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  1. AD's point out of 6 against the sisters in the last two home games.......4 McInnes points for Aberdeen last two home against them..........................0 Robinsons point for Motherwell last two against them..................................0 Lets see where we go now in games against the likes of County, St. Johnstone and Dundee Utd....very promising signs today.
  2. Superb performance all round, and as said the tactics were spot on-stop them getting wide, and force them into th congested middle time and time again, where they had no space to work. Absolutely nothing to do with Celtic having a 'bad game', rather all about us having sussed them out (again), and put the plan into action. Overall, we probably created as many clear cut chances as they did. Hats off to both full backs who I thought were excellent, Waters only made one slight error all game when he let Forrest get away from him in the 2nd half, other than that both were solid. Haunstrup looked composed. What a difference having a 'squad' makes. Really felt for AD in January when it seemed that he hadn't been given sufficient resources for the second 'half' of the season, however, now that he has been able to shape the group in the way he wants, it paid off today, with a Clarke-esque performance.... 4pts out of 6 against the sisters at home for AD in his last two against them now.
  3. Would also have CQN top....as others have said even a year on, it still hurts. Probably the worst element of it for me was waiting so long to get back into Europe, and being a tie which should have been a 'bye' into the next round. Even when they went 1-0 up, I genunily never thought they would score again at that point, to actually knock us out....to lose to a side which it seems have about 20 fans..were there even any CQN fans actually in Belgrade? 2. Inverness Thistle...even a fairly poor Killie side at the time, but should never have been humiliated by a non-League side 3. 4-1 to A*r....such a scoreline should simply never happen Other mentions for 1-0 Alloa, Gretna, and also managing to lose 6 goals to ICT at home.
  4. I still think that they jumped the gun too soon on ending the season. They could have waited to see what the situation was by late June/early July and then try to play out the remaining 9 games behind closed doors-have a short break and start the new season in late August. One of the main reasons being that I reckoned Hearts were the sort of club to try to drag it to court, and risk delaying the start of any new season. There is no way they could do a U turn now though, and play out the remaining games, as it would only be done to suit, or at best two clubs. Agree that if it had been St.Mirren, County or ourselves in 12th place that Hearts would be one of the first to say 'get on with it'. Don't see Hearts winning their case, though they could end up with compensation (though nothing like £10 million). Other problem now is that they probably have a right of appeal after losing the case which could drag the whole thing on for even longer. At what stage can the SPFL claim that Hearts agree hurting the finances of all member clubs by taking it through the courts and act to kick them out of the League altogether.
  5. Jedi2

    Club Shop

    Tried to get an away shirt from this season, which it turns out, was sold out. If anyone has a spare or willing to sell, can you let me know. Ideally adult medium, but pretty much any size is fine.Cheers.
  6. Jedi2

    Club Shop

    Everything pretty much sold out in the shop? (only thing left appears to be XL home tops, and that seems to be about it)
  7. Hopefully....with regards to Hearts dragging the whole thing out.
  8. I think ultimately, 8th is probably where we would have finished had the season been played to a normal conclusion (maybe 7th). When we look back at the months of December and January, and that 7 game losing streak, when it seemed that we were in trouble, 8th probably isn't too bad, considering all the upheaval. The problem with their calling the League now is that it will rumble on for months-Hearts trying either legal means (no chance), or getting reconstruction back on the table, and the whole Celtic-Rangers...its '9 in a row/no its no' etc.
  9. They are now talking about a 'hub' solution to playing games, ie potentially, the same as was being proposed in England, that you choose one city (Glasgow), bring all 12 squads into the area to stay in hotels nearby, and then play the matches at Hampden, Ibrox, Parkhead and possibly Firhill, behind closed doors. Celtic v Rangers would presumably be played at Hampden. Surely 'if' that could be done, (with testing for players and staff pre-match), why could they not have done this over a 3 week period, to complete this season? playing matches Sat-Wed-Sat....Doesn't matter if it takes until September or later to do it. New shortened season could start after that. European places are out the window anyway, as it doesnt seem likely that European football could be played next season, but it would 'decide' the title and relegation at least. That would seem to have been the best solution to this farce. 3 weeks to complete 9 matches-instead of which we will have a media frenzy for who knows how long over Celtic have won 9-in-a-row/ no they havenae....and on it goes.
  10. £155 for the white one!! Didnt realise it was so rare...have every home back to 1978.
  11. Cant see why Tommy Wright left St.Johnstone at this particular time, without having the N.Ireland job already lined up, so no chance of getting him. With no idea of when the season will actually start, if it is say September or October,(and it will probably be at quite short notice), if we didn't have a manager in place we would be back to scrabbling around to appoint someone like last summer.
  12. Jedi2

    How it ends

    Whole thing is a farce. Any reconstruction now would be to 'save' Hearts, and 'reward' Dundee for pushing this mess through. It has opened the door to Hearts, Rangers and Partick in particular getting together to take the whole process to court. Unlikely that they win a case but it would drag on for months. No solution to this was ideal. I thought that the best outcome though, was to complete the matches, behind closed doors whenever that was possible. It might not have been until September but so be it. The only other option was probably to void the season- no champions of any Leagues, very unfair on Utd in particular, but various teams would lose out. Of course we now have the situation as well of Celtic having a '9 in a row' by this means. Imagine how long the debate over that will drag on for.....the next one they win 'isn't really 10' etc. Of course they now couldn't relegate Hearts and not 'award' Celtic the title. As said reconstruction under these terms would be a joke....'promote' Utd, ICT, Dundee and Ayr to make a 14, thus saving Hearts., and indeed Partick as it could well be a 14-14-14 structure. How could that be temporary for one season as well?
  13. Yes, have never seen that red and white kit in 'colour'
  14. Jedi2

    Dyer speaks

    Really good article from AD, which again shows the character of the man. Not quite sure what the 'We had a meeting before the break-up and certain things were pointed out which I obviously can’t discuss but I’m just taking the club forward during this important period and making sure that everyone is OK' bit means, could be a discussion around results needing to improve had we played the last few games. At the moment, its clearly just about keeping the players spirits up, and AD is a good man to have in place for that role.

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