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  1. Twisted

    New Directors ?

    Don't see how being a footballer in any way qualifies you to run a business. What I would hope for is that any directors are football fans so they have an understanding of their customers. This was the mistake we made before.
  2. Twisted


    A man of his word
  3. Twisted

    Lifestyle Fitness

    I used to be a member of "The Gym" in Glasgow city centre. It wasn't anything special but at £16/month (i think) it was fine. As SH says there are plenty of budget gyms in the city centre as well as a brilliant council run scheme called Glasgow Life that basically gets you access to all the facilities and classes in the city. Im not surprised at the £24/month killie pricing and tbf for the area, with the lack of competition, that is still pretty cheap. I'll definitely be going along to have a look at the new gym because one of the great things is you can freeze your membership for a fiver a month. I'm out of the country for over half the year so I could bring my annual gym costs down to £174 from over £600. If its crap though i'll not bother
  4. Hearts I think. He's one of the main lads on the Terrace Podcast and talks a fair bit of sense before they inevitably start talking about Fifa (the game) or WWE wrestling
  5. Twisted

    Chelsea U23s

    Joking aside i think that was actually the case. Eden was asked in an interview a few months ago I'm sure
  6. Twisted

    Away Kit

    i like it
  7. Twisted


    Nah he definitely celebrated his goals against us! Its not something that's ever really bothered me tbh
  8. Twisted

    Who would you like relegated

    Hamilton down please
  9. Twisted

    that Hamilton away game

    fairly sure we'll play them on the day of the cup semis. SPFL will have been delighted when aberdeen knocked us out
  10. I'm wondering if I can use the fountain of knowledge that is Killiefc.com to answer a couple of quieries I have. Anyone on here work for BT Openreach?
  11. Twisted

    Tickets for Tuesday

  12. Twisted

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Only 9000 at the first leg at the home of the "Famous Auberdeen"
  13. Twisted

    Nicholas on McTominay

    What a Can't
  14. Twisted

    Sheep away

    That's reassuring. Watching the news tonight wondering if we're foolish driving this
  15. Twisted

    Hearts 1 Killie 1 27/02/18

    Thought he was honkin. Mulumbu for me...even though he gave away the pen

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