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  1. It was a stonewaller! He closed his eyes missed the ball and caught the guy in the face! Even at the game it looked a penalty, even more so on the highlights
  2. I get your point, but to be clearer... I think our whole defence has been shaky and a goalie that doesn’t command his area and makes mistakes like ours do adds massively to this.
  3. I can’t be arsed going through 20 pages, but if we had a decent keeper we’d be top half this season. He has no command of his box. Koprevic is shorter than Allan Power and looked shaky against Celtic and was awful against St Johnstone Devlin Mackay in goals for Aberdeen for me.
  4. Nimmo

    Hearts away

    I bought a ticket at a ‘pod’ at the away end in October. I think they tend to sell whatever we send back in that pod up until kick off
  5. Nimmo

    Quick Q

    Not sure, wasn’t at the last one but from the footage I think there were a few in the main stand as was that not where Alessio was cheering towards?
  6. Nimmo

    Quick Q

    Yeah I do agree with this!! I might just pay the extra to sit with the majority!
  7. Nimmo

    Quick Q

    https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/ticket-information-st-johnstone-a-2/ good prices too if your taking family
  8. Nimmo

    Quick Q

    Can pay at the gate Andy
  9. Same, still remember how good they were. I saw Man U win the league at Middlesborough (the day after watching us beat Rangers on the last day - Tam Black free kick!) and Giggs, Cole and Cantona were unreal. The pace of play was so fast. Also De Brunye against Arsenal just before Xmas
  10. Just bumping in hope of a Christmas miracle
  11. I know a few have been posting in here, but if anyone has any spares or can’t go anymore let me know!
  12. I know :-) I have a flat on McLeod street that I rent out! I prefer the Golden Rule which is a bit further out. Fully appreciate I’m being an ar$e for the sake of some time but I don’t get out for pints much as normally take the kids
  13. Chances of pay at the gate? Shop told me the Kit man takes any leftover back and they open a turnstile? I’m in Edinburgh so might just do that. Other option is Allen Kyle the SLO but meeting at 1415 reduces pint time by a good 40 mins

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