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  1. If it helps, I have just got mine, within four minutes of emailing greggmcewan@kilmarnockfc.co.uk
  2. I genuinely think this would have been less of a shambles if they had just said “As all season pass holders are eligible, please come early enough to arrange yourselves into the ‘green’ seats across the four stands”. Would have been less stressful for club and fans alike, and done quicker. By the way, still waiting..
  3. A price well worth paying! Growing familiarity with the (many) new players will supersede any reliance on numbers for recognition.
  4. You acquainted with a certain popular ditty by a Mr Robert Zimmerman, about times, and how they are a-changing? Even before the pandemic pubs were closing at a phenomenal rate. Socialising, and drinking habits have changed markedly in recent years, so it’s eminently sensible the Killie business model for revenue streams was reviewed. It may not be to universal approval, but everything that Bowie et al are doing to the environs of Rugby Park is a substantial upgrade. The superstore and the portacabin do not even bear comparison. The Blues restaurant relocated on the ground floor of the hotel is way better than the previous incarnation, in every aspect from quality of food, to surroundings and service. The new Pavilion is excellent. Really nice inside, great selection of food and drink and its dual purpose will mean it brings in revenue on match days for those looking their pre-match pint, and still be a good source of income during the week. Venues like this have to appeal to as wide a clientele as possible and it’s clearly been designed with this in mind. There’s no point in trying just to cater solely for the ‘traditional’ pre-football pub goer-there’s other options for that nearby and it would do neither the Brass&Granite, for instance, or the Park any good if they were effectively in direct competition with each other. If the Pavilion and The Blues do well, the football club will surely benefit in the long run. Yes, I know MrBowie will too, but maybe he’s entitled to see some return on the considerable outlay. I’ve seen quite a bit of sniping about the work going on and I’ll confess it baffles me. The area around the stadium is already looking much improved. Add in the training pitches and memorial garden, and by the time all of the proposed work is completed I am struggling to think of any ground in Scotland with a more functional, pleasant and welcoming environment, for fans attending games and folk spending their money. It may even help in player recruitment too. Everything that is happening off the pitch is with onfield improvements very much in mind. I am not saying that this regeneration won’t be without its flaws or its detractors, but you can’t deny the intentions are right. If all of this is what supporters “need to wake up to” then I’m sure we could think of much worse. Anyone want to return to the days of “They know where we are”? It’s inevitable that progress will leave some people cold. I hope not too many feel like this. There is definitely some sense of a new era dawning at Rugby Park and it would be a shame if some felt unable to buy into it. These things do happen though. Even to the aforementioned Mr Zimmerman after he ‘went electric’. He didn't do too badly though.
  5. Not to everyone’s taste but I really like the brutalist style building on Low Glencairn St. I think it used to be a bank but is now subdivided. Not sure it’s even fully occupied but one of its’ business tenants is a tanning salon or some such. I think it’s an under appreciated building not helped by the embarrassing state of its lamentable surroundings. I’d landscape the whole area that Safeway used to occupy, including the car park and close off the needless road exit onto West Shaw Street. That area really annoys me because it’s such a glaring example of an “ach, this will do” attitude. I’ve always thought it wouldn’t be too expensive to intersperse a newly landscaped area there, with a few sculptures which would be a nod to the industrial and manufacturing heritage of that particular part of town. I picture a small path or trail woven around a series of metal castings representing the products of Saxone, BMK, Douglas&Reyburn etc. (Could even have the cooling towers depicted too) Nothing extravagant-I’m not talking Kelpie sizes. Something a bit like the swimmers further up King St. Literally almost anything would be an improvement on the eyesore it is now. Look at the difference demolishing and clearing the bottom of the main street has made. It’s much brighter, tidier and opened out onto the river. They’ve even properly treated the newly exposed part of the previously adjoined building. Would be great to think this was the start of a concerted effort in the town to think a bit more creatively when it comes to long empty and deteriorating buildings It would at the least make the area a bit more attractive, even if it can’t bring back all of the lost businesses.
