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  1. And we go the entire season unbeaten at the Bernabowie.
  2. Very impressed with Maloney so far. Comes across as articulate, perceptive and crucially, entirely unencumbered with the usual Scottish Football media tropes. Given his willingness to experience football aware from the home glare, it’s perhaps no surprise. And since he’s currently coaching one of the world’s top international teams, we’ll forgive him his slightly uncomfortable telegenic ‘presence’, which I’m sure will improve with appearances.
  3. Haunstrup looked impressive. I thought we had better balance and looked stronger down the left hand side in the second half.
  4. Awful from Broadfoot, unnecessary from Dicker and horrific from the keeper.
  5. They put far more important things than football in jeopardy.
  6. I thought there were strict criteria to adhere to in order for pubs to open indoors. Contact details taken, shown to tables, social distancing and not serving at the bar. Was talking to someone who was out in Prestwick on Saturday night and none of that was in place. Can understand the frustration of cafe and restaurant owners if pubs are blatantly ignoring guidelines. However they are not just risking other people’s livelihoods, they’re effectively risking lives.
  7. Mm. Think I’ve seen this somewhere before....
  8. Too early to say for certain but overall the squad looks decent, no more than that. Would still like to see a central defender to partner Findlay, but most of all a playmaker in there for a bit of midfield creativity. Greg Docherty seems as far out the Sevco picture as our former twitter tw*t. Just saying...
  9. What a curious argument. The countries which did, and are doing, particularly badly also control their own borders! The loss of lives during a pandemic is a particularly tasteless avenue to go down in the independence ‘debate’ on here, regardless of which side you may support. With the possible exception of New Zealand, there probably isn’t a government in the world that wouldn't acknowledge it could have acted sooner or handled it better. ( Well, apart from the deluded incumbent across the Atlantic)
  10. In the grand scheme of things perhaps not as embarrassingly awful as CQN, Beanos or Gretna, but one that still rankles with me was a Scottish Cup capitulation at Ibrox when Sevco were in the lower leagues. Think it was the championship and might even have been the season they failed to get promoted. We were utterly pathetic that night. So feeble and passive against lower league opposition. Lost 3-0 against a piss poor outfit without kicking a ball in anger, who I’m also sure comfortably lost at home to other PL outfits they met that season ( St Johnstone, ICT, Well?) As mentally weak a performance as I can remember from Killie. Not as if the crowd was intimidating either, was below 15,000.
  11. It’s all immaterial anyway. The club has appointed the company who run the online shop and they have declared that we can safely accommodate a maximum of ten fans after applying the 200 metre distance ruling.
  12. Surely what you wear away from your laptop is your own business??
  13. We’ve been conditioned to think competition for European places or relegation fights has only happened since the top 6/bottom6 split was introduced. A top division of 18 will still have European places to fight for, or relegation to avoid. You could even introduce play offs for a European place or the last relegation slot which I think happens in some countries (Netherlands?). Don’t agree with the notion that you create a massive dead zone in the middle. We’re football fans-there’s always something to play for. You want your team to finish as high as possible, break your record points total,(ie Killie in SC’s first season) have an unbeaten run, your striker to finish top scorer, fewest goals conceded etc etc. It’s not possible to have something major at stake for every round of fixtures for a full season. How do all those leagues in Europe cope with 20 team divisions and the ‘massive dead zones’? 34 league games, playing each other once home and away seems about right to me.
  14. I think your user name is about to be corrupted....
  15. This definitely has some merit. Especially if the two clubs to drop out are Celtic and Sevco.

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