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  1. Jedi2

    Club Shop

    Tried to get an away shirt from this season, which it turns out, was sold out. If anyone has a spare or willing to sell, can you let me know. Ideally adult medium, but pretty much any size is fine.Cheers.
  2. Jedi2

    Club Shop

    Everything pretty much sold out in the shop? (only thing left appears to be XL home tops, and that seems to be about it)
  3. Hopefully....with regards to Hearts dragging the whole thing out.
  4. I think ultimately, 8th is probably where we would have finished had the season been played to a normal conclusion (maybe 7th). When we look back at the months of December and January, and that 7 game losing streak, when it seemed that we were in trouble, 8th probably isn't too bad, considering all the upheaval. The problem with their calling the League now is that it will rumble on for months-Hearts trying either legal means (no chance), or getting reconstruction back on the table, and the whole Celtic-Rangers...its '9 in a row/no its no' etc.
  5. They are now talking about a 'hub' solution to playing games, ie potentially, the same as was being proposed in England, that you choose one city (Glasgow), bring all 12 squads into the area to stay in hotels nearby, and then play the matches at Hampden, Ibrox, Parkhead and possibly Firhill, behind closed doors. Celtic v Rangers would presumably be played at Hampden. Surely 'if' that could be done, (with testing for players and staff pre-match), why could they not have done this over a 3 week period, to complete this season? playing matches Sat-Wed-Sat....Doesn't matter if it takes until September or later to do it. New shortened season could start after that. European places are out the window anyway, as it doesnt seem likely that European football could be played next season, but it would 'decide' the title and relegation at least. That would seem to have been the best solution to this farce. 3 weeks to complete 9 matches-instead of which we will have a media frenzy for who knows how long over Celtic have won 9-in-a-row/ no they havenae....and on it goes.
  6. £155 for the white one!! Didnt realise it was so rare...have every home back to 1978.
  7. Jedi2


    Cant see why Tommy Wright left St.Johnstone at this particular time, without having the N.Ireland job already lined up, so no chance of getting him. With no idea of when the season will actually start, if it is say September or October,(and it will probably be at quite short notice), if we didn't have a manager in place we would be back to scrabbling around to appoint someone like last summer.
  8. Jedi2

    How it ends

    Whole thing is a farce. Any reconstruction now would be to 'save' Hearts, and 'reward' Dundee for pushing this mess through. It has opened the door to Hearts, Rangers and Partick in particular getting together to take the whole process to court. Unlikely that they win a case but it would drag on for months. No solution to this was ideal. I thought that the best outcome though, was to complete the matches, behind closed doors whenever that was possible. It might not have been until September but so be it. The only other option was probably to void the season- no champions of any Leagues, very unfair on Utd in particular, but various teams would lose out. Of course we now have the situation as well of Celtic having a '9 in a row' by this means. Imagine how long the debate over that will drag on for.....the next one they win 'isn't really 10' etc. Of course they now couldn't relegate Hearts and not 'award' Celtic the title. As said reconstruction under these terms would be a joke....'promote' Utd, ICT, Dundee and Ayr to make a 14, thus saving Hearts., and indeed Partick as it could well be a 14-14-14 structure. How could that be temporary for one season as well?
  9. Yes, have never seen that red and white kit in 'colour'
  10. Jedi2

    Dyer speaks

    Really good article from AD, which again shows the character of the man. Not quite sure what the 'We had a meeting before the break-up and certain things were pointed out which I obviously can’t discuss but I’m just taking the club forward during this important period and making sure that everyone is OK' bit means, could be a discussion around results needing to improve had we played the last few games. At the moment, its clearly just about keeping the players spirits up, and AD is a good man to have in place for that role.
  11. Good article, and he is spot on.Hope his family stay safe in Italy.
  12. It is indeed going to be a totally different landscape on the 'other side' of this. As others have said ST purchases will be well down the list of priorities for many people. We have no idea at this stage when it will even be possible for clubs to put an ST package together. Some clubs won't even survive the gap. We 'should' still be here as a club, but quite what the financial picture will be for us, and Scottish football as whole is anyone's guess. It will be a surreal situation when football in whatever form finally returns. Could take a while to get back to anything like 'normality', and folks thoughts about the game will be put on hold for a while yet.
  13. The situation is still very much in flux though,as nobody at this stage knows when it might be possible to play out 9 matches (behind closed doors if need be).Even if it were August before things cleared sufficiently a two to three week window playing 3 matches a week with midweek would complete the season.The new season could conceivably then start in September with the League Cup scrapped for next year. To end it now,with no idea if it will be possible to complete in mid to late August,would still be a minefield of potential legal challenges.They would be better off postponing a decision now until say, July.
  14. Very true...the problem with UEFA declaring seasons finished now would be that there are quite few tight competitions across Europe....Bundesliga..Dortmund currently just 4pts off Bayern at the top, Real 2pts behind Barca, Lazio 1pt behind Juve in Serie A, Ajax and Alkmaar level in Holland to name a few... Think a lot of the chat in the UK is focused on Liverpool being so far clear at the moment, and Celtic also having a fair gap, but clearly not the case on the continent. Surely for European competition for next season there would have to be an agreed aim for all...either complete all seasons when and if possible, or void all Leagues? In fairness again, football will probably be well down most folks lists of priorities in a few months.

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