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  1. Is it in sync with the video though?
  2. Hello from Paris I take it everyones sound is out of sync?
  3. Anyone wana be my vpn friend
  4. I seem to remember he was staying in the Ramada and went next door to Smiths to watch the Liverpool game? Id imagine a new Kilmarnock signing drinking in an ayr pub went down well. Odd i remember that clearer than anything he ever did on the pitch
  5. I emailed about this time last year to enquire about shares. It took them 3 months to reply and it was just an application form. Safe to say I didn't bother
  6. I watched the coverage from 6.45 and honestly I will miss BT sport as it is miles better than sky. Killie were talked about plenty and there was a great interview with Findlay. Fully agree with the above regarding the commentary team though as Rae had never had the ability to show any impartiality. Should've been some sort of killie representation in the lineup tonight
  7. I's it still on? Didnt see it listed the last 2 weeks
  8. Thought mccoist sounded like he'd been on the bevvy
  9. Went there for a highland league game a few years ago. Nice town, could def tell thers plenty of money there. Tidy wee ground with a social club
  10. How have wetherspoons annoyed you? They are still easily the cheapest pubs around. And aye I'm in full agreement with 20s plenty. Football tickets nationally are getting beyond a joke
  11. I've not found a working stream Radio scotland it is
  12. To be fair Ireland currently ranked the worlds best rugby team