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  1. It is only because most of them in England still think "immigrants" will be rounded up and put on cattle trucks at some future date post Brexit(to be determined). When they realise that cheap immigrant-derived labour will still be the underpinning of the UK economy they will be encouraged by the media to focus their ire somewhere else - it wouldn't surprise me if it was on us over Indy etc.
  2. They are just letting off steam. By the time another Election comes around they will be back to hating foreigners and bashing immigrants and "lefties" as is their collective wont.
  3. Sadly for the average white English voter irrespective of ‘class’ the answer is - forever.
  4. The swab, the app, the phone or all three????
  5. While I agree that dickhead is probably the worst ever, the track record is that each new one is actually worse than the one that went before. Who ever thought Roger Mitchell could be "worsed", for example, and now he looks like a paragon of insight and transparency
  6. Looks like they’ve got away with it again as expected. BBC is cowed, English white van men all happy, ‘move on’ time. but honestly did you see that display at the committee from Johnson? You wouldn’t trust him to say his name without at least one lie and one contradiction
  7. Totally agree. From unwavering support to total opposition inside 24 hours. The principles of the Scottish Tory Leader are to say the least ‘fluid’
  8. It's not every day (not any day really) that I could commend a Tory, SevCo-supporting referee but here goes:
  9. I think lining their pockets is just what comes naturally to these f**kers and they don't need to make any extra effort or conspire to hide it. I am sure that he went to Barnard Castle for a nice walk on his wife's birthday and the thought process did not go any further than "I am Dominic Cummings, the rules that apply to the plebs do not apply to me".
  10. I am sure Johnson will love his new nickname - Spike 2!
  11. I thought the Russians paid him to be our unelected bureaucrat though?
  12. I meant once we are out of lockdown, but to be fair if I jumped in the motor with a full tank of petrol and started off down the M74 I could just tell the cops that I was acting on instinct?
  13. In a bad recession and with a shower of brazen Oxbridge liars in charge - who despite their incompetence and contempt for common people are still loved by white English people from the poorest to the richest - I could see some people in Scotland considering direct action rather than attempts at a democratic resolution of matters.
  14. The BBC's "analysis" in full then: Vicki Young Chief Political Correspondent That press conference was something I am sure Dominic Cummings would have hated having to do. But the fact he has had to explain himself is recognition he knows there is a problem. It was striking that, overall, he said he had no regrets. He also hasn't considering resigning and he accused the media of fuelling anger - although a lot of what was in the public domain has been confirmed in that statement. But Mr Cummings said his actions were reasonable and the core of this is him saying people have to use common sense when it comes to the guidelines. A lot of people watching this may accept he wasn't breaking the law, but may well think they have been interpreting the rules far more strictly. Mr Cummings talked about exceptional circumstances, but many may also think we are in those circumstances as well. There are still some issues here - particularly the other trip he made to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight, which may raise eyebrows, He may win plaudits for being so open and going out there. But whether it is changing minds is another matter, and ultimately, the prime minister's opinion is the only one that matter ZERO CHALLENGE AND ZERO ANALYSIS - THE ONLY PERSON WHOSE OPINION MATTERS IS THE PRIME MINISTER. NOT THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE RAGING AT THIS TOOL?
  15. BBC reporting Cummings ‘ behaved reasonabky’ . By which they mean he said that and we don’t challenge it. That will be all us Idiots told then, eh?
  16. And now Cummings' Press Secretary Kuenssberg gets the exclusive that the great man will address the nation personally later today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52798632 But she is an impartial journalist from our state broadcaster right?
  17. Now that others have made it a story Kuenssberg finally speaks. Hypocrisy is something that You never have to look too far to find these days.
  18. Kuensberg pregnant with Johnson's love child?
  19. Johnston backs Cummings surprise surprise Kuenssberg will back Johnston and that will be the end of it for Joe Public Nothing to see, move along
  20. Johnston, Cummings and Kuenssberg should all go over this, but as we know the establishment always protects its own and none of them will go. Johnston so weak cummings tells him what he is doing rather than asks permission Cummings for breaking the law about 10 times by his actions Kuenssberg for deciding when she first knew about this - (March 31st) and sticking to that up to an including Thursday just past - that it wasn't news. If that isn't news for the BBC's political editor then I wonder what would be.
  21. Once they get the £65M from Barca for toad face £5M will be pocket money surely????
  22. KenVaagen1984


    That is a challenge I agree. Alan Johnston, Gary Locke, Lee McCulloch and even Jimmy Calderwood playing with his f**king change...none of them managed it.
  23. KenVaagen1984


    Its footballers we're talking about here but...
  24. KenVaagen1984


    Recruitment is what bothers me. What is AD's vision? How would he sell the club? stuff like that. He comes across as a lovely guy, but humble and almost introverted. If he is not the guy to sell Killie to players, is it Fow? Again a down to earth, modest sounding guy.

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