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  1. david mcbeth

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    Would not have fancied having him in the first team for extended spells, just looked too indecisive when balls were coming into the box whether high, low, hard or floating. So not dismayed if he has indeed left. If he goes somewhere and is the number one choice he may improve from game time as others have suggested but I don't think he's a risk we should be taking.
  2. david mcbeth

    JJ and Boyd in SPFL Premiership Team of the Season

    If the measure is effect on games then I can see a justification for both Jones and Boyd. One causes panic and ties up 2 or 3 defenders at a time, the other scores goals practically every week. Looking at the midfielders, McGeouch has hurt us a lot more than McGinn or Brown that is for sure. So has Rogic, and he has hurt a lot of other teams too. I'd have had Rogic in for McGinn personally. In terms of right back Tavernier and SOD are both probably known more for their attacking qualities and I am sure Tavernier's goals are the main reason he is there (reporters' smouldering homes and incinerated families nothwithstanding). Maybe it would be better to have a genuinely defensive right back in there?
  3. I think you are flattering him to be honest. People from his own team pick up his loose balls.
  4. david mcbeth

    JJ and Boyd in SPFL Premiership Team of the Season

    Inclusion of Tavernier to provide a token and prevent the compiler's house and family going up in smoke no doubt.
  5. david mcbeth

    Jack Ross

    If he is as good a manager as he was a player, they will go straight back down and he'll be in jail for assault
  6. Presumably the remainder of the top 10 will also be SevCo with a team award for the Union Bears at #1?
  7. Maybe he did. I find him obnoxious and a guy that clearly sees himself as a legend, but there is no accounting for taste. To have him at 43 between Rogic and Jamie Mac is mental though.
  8. Crazy stuff. Rogic next to Harkins. I’d be surprised if Harkins would be 43rd best in his current club’s vote for POTY he is such a lazy odious w****r.
  9. david mcbeth

    CL Final

    Probably first time in my life I will have wanted Liverpool to win a game of football. There is a first time for everything. David
  10. david mcbeth

    12 best goalkeepers in Scotland right now

    As others have said if this is a thread about the striking merits of THE and not about the 12 best goalkeepers then there are obviously a number of reasons and no doubt they have some decent players, but just not many outstanding which is the point people are trying to make. Goals are spread about their team much more, taking their "£10M" Colombian aside, both their fullbacks score reasonably regularly, their wide players both tend to score more regularly than ours and they carry a threat from free kicks in all positions. It doesn't make them great players though. Also, given who they pretend to be, they get a lot more penalties and free kicks in dangerous areas from the brothers in black than most other teams.
  11. david mcbeth

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Not for me - bombscare. Just has a famous dad.
  12. david mcbeth

    Incomings and outgoings.

    I like Erskine, but I like all Thistle’s midfield players tbh - even that big so and so Osman. They all offer something IMO. But they contributed to their team going out the top tier so would need to know the attitude was going to be right.
  13. david mcbeth


    Who would start an appeal like that? Certainly not the SFA or SPFL the supposed custodians of our game. They are so in love with SevCo and Celtic that I'm surprised theyve not had an appeal to STOP fans following their local teams...
  14. david mcbeth

    Would you rather

    Now you're talkin'
  15. david mcbeth

    Would you rather

    I went for the Jags because I don't want a new "Accies" it is bad enough having Accies v1.0 without having their mini-me club up as well. Having said that if Livi do come up it would be impossible to grudge them the promotion - their desire and work rate have been phenomenal in all of the play-off games so far.

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