.
  9. It's confirmed then, that wee weasel is the only true amateur (in all aspects of it's definition) left in Scotland that has ever been associated with the QP club. Pointless him trying to be professional, he's already the best he'll ever be as a first rate dick.
  10. At least Mclean07 has his answer why the home crowd is lower than his expectations
  11. -Del Fabro's og ended a run of 857 minutes conceding only to Celtic. I think that should be changed to 863 minutes without any opposition player scoring against us. Looks and sounds better as well
  12. Looks like he's already showed us he has good sense. He's probably had enough of listening to the utter sh*te ramblings coming from the nonentity of a fool that previously managed our banjo playing county cousins from scummerset. Talking of sh*te, he wouldn't want to leave any opportunity of finding one left in his shoe by him either. Welcome to the best family oriented club in Scotland.
  13. All this talk of cash, contactless, Internet payments, ticketco etc. Once I've finished these is there any chance of using a couple of cases of empties as payment to get in at the turnstile? or do I need to queue for a ticket first?
  14. Time to bring back the AA buses.........Hop on and enjoy the ride.

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