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  1. We’ve been conditioned to think competition for European places or relegation fights has only happened since the top 6/bottom6 split was introduced. A top division of 18 will still have European places to fight for, or relegation to avoid. You could even introduce play offs for a European place or the last relegation slot which I think happens in some countries (Netherlands?). Don’t agree with the notion that you create a massive dead zone in the middle. We’re football fans-there’s always something to play for. You want your team to finish as high as possible, break your record points total,(ie Killie in SC’s first season) have an unbeaten run, your striker to finish top scorer, fewest goals conceded etc etc. It’s not possible to have something major at stake for every round of fixtures for a full season. How do all those leagues in Europe cope with 20 team divisions and the ‘massive dead zones’? 34 league games, playing each other once home and away seems about right to me.
  2. I think your user name is about to be corrupted....
  3. This definitely has some merit. Especially if the two clubs to drop out are Celtic and Sevco.
  4. This is all wrong and frankly smacks of Premiership elitism, which disappointingly seems to have filtered down to some Killie fans too. It’s not that long ago that we were languishing in the lower leagues and bemoaning how top division-centric the footballing authorities and their decisions were. It’s unfair to force a vote on the situation in lower leagues whilst the Premiership still weighs up its options. Now isn’t the time to be driving more divisions (sic) in the game. Whatever vote or decision happens, it should be for all of the Scottish football leagues together. My preference would be to finish the season when it’s safe to do so. Even if that means July or August. In the meantime clubs could receive a portion of ‘prize’ money, based on current league positions and the balance at the conclusion of the season. I genuinely believe that’s the fairest thing to do and should prevent the now customary and self-important pompous ‘club statement’, as well as the inevitable threats of legal action, which ironically could just as easily result in further delays.
  5. You really need to ask this question? (Yes, I know it is rhetorical) I’d cancel Trident for starters and divert that money where it’s actually needed . I don’t subscribe to the absurd notion that such a move would leave us “defenceless”. I think we are seeing right now, in the NHS, and in the country, just what “defenceless” actually means. It would be good to think, though probably naive, that the pandemic could prompt a radical rethink from governments on how they protect their citizens in the future and, in particular, how they prioritise their budgets. (Unless of course the plan the next time is to nuke the source country at the first hint of an outbreak. Something I probably shouldn’t even joke about lest some amongst our ‘world leaders’ think this a good idea)
  6. Nope. 2014/15 version had more stripes and they were of equal width. Also had QTS influenced orange trim on the sleeves. Think it had a round, button collar too. It was completely shapeless. Mine looked like a smock. It was a missed opportunity, and a lesson from which we didn’t learn when the 150th kit was designed.
  7. Yes, I think that was the reason given but I think it’s still possible to have legible names and clear numbers without ruining the aesthetic of the strip. I’m sure I noticed some teams this season with near enough full stripes front and back Maybe Stoke or Sheff Weds?
  8. I think most of us consider the 64/65 Championship winning jersey as the definitive Killie strip. Looking at these, and at historical kits, it’s quite remarkable how few seasons we’ve actually had a home kit that was full blue and white stripes, of equal width, front, back and sleeves. I really dislike the self coloured or ‘big block’ reverse on the home kits we’ve been blighted with recently. The Matchwinner A-Plant one (and subsequent AT Mays) have been easily the best since the title winning one.
  9. Actually I think he’s arguing the cost of readiness needn’t be astronomical. Interesting that this short clip is from 2015, and he’s lamenting our lack of readiness back then. Also refers to the perceived nuclear threat ( yet we still squander billions on such weaponry) and argues the greatest global threat, and devastating financial fallout, is a pandemic. https://youtu.be/6Af6b_wyiwI
  10. Not that I’m making any sort of excuse for them, but during that press conference I am sure Bumbling Boris asked for pubs/restaurants/café closures but did not tell them to do so? Some other places are showing more responsibility. I noticed that McChristie’s and Portland Arms in Crosshouse shut on Wednesday with a measured announcement posted outside both establishments explaining their reasons and urging everyone to stay safe. Perhaps the soaring death toll in Italy and our scarily similar, but two weeks behind, trajectory will help get the message across.
  11. Worryingly, we are at the same number of fatalities, at the same stage, as Italy. Truly terrifying.
  12. That could very well be the case. Him going card free for a game would definitely fall into the ‘abnormal pattern’ category. And, let’s face it, the odds would be far more attractive too.
  13. Appears to be over a ‘yellow card incident’. Anyone else see the potential flaw in trying to prove Dougie Imrie deliberately got himself booked? Coming soon-Police question Kilmarnock players over bottling it in a game against Aberdeen.
  14. Does anyone know who the players were that JF had apparently lined up in January, only for Dyer to politely decline? Just curious as Broadfoot was evidently his benchmark.

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