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  1. What is the alleged issue with her supposed to be - that she is slow or risk averse or controlling or what???
  2. Loving that Dover have a player called Nortei Nortey - would have attracted an ooh err missus type response back in the 1970s
  3. Horrible game - sadly remember it all too well. We were in the "wedge" bit of seating which meant you had those bastards above and to the side. Cops completely ignored it even though some of them were clambering over seats to throw punches at people and there was a constant rain of missiles into the Killie fans including from them openly standing right next to cops or stewards chucking stuff. Probably the only time I have ever felt genuinely concerned for my safety at a game and have never been back near that s**t-hole since.
  4. It’s worse when you phone for a taxi and a hearse turns up...
  5. I looked at the team Oakley has joined. Only pedigree seems to be in developing youth talent over the years (Berbatov for example). The current squad has Oakley, one Irish, one French and one Swiss the rest are all Bulgarian. The place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Can't see it being easy for him to settle. Hopefully McGowan is a pal of his!
  6. He does have shades of Boyd about him, I agree. Also he does not look the fastest which is not an issue in SPFL Premiership if he knows where the net is, but might be an issue at higher level.
  7. Johnson is an instinctively lying, egotistical trumpet advised by snakes with no interest in anything other than scoring points and/or lining their pockets - to them the whole thing is just a big game. To apply any more sophistication to what they have done is to complement them in a way they don't deserve.
  8. I’d have taken Miller Oakley and or Gogic. If Oakley is still available we should go for him. Reminded me of Boyd the way he occupies the centre backs constantly
  9. But I bet none of them mentioned Murray or King??
  10. How dare you? They arra peepul. Little guys need to be shafted when you are avoiding Armageddon
  11. No chance of woodman Craig
  12. Devlin surely out of our range? He is a good player IMO better than that big donkey that plays beside him.
  13. Fair enough but I would not be happy with Broadfoot as an automatic starter next season.
  14. Only passing on what I heard FFS. One of which has turned out to be true. Hopefully the other one is also true!

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