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  1. 19snickers88

    Killie v St. Johnstone

    Back up now - sorry
  2. 19snickers88

    Saints home, Fred

  3. 19snickers88

    Killie v St. Johnstone

    Allthingskillie search on facebook
  4. 19snickers88

    Saints home, Fred

    Link is up now on my Facebook search for the page Allthingskillie
  5. 19snickers88

    Killie v St. Johnstone

    No worries - Will be on here anyway and can help out with everyone if needed, will try and get a facebook live stream up and running as well if I can.
  6. 19snickers88

    Killie v St. Johnstone

    100% is - I have it, not through Bet365 but through their stream service. As it is a replay on Alba the game is generally brodcast. You will get on 1xbet as well, you don't need to have funds in your account to watch on their either, all Alba games are on there live. Will post the link if need be later and others need it? Welcome
  7. 19snickers88

    Killie v St. Johnstone

    Back to the subject at hand.... MOAN THE KILLIE!
  8. 19snickers88

    Hearts Away

    Really looking forward to seeing this, Tshibola and Mulumbu should be interesting and a lot of pace in the final 3rd
  9. 19snickers88

    Jambos, Fred

    Didn’t know that St Johnstone were playing both in both Glasgow and Edinburgh tonight. St Johnstone, who host Rangers in the top flight, said on Twitter they will monitor the weather but had "no concerns at the moment". Hearts take on St Johnstone at Tynecastle. There is one game remaining in the Championship, with Morton v Livingston passing a pitch inspection. In League Two, Peterhead v Clyde and Stirling Albion v Edinburgh City go ahead. brilliant BBC reporting again http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43212763
  10. 19snickers88


    Alba will record it live as well, there is no commentary though as they add that later. You should get it on https://www.batmanstream.net/football-live-streaming-video-2016-18.html or VIP box
  11. 19snickers88

    Clarke v Lennon

    Was never offside, it was close yes but the boy did well to get into that position, we were at fault for the goal and SC got it bang on.
  12. 19snickers88

    Hibees fred

    Incredible that he blames the pitch but if you watch his pre match presser then he says the pitch is not a factor.
  13. 19snickers88

    Hibs Crowd Thread

    Whether we like it it or not TV games bring in revenue as well, the standard of Scottish football is on the increase and if we keep showcasing why Scottish football is so good maybe Sky and BT will bid more for the right to show the matches. With the likes of Amazon and Netflix now looking at sport then it is absolutely the right time to be on TV. I agree nothing is better than the atmosphere at a home match but we need a balance between the best of both worlds.
  14. 19snickers88

    Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Brilliant, nice to see he is still breaking the scales!
  15. 19snickers88

    Lennon on SC and AD

    I agree, he is a very good manager and coach. Done very well at Hibs and always comes across as very passionate. That being said I have never liked the way he portrays himself to the media but I think he plays on it a little bit. Will definitely be between him and SC for Manager of the year.

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