  6. Guy on the extreme right (sic) to his mates “Are youse shure I shouldn’t be lighting this fecker from the bottom?”
  7. 2-1 now 2-2. 😂 (Disclaimer. Would the sensitive souls of the Rory Appreciation Society please note this is just a bit of pre-season satirical humour and in no way implies any sort of correlation between Rory’s arrival as a second half substitute and the subsequent and sudden concession of two goals, resulting in a match drawn from what looked like a very comfortable winning position. Any complaints about the content of this post should be addressed to @Guff92. Thank you.)
  8. Alex Scott is uniformly awful! I think her exuberance and telegenic qualities distract folk from listening to what she is actually saying. She’s definitely not insightful, often stating the obvious or repeating back what the host has just asked her. She constantly gives the impression of an excitable football enthusiast who can’t quite believe she has got the gig. Gemma Hayes on the other hand, does provide confident, insightful analysis and is very good. However her vocal style isn’t as bubbly as Alex, nor is she probably perceived (how can I put this?) as being as “marketable” as Scott. Although it’s different TV companies, it’s the same style over substance premise, when Hayes is deemed appropriate enough only to be on mike, but off camera, AS is pretty much front and centre. For what it’s worth, since we are discussing female football pundits I think Eni Aluko and Gemma Fay are really good. Jennifer Beattie comes across very well too when interviewed.
  9. These ‘test’ events were flawed in so many ways that they’re difficult to draw any conclusion from. Firstly, of the pre-event negative test requirement, the overwhelming majority were lateral flow tests, much less reliable than PCR Secondly, only a very small proportion of attendees were tested after the events Thirdly, the events occurred during much lower levels of community transmission AND when the Delta variant was at around 11% of cases, compared to 97% now. Only 15% of attendees across those events returned two PCR tests. Report has been labelled a “poor public study and a scandalous waste of £2bn to gather evidence of low return rate and very low yield” by the clinical professor of Public Health at Newcastle Uni. You only have to look at the soaring infection rates following football fans gathering ( outdoor and indoor) to see this isn’t the right time to be abandoning restrictions. Even allowing for double vaccinations reducing mortality and hospitalisation, you don’t need to be a professor of clinical health to work out that a smaller percentage of far higher infection numbers is still going to result in unacceptable numbers falling ill, requiring hospital treatment, or indeed fatalities. Remember too, even folk who don’t need hospital treatment can suffer long term and life changing consequences. I am not suggesting we stay locked down forever, but further suppression allied to increased vaccination coverage is clearly needed for a bit yet.
  10. Thanks for suggestion. Unfortunately didn’t work either. Tried going through TicketCo website. Can see QR Pass in there too, but download doesn’t work, nor is there an option to add to wallet. Bit of a nuisance but should still work from email.
  11. Did you get a response/resolution to this? Got the same issue on my renewal today. Have managed to move all previous purchases easily. Does payt have to have cleared, as opposed to pending? No option to ‘add to wallet’ displayed.
  12. A win takes us through. Two third placed teams already finished on three points.
  13. Looking even better now!! Cmon Scotland-it’s in our hands!
  14. Since we cant finish above Czechia, and can’t see England losing their game, we could really do with a Belgium and Denmark double tonight. Running out of 3rd placed teams whose records we can better with a win v Croatia.
  15. I don’t know whether it’s inconsistent Govt messaging (UK and Scottish) Euro exuberance or restriction fatigue, but the level of complacency is astonishing. Depressingly, Scotland currently has the highest infection rate in Europe. It would be naive to think there won’t be a further spike after seeing the packed trains and pubs as the Tartan Army headed to London last week. Sorry to say, but if it wasn’t right for Rangers fans to break covid guidelines, it wasn’t right for Scots fans either, regardless of how long it’s been since we were at a major tournament. It boils down to a choice-you follow the guidelines and minimise the risk to yourself and others; or you think ‘f**k it’ I’ll do what I want. One of these approaches will lead to more people getting ill. If we can’t get the numbers down, and soon, it will inevitably lead to further delay in us getting into Rugby Park again, in decent numbers.