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  1. If the bigot twins had avoided each other would it have been OK for Rangers to play their game at Celtic Park with Celtic playing their game at Ibrox? That is the logic of saying Hamden should only be for the final. Either both semis should be at Hampden or neither should.
  2. That explains the move to St Johnstone! Calum Davidson plays off +1!
  3. “My Maserati does 185 I’ve lost my licence And now I can’t drive” (c) Joe Walsh - Life’s Been Good (so far)
  4. Baz, Hippo missed the fourth certainty. A*r United have won f**k all and never will,
  5. Apparently he's not a bad player! Bit of pace upfront!
  6. RIP Sandy. Thanks for some special photos that you kindly sent us.
  7. You mean like he (John Hughes) did at Raith Rovers last season?
  8. As they say "I ken his faither" Scott & his family are all Killie fans. Good luck Scott.
  9. Born is the King of Rugby Park.
  10. When Bobby Fleeting took over, a small car was put up for raffle. Every adult fan was given a raffle ticket at the gate. This was carried on for 3 games. The draw was made a half time in the third game - one happy Killie fan. The attendance for the first of these games, against Queen's Park, was 5,200 - about 3,000 more than normal. The extra attendances paid for the car and attendances stayed higher for the rest of the season. Incentivise walk up fans, that's where the increase will come from. Give out a voucher per game. Collect 2 vouchers, get in free at next home game. (Some i
  11. I didn't go, as I have stopped going to OF games. I was at the 2012 League Cup Final - an obvious exception! However, I have attended such glorious episodes in the past such as a 2-1 League defeat to East Stirling, during the last 50 years. I don't consider myself to be a better or worse Killie fan than anyone else. Living in Dunblane and playing golf on a Saturday limits my attendance. I will attend several games over the season, but no OF League games.
  12. Europe is over, why don't you stay home? Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!
  13. Peter Noone can't sign. Nobody can find him as he is a Hermit! (note to young people - ask your parents/grandparents!)