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  1. I am getting sound in england
  2. dimi


    I heard about it just before I left to go to the game. I remember running to tell my pals the news. I think there was a tannoy announcement as I arrived
  3. Car sharing is not worse than 2 players from different premiership teams living in same house. What happened to them apart from catching coronavirus?
  4. Part of the Leeds team that put us out of the semifinal off the Intercity Fairs Cup in 1967
  5. There's a Sandy Denny Project band including 2 ex Fotheringay members who tour England and have a Sandyfest in Byfield ( Northants ) where she played her last concert
  6. There was a sheep kneeling behind the wall blocking jamie's view.OFFSIDE probably I believe.
  7. Yesterday they talked about Logan Shinnie missing and today Gordon saving. It took me a moment to realise what they were talking about It looks like they've been told to stop being too familiar with some players. A small step towards neutrality perhaps.
  8. I first saw him a couple of months ago. He missed his first 2 headers under no pressure and his 3rd went straight up in the air in our penalty box . I came away believing if he wants to be in central defense he needs to work on body strength and heading. He is excellent on the ground.
  9. Boyd on radio 5 now after f a cup draw
  10. After the game went down to Sheffield to get the overnight train to Killie and Glasgow so we could get a compartment to ourselves and a good sleep before any rush at Leeds. I remember the Scottish commentors unhappy that we were stretched out sleeping and banging the door when they moved on. But perhaps it was only highlights
  11. From my failing memory we were in a big terrace behind a goal and we lookeda relatively small group.I'm sure there were others elsewhere but game was over within 20mins so nothing to cheer about. I think it was live on TV. Over 20years later could still get a video of game in their shop.
  12. Advice on how to get back to Central station before 6pm would be reassuring!
  13. It was his cross that Boyd scored from at Easter Rd. to keep us out of the relegation playoffs. Good luck to him.