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  1. Surprised Admins are closing all threads related to transfers, is the whole purpose of forums to allow us fans to talk and speculate? Nothing untoward said that justifies locking threads. Poor show Admins. Do you think the big club forums shut down just because fans speculate?
  2. There wasn't one this season, mainly due to us being in Europe and the work going on around the stadium.
  3. I think the fact it was posted on the 13th and references "Today" gives that away.
  4. A few posts up someone said there is a presser at 3 pm today.
  5. I didn't say I was in the know......I simply said there is no press conference today as it is mentioned on Twitter/Facebook if they are having a presser. So off the high horse mate - I know nothing.
  6. There is no press conference today - people are on the wind up.
  7. 4 Killie players called up by Steve Clarke. Steve Clarke has named five uncapped players in his first Scotland squad for June's Euro 2020 qualifiers with Cyprus and Belgium. Livingston goalkeeper Liam Kelly, Aberdeen's Michael Devlin and Kilmarnock trio Stuart Findlay, Greg Taylor and forward Eamonn Brophy are all included. Clarke worked with Brophy, Findlay and Taylor at Rugby Park. Keeper David Marshall and midfielder Tom Cairney are recalled to the squad. Neither were involved for Alex McLeish's last two matches in charge, against Kazakhstan and San Marino,
  8. Not yet - He still needs that experience I do think he is a future Killie legend but we need someone that can take us in to Europe against big teams. I just don't think AD is ready for that yet, Strachan would be a great appointment and I am sure due diligence has already been done with SSC involved in that process.
  9. Have we not been in this position before by saying McCulloch should get the job - Nah I am sorry but I would want someone who has European experience and has AD by his side. I wouldn't be opposed to Strachan though.
  10. Belter of a choice, the man will walk on to the park (15 minutes after FT due to his ban) and I am sure he will address the fans head on and say he is leaving, he is a man that will have wanted to say it himself. It is going to be a long weekend.
  11. Not a bad choice mate - a good song and a good poem. I do think we should sing a Scottish song to wish him well. I am gutted like everyone else but I still think he deserves our gratitude for all he has done.