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  1. I was looking at the classified ads of the Evening Times. "Wanted: Staunch Loaded Bigot"
  2. I think Gary would have driven home assuming he has a motor he uses up here?
  3. USA is a busted flush. The ‘haves’ are happy to live in a country where most people live on less than nothing and die young -,even without Covid - in their service to the ‘haves’. Otherwise intelligent people happy to support Trump and be openly racist. In fact exactly the type of country Johnston, Cummings, Rees-Mogg etc are trying to turn the UK into. They will succeed in England, even after this, but I think Scotland will - eventually - say f**k off this is not our way.
  4. If you see a rat leaving from the back of the main stand at Pittodrie it will just be McInnes going home for his dinner...
  5. Speaking personally I think we all get that but feel that it is worth it to stand up to those bullies and their poxy fans
  6. Maybe one for another thread but the picture of TB and then the comments by BB about our fan base got me thinking a bit about what club's fans are the most "rabid" in terms of their loyalty to the club etc. Even though our fan base is quite small I have always felt we take a higher % of our home crowd to most away games than most of the other provincial clubs that have had some success over the years and I always see us as a bigger club than we actually are because of that. But is that me just talking pish because there is nae fkn fitba?
  7. Or might it be old RP looking towards Dundonald Road with the ‘segregation’ fencing?
  8. I think it is Starks Park on the last day of that season (91-92)
  9. Ill certainly give you Killiefc.com spelling points for that one
  10. It was a saturday. They came back from 2-0 down.I got done for speeding on the Western Road on the way back f**kING s**t DAY allround
  11. COmmon sense that will NO DAE
  12. McInnes - working in a research lab, once the fecker has been dyed white that is.
  13. I'd put a tenner on it that if there are still restrictions come their "marching season" the restrictions will be lifted in order to let them still do it.

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