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  1. Thanks for sharing this KillkieBoab, well put together doll
  2. Lest we forget The SPFL pulled a fast one to save Motherwell from relegation over the one promoted side Falkirk coming up from league 1 back in 2003...... Had to do with Falkirk not having an all seater stadium and wanted to groundshare with Airdrie while one was built. On top of that Motherwell also entered administration for a couple of breaches, but those are still under some carpet In the SPFL somewhere. Basically the SPFL normally get there own way, but this time, naw! There may be trouble ahead
  3. I liked KB. For some reason I thought he was there a lot longer. He took no prisoners that us for sure
  4. I was talking too Tam Broon at a work bash a couple of weeks ago and he said that very offside goal is still brought up by any Falkirk players he meets from that time. He also said he got part blame for the offside goal as well as he should have been covering the scorer, I can’t remember so I’ll take his word for it. What I do remember is that he had just came on, was not warmed up really.
  5. Like I mentioned on another thread, we have a few players out of contract and in addition a few loan players who will drop off. Wages will drop and possibly puts us in the pole position to sign those players who will be out of contract already here at super killie. Positivity is paramount when facing so many obstacles. In reality, I believe we are in a better position than a lot of other clubs looking at the short term and short to medium term. Oh and great idea Alan
  6. Yeh, then putting the yellow ‘wet floor’ sign and proceeds to slip on it himself
  7. Sadly but maybe the fact we have so many players out if contract this year may benefit us when it comes to club finances in the summer. Nobody is signing anyone in the near future. I feel sorry for those players out of contract it’s their livelihoods after all.
  8. Sorry about the loss of your father, condolences. I’m glad a fantastic win over that lot lifted your spirits
  9. I just cast my mind back to a few months ago when Cathy admitted that the board had learned from their summer transfer debacle but went on to say by assuring us that the January transfers were already being worked on!!!! So what was the board working on a few months ago? Clearly not this January transfer window I’m sorry to say
  10. I think there is a lot of hyperbole, paranoia and guessing on this thread as in others. Can’t we just get behind the common cause ie.... our super Ayrshire killie???
  11. I’ve now subscribed too Archie, I’m looking forward to a ‘virtual’ flick though it. Best of luck
  12. I could not agree more. some fans have very short memories. If we can be this solid, not losing many goals, not free scoring and still third in league, added to that a January transfer window in which we can possibly purchase a couple of goal scorers, an attacking midfielder, that’ll do for me. Sooth sayers aside from outside the club, who wrote us off, pfft, the last thing we need is loyal fans running our team to the low because we ain’t free scoring and that knocker wetting exciting football is not on show every week. GET A GRIP!!! Time to stop the negativity guys and embrace what we have and while we have it.
  13. Total opposite of the ramblings of KB who funnily enough went the other way

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