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  1. Folks, I’m looking to auction my signed Killie top from 2015/16 and pass the cash onto The Kris Boyd Charity. I was lucky enough to bump into the players on the Ferry back from Belfast after we played Crusaders FC in a pre-season friendly. Since then I’ve never wore it again. All funds raised will go to Kris’ charity, which looks to tackle mental health issues. Head over to the Facebook post and place a bid in the comments - https://m.facebook.com/groups/396603943789684?view=permalink&id=1620382494745150#_=_ Good luck and thanks for reading, KTID Sean.
  2. Killielad

    Congratulations Killie

    An excellent season without a doubt containing some of the finest games I’ve ever witnessed. SC’s first game at Ibrox - when that goal went in at the end the celebrations easily matched that of the League Cup final. It was wild and signified the start of something special. Frightening to think 8 months of Steve Clarke football has saw us take more points from the OF than what we did in the whole Jim Jeffries era.
  3. Killielad

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    The gazebo was where the party was at!
  4. Killielad

    Broadfoot penalty v Dons.

    What annoys me is when pundits say: “you can clearly see the player being pulled there” yet almost 99% of the time the player actually falls forward. Now, I’m no Isaac Newton, but c’mon tae feck.
  5. Killielad

    Tickets for Tuesday

  6. Killielad

    Tight Matches

    From what I’ve seen so far this season I honestly think we are a better team when we are chasing to get something (pushing for a draw or a win) than when we go ahead first. That said - not caring too much. Killie have been brilliant, really enjoying the football now. What a time to be alive!
  7. Killielad

    Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    Assuming we beat Aberdeen I’ll take any team. We go into it with no fear. Rangers, Celtic and Motherwell know what we can do, and will no doubt be wanting to avoid us.
  8. Killielad

    21 Thunder

    I believe he had an opportunity to turn Pro. Golfer years ago. Well done to the big man. Him and Allan Russell doing remarkable things in life after Killie.
  9. Killielad

    Sheep away

    Dates here bud
  10. Killielad

    Sheep away

    All I said is not looking good. That ok with you?
  11. Killielad

    Sheep away

    Not looking good if this one is postponed - Tuesday nights.
  12. Killielad

    Sheep away

    Na, just the Hamilton ground staff.
  13. Killielad

    Jamie MacDonald

    Agree. It’s either between him and John McLaughlin at Hearts. Both excellent ‘keepers.
  14. Killielad

    Kirk Broadfoot

    I remember when that chance fell to him against Celtic. All sorts of things were racing through my mind at that point!
  15. Killielad

    Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    This is hilarious. Literally the only people happy about this appointment are Killie fans.

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