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  1. The other benefit is not just for the club but all the local businesses. Pubs and eateries would be rammed that day. Saturday game in the afternoon. The town would be jumping.
  2. A great way to make some money when we are back playing football would be to resurrect the Ayrshire cup. 2 leg home and away, imagine that would get one hell of an attendance boost and party atmosphere, well for us anyway.
  3. Shades of early days under mixu! Plenty of good play at times and you can see that we are trying to play better football. Hopefully will click in the same manner soon.
  4. There could be an element of not wanting to give to opposition time to prep. If we have signings lined up and they are done, why not wait until Thursday or Friday to announce them? This would ensure The Rangers have less time to prepare a tactical approach to the game if we will suddenly be playing 2 or 3 new players they weren’t expecting. Not suggesting this is our strategy but at this stage it’s one I would consider!
  5. Agree that Kiltie offered a lot more!
  6. What idiot brought a flare!
  7. It’s very difficult to break down a team set up like this. The outball down the right is there every time and we need to exploit it more. A bit quicker in the transition from midfield wouldn’t hurt but it’s only our 3rd game so far this season so we are bound to be a bit rusty. Confident we will find a way through. Jamie in goal gives me the fear tho!
  8. If this refers to the season 2010/11 and it was the last game of the season it would be very worrying.........

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