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  1. CraigM

    Match Day Programmes ONLINE Subscription

    It’s a shame to hear the club have stopped using Fasprint. I know the family that own Fasprint and used to go in and see the programmes being made when I was a kid, as well as going home and away to games with them. They have been doing it for as long as I can remember (back to the 2nd division days maybe). Haven’t heard anything of the reasons behind the decision.
  2. CraigM

    RP "one of three worst pitches"

    Just saw this on Twitter, seems to be the page from the report with the Premiership pitch ratings on it. It’s a pretty significant drop in ratings from the worst grass pitch to the artificial pitches.
  3. Thanks @baz, makes sense.
  4. I'm getting close to hitting the button on joining Trust in Killie. One thing that isn't that clearly explained in the FAQs is that it seems like a monthly TiK subscription doesn't also make you a member of the Killie Trust, and that there's an extra £10 a year to be able to vote on how the money you are contributing each month is to be used. Is that right? So for ten quid a year you get 'a voice' but for £180 you don't? Wouldn't it make sense that TiK subscribers were automatically voting members of the Trust? In writing this I guess I can answer the question myself: the money for TiK should be held separately and shouldn't be paying for the running costs of the Trust organisation, and the Trust itself needs to be funded. If the above is right then it might be worth including in the FAQs, or maybe its obvious to everyone else bar me.
  5. CraigM

    TIK Funding Update #7

    @Richaway - I came in to ask the same thing. From the Trust update number 6 it seems that the Trust Board have nominated the first candidates rather than it being a vote: "In accordance with the ‘Heads of Terms’ that we agreed with the club at the outset of the initiative we have now entered into talks with them in regards who the first candidate will be. We have put forward a couple of names that fit the criteria agreed on by the Trust Board to ensure that we get proper representation, and of course are acceptable to the Club Board as well. Following the initial appointment future nominees will be involved in an election process which will be published well in advance of the Trust AGM to give every fan an opportunity to put their name forward and get prepared for their new role." Is the plan that each supporter Board Member has a fixed term where they then have to be re-elected?
  6. CraigM

    Live Stream

    That YouTube stream is working great so far, cheers folks
  7. CraigM

    Aberdeen game

    On Radio Scotland ever week Willie Miller has been pretty clear that if Lewis is fit he should play ahead of Woodman.
  8. CraigM

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    According to Radio Scotland that makes Killie the first team to win 5 games in a row in the Premier League this season!
  9. CraigM

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Both Aberdeen and Hibs getting beat at the moment
  10. CraigM

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Ha, magic - clearly I can’t read and mixed up Hibs and Hamilton on the fixture list!
  11. CraigM

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Good chance to make up some ground on the teams above us today, with 4 of the top six playing each other and Rangers being suspect. Guess Aberdeen should beat Hearts, but Hibs May well drop points against Celtic tomorrow.
  12. CraigM

    post split fixtures

    The good news is that this season an extra trip to Ibrox is nothing to be feared
  13. CraigM

    post split fixtures

    That predicted split table makes more sense when you read the article that goes along with it: https://splstats.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/post-split-fixtures-2017-18/
  14. CraigM

    post split fixtures

    When the split started and those two teams were generally going down to the wire they decided that it should always be the first game of the split to avoid it being a title decider between the two of them. Given that they want to avoid it being a title celebration, the league is basically over and they get to choose the dates for the benefit of TV schedule they should either: Aim to have it as early as possible (so that there can be some storyline about Rangers having a chance to delay the title party), or just write it off and make it the last game of the season. Either way I just want them to get it sorted soon so I can plan to get up for a game before the end of the season!
  15. CraigM

    Rory signs till 2020

    Yeah, agree his record is good - you know how football is though!

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