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  1. 'Worst football played by a Killie side in 50 years tonight'?! Help ma boab. The list of 'worst' performances in that time frame (and I have seen the vast majority of them), doesn't come close to tonght...yes it was poor, yes, we didn't try to properly adapt to the wind, by not simply launching the ball particularly in the 2nd half, yes, Arbroath (1 defeat this season btw) were the better side, but.....we did actually defend well on the whole. Clearly we need to be much better in the final middle to front, no question. However, the Championship is going to involve games like that tonight...None of Rangers, Hearts, Hibs or Utd regularly steamrollered teams in the Championship away from home, so overall a return of 4pts away v Partick and Arbroath is not a disaster. We could still really do with another option up front, either from the bench or starting, something 'different' to Shaw, Robinson and Cameron (all 3 of whom are 'fine'), but what if say 2 of them get injured?
  2. Thought Armstrong was excellent throughout, and agree with the MOM comments for him. Good balance with Armstrong on one wing, and F. Murray on the other-who took both his goals well. E.Murray looks like a really solid CH, and puts his head in where others would fear to tread. Alston and Polworth both solid, and Shaw certainly put in a good shift up front. Great to see both youngsters on towards the end as well. Nesbitt was indeed impressive for them, and certainly looked their best player. Overall, a game in which we could have been comfortably out of sight, had Lyons taken one or both of these chances. Good tempo in the 2nd half, and once we had switched to a 4-4-2 with Polworth closer to Shaw, we caused them a lot more problems.
  3. So, if we beat Queens Park, its either Hamilton or Aberdeen B!!! away in the Quarter Final...with the full draw having already been made....ICT look likely to come through our side of the draw to the semis as well. https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/SPFL Trust Trophy bracket draw.pdf
  4. Decent addition....possibly brought in to play LB, with Naismith staying on the right.
  5. -----------------------------Bachmann------------------------- --O'Donnell-----------DDF-------------Ayer-------------Taylor-- --Stewart---------------Longstaff----Power----------------------Jones- ------------------------------Kiltie------------------------------- ------------------------Macgennis----Lafferty---------------------
  6. Could have been worse, could have been better, but it is winnable. As said, let's hope away crowds are back by then.
  7. And now a maximum 9 points needed to have a chance of getting out of the group.
  8. Ultimately England are somewhere in the middle tier of International sides....if you look at the top tier (Germany 7 trophies, Italy 5 trophies, France 4, Spain 3 etc), then you go to the middle ranks in terms of success (Portugal 1, Greece 1, Holland 1, Denmark 1, England 1). The thing that gets me about the media hyperbole, is that England are essentially a last 16/Quarter Final side. In the last 2 tournaments when they have played a big hitter (Belgium twice, and Italy) they lost. (Germany are in the midst of a serious rebuild). When the draw doesnt open up for them, and they aren't at home their usual record is not reaching semi's and finals. Rather....2000---Group stage 2002---Quarters 2004---Quarters. 2006---Quarters 2008---DNQ 2010---Last 16 2012---Quarters 2014--Group Stage 2016--Last 16 (losing to Iceland) 'If' the media approached a tournament with the view that 'we are aiming to make the quarters and see where that takes us from there....fine....try even celebrating getting that far. Rather than the 'we are clear favourites to win this Euros/WC every time.
  9. Episode 9: Away Days 2, with Ian Burnett, is now up on Spotify, Apple, Google and Soundcloud. More chat about following Killie around Scotland and Europe, with some pre-season matches in Ireland in there as well... https://soundcloud.com/rabski777/killie-memorabilia-episode-9-away-days-2
  10. Cue a couple of red cards for Italy as well, just to sure...after another few 'honest mistakes' from the ref.The result of this has already been decided.
  11. For Italy to have any chance would need a very strong ref, as proved tonight. Can't see that happening, so.....
  12. Both teams looked like a major step up from England last night...pace, great passing ability and technique, and good shape. hard to think of an England player who would get into either team imo. The Danes meanwhile have got a lot of momentum and emotion with them, as well as being a good attacking side. The media idea that England just have to set foot on the pitch against both Denmark, and now Italy to win it, seems absurd. Talk Sport is the biggesr lol at the moment, as they discuss whether this side can 'retain' the Euros in Germany, as well as having them as 'strong' favourites for the WC at this stage.
  13. Cheers.Planning.another couple over the summer, and then hopefully back next season.
  14. Thanks all...really enjoyed putting it together.
  15. Killie Memorabilia and Memories Podcast Episode 8 Away Days, with tales from our last sojourn in the lower Leagues, as well as Belgrade, Wales, England and more...on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Soundcloud with Alan Craig: On Apple, Spotify, Google and Soundcloud:
  16. Looking for 2 keepers, probably another 2 CHs as back up, another wide player, another central midfielder and probably 2 or 3 forwards noe..so.maybe another 9. Btw what is the chat about an Irish tour (am presuming Northern Ireland?)
  17. -----------------Bachmann-------------‐-- --SOD------‐---DDF------Ajer--------Taylor-- ---Mitchell---Durrant---Burns----Naismith ----‐-----------------Eremenko------‐------------ -------------------------Boyd------------------------ Subs Marshall Monty McLaren Holt Wright Hay Freddie Mulumbu Manager:SC
  18. Don't doubt that Mulumbu was a 'poor trainer' under SC as well.Point still stands that one.manager got the very best out of him despite that, and the other didn't. Don't think it's a case of 'underminnng' TW...opinion is to some extent divided.. some people think he is wonderful, due to his record at St.Johnstone and the fact that he had a 'poor' squad to work with here, and is therefore blameless for our position. For others, the jury is very.much still out..4 months, ended up 11th, and then turned in 2 shambolic play-off matches. It's not 'undermining' him to point up the latter, it's a case of saying.. 'okay, once he has his own squad in place, let's see what he does'.Results on the pitch from day one of the season will be down to TW, not Alex Dyer, James Fowlet, Billy Bowie, Cathy Jamieson, Gary Dicker etc. He might succeed (really hope he does), he might not..time will tell.Poor start/must do better..over to him now.
  19. Interesting that everyone sides with TW over Mulumbu. Ultimately it was TW who picked the team for 4 months, and during that time, consistently chose players who were underperforming. It didnt matter what Doyle, Millen, Broadfoot, Dicker etc did or didnt do, they were simply stick ons to start every game. Whether Mulumbu suddenly became a 'poor trainer' in the last 4 or 5 months (if true), seems unlikely. Was he a 'good trainer' under SC, but suddenly not TW. Would doubt it. Think rather that SC, as a manager, was able to get the best out of him, and TW couldn't, but chose instead to stick to his 'experienced' core, come.what may. It was TWs job (not Mulumbu's) to come up with a tactical plan for 2 games against Dundee..he didnt, but then blamed the players for 'not listening' to him.Seems to continue the narrative of being entirely blameless and 'just in the door' so what could he do (4 months isnt 'just in the door')
  20. Certainly need an injection of pace...if we have him.in one side and possibly Pinnock on the other, it's a start. If there is a new LB as well, would move Waters on and have Haunstrup as a back up.
  21. Really hope that there is news on 2 goalkeepers very soon.Have to build from there. Then start to get a couple of CHs in, then a couple of midfielders and then probably 3 forwards. Have to build the defence first though.