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  1. Stefanus

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    It was....decidedly mixed. One really good save, distribution straight to the opposition goalie or out the park and flapped at a couple of crosses. What a refreshing difference ( *coughs*)
  2. Stefanus

    Best debut goal ever?

    I think you are all forgetting ( and how could you?) Tinotenda Chibharo’s “perfect hat-trick” on his debut. First with his right head,second with his left head and finally a bullet from all of 35 yards with his centre head.
  3. Stefanus

    Mulumbu to Celtic

    Right. It’s off to the “You’ll Never Take the Killie” forum with him! #whenlovebreaksdown
  4. Stefanus

    Mulumbu to Celtic

    Horrible news! Not sure he’ll feel the love he got at RP and frankly, they don’t deserve him. Strange signing. And stranger still that he was without a club. Does however put Scott Allan further down the pecking order....
  5. Stefanus


    There would also soon be far fewer people. Procreation is considerably more tricky without women.
  6. Stefanus

    Jordan Jones

    If it includes Scott Allan coming our way, it may well be worth serious consideration
  7. Stefanus

    When are we getting the away kits?

    Wonder how commercially viable it would be to change only one kit per year, meaning each kit lasted two seasons? Would obviously be dependent on continuity of manufacturer and sponsor, but I wonder what sales would be like in comparison if it was only one new kit per season, that lasted for two seasons, as opposed to two new ones every year that last just the one season? FWIW, I like the yellow and blue kit too, second from bottom.
  8. Stefanus

    150th Anniversary Mega Thread

    I think common sense will prevail and we will have a dark blue kit for the whole of 2019. I think it will come out just in time for Christmas and it will be sponsor free. It will be in addition to sponsored home and away kits but we may well play in it more often than a “3rd kit”. If we get this right ( correct balance between a contemporary kit and respectful of the tradition and origins of the club) it could be our best selling strip.
  9. Stefanus

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    Would that be the Bickering Buses then?
  10. Stefanus


    18.3.2012 16.48 For precisely those rare, against the odds, unexpected, heart soaring moments, yes, it’s bloody well worth having Scottish football.
  11. Stefanus

    Next Season's Strip

    Yep. Even if fans had the option of full stripes on the back for replica kits. I like the stripes better than this year’s but I’m not a fan of self coloured or large panels on the back. Full stripes front and back looks much better. I’m guessing they’ll keep the away kit this year and release a 150th anniversary kit for 2019, just in time for Christmas?
  12. Stefanus

    Next Season's Strip

    At last, a green away top!
  13. Stefanus

    Neil Warnock

    I know it sounds crazy given the monumental effort he’s put in to getting Cardiff promoted, but it did cross my mind that he himself might weigh up his options. As well as having no great track record in the PL he’s never really looked at home there. He’s always given the impression he’s far more comfortable with the rather more earthy delights outside the bloated top league. He might still fancy one more crack at the PL though. Or PL wages/pay off. However if he can, in all likelihood, see what’s inevitably coming by mid September/October, and is looking instead for yet another club to get by the scruff off the neck and turn them around, then Sunderland could do worse. In fact, they frequently have.
  14. Stefanus

    Pancake for the Huns

    In a break with tradition, will this be the first recorded instance of taking Lourdes to the afflicted.....?
  15. Stefanus

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    Sorry, I don’t subscribe to this view at all. We have the best manager we have had in a generation ( and with arguably the best credentials of any manager we’ve had in living memory.) The records and sequences we recorded this season have surpassed all expectations and hark back to Killie teams of bygone eras. No one can beat our six consecutive wins in the league this season and only one other team can even match it. We have seen a stunning turnaround in a season and some performances and results we could scarcely believe had we not witnessed them ourselves. We have seen some tactical masterclasses from Steve Clarke, outthinking most other managers in the league and, unlike Killie teams of recent seasons, producing stirring comebacks when all seemed lost. ( Think the tactical switch and 10 man fight back against Dundee pretty much summed up all of what was new and exhilarating with Killie this season). I honestly can’t think that should the last 5 games not go our way, it would be enough of a reason to diminish the achievements of the entire season. Nor should it cause a single Killie fan to reappraise their intention to endorse this remarkable revival with the purchase of a season ticket. Other factors may well be at play, but I doubt anyone will be dissuaded, purely on the basis of not having done as well over the final five games ( if indeed that turns out to be the case).

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