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  1. So we have spent money on off field items and keeping money in the bank Wonder how useful these off field items will be if/when we get relegated and the money in the bank won't last long in the championship 1st thing we should always make is a competitive squad that keeps us in the premiership then we can look into investing off field
  2. Skybet only 22/1 to finish bottom 7/1 playoff you must have a very generous bookie
  3. As I say it was alleged in the past that they were so to whoever posted it (can’t remember exact person sorry) but to their knowledge then it was happening I’m sure the volunteers are doing the best they can
  4. I agree there won’t be a big pot of money but the killie on the brink story could be coming closer if we get relegated
  5. Was it not reported the pitch cost £500k Was aa on more money than ssc? apparently there was a 6 month break clause on both sides so sacking wouldn’t have cost money walked all over by Celtic - would have cost us not one iota? minor signings? - more players have left the club than cane in since last summer I agree most would have went on running the club but the items I’ve mentioned were things we couldn’t have budgeted for
  6. Well after big tams post obviously they are getting information from the directors and board meetings that no other supporter are privileged to in the past some high regarded trust members were getting free season. Tickets, match tickets, match hospitality etc it was alleged
  7. Well there’s no point arguing with you as you think everything is going wonderfully with the trust and Cathy jamieson whereas others including myself don’t enjoy the match and the next clique meeting
  8. Glad you are in the clique and know what’s going on and are happy about it all and your post shows exactly why I have never joined the trust it’s always been a case of them and us and always will be I thought we all supported the same football club but the trust seem to always be out for what they can get
  9. The silence from the trust board is deafening regarding Cathy jamieson have they all signed a confidentiality contract as well
  10. What contacts do aa/if have looks like none
  11. I keep reading on here all about joining the killie trust and that they got a fan representative on the board when was the last time that fan representative actually did anything or actually made any kind of statement ? why are the trust not saying why the fan representative isn’t making any statements after all surely She is answerable to the trust and the trust can remove her from the board if they aren’t up to the position (or is she the only fan the board will accept) at present it’s a sales pitch of we want you to join the trust we got a fan representative on the board who does nothing for the fans would at least expect a statement from the trust today to tell us what’s going on
  12. So the club are in free fall (or haven’t you noticed) other teams around us have strengthened. We have our weakest squad in seasons but we can rest assure as we have money in the bank wonder how long that will last when we are In the championship with lower advertising revenue, tv money, prize money, Lower killie fan attendances, no old firm games etc

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