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  1. Rory’s had some of his best games against the selik
  2. Where is good to eat near the wee teams dump?
  3. On Sky Sports Transfer Centre it's saying Gregg Wylde's a free agent having left Millwall, played under McCulloch at the Oldco, exactly the sort of signing I'd expect from McCulloch.
  4. Well done to the Killie four who have already achieved far more than Parks ever did in his footballing life.
  5. Yes, he's got a decent goals to games ratio despite having played out of position and we don't exactly create a whole host of chances every game, 2 bad performances in a row doesn't mean he's a bad player.
  6. Draper, Meekings and Stockley would be my ideal yet realistic signings this summer. Draper and Meekings are decent players who have been grossly mismanaged by Richie "I can spout s**te with the best of them but as for winning fitba matches I can't do that" Foran and Stockley has that nasty streak we've not seen in a Killie strip since Kevin Kyle. Woodman Hendrie Meekings Ajer Taylor Jones Draper Dicker Kiltie Sammon Stockley A bit Pulisy but far too often we've been bullied over the past few years and in Jones and Kiltie we have the flair players.
  7. I can only remember us playing 4-4-2 once under McCulloch(when we were 2-1 down to Motherwell.) I'd happily keep Longstaff, Hendrie, Ajer, Woodman and Sammon. We have the nucleus of a decent team, if we can add an experienced spine(I.E 3 players, a centre back, a partner for Dicker in the middle of the park and a big pacey physical lump who can get 10+ goals a season) then for once the club could be going places, however I expect big Jig to sign the likes of Kirk Broadfoot, Ian Black and Chris Burke. It's the Killie way. Heard a rumour that Jones has signed a new contract, don't know how long for though.
  8. The hotdogs aren't anything special either, the bun to meat ratio is excessive.
  9. Got lucky today, again McCulloch's half time team talk has a negative effect. Thankfully a goalkeeping blunder(think Taibi against Southampton) gets us out of jail. The positive's are it's not a defeat and we build an extra point gap on Hamilton. On too the next game.
  10. Struggling to think of a bad game Hendrie's had since joining. Mr Reliable.
  11. If that's the best "Jig" can conjure up then he's not the man for the job. Jones was having a shocker yet managed to stay on the pitch. Longstaff looked one of our better players yet gets subbed. If we go with "Jig" 10th's the best we can hope for.
  12. As for the Holt V McCulloch debate I'd rather pass on them both but Holt every day of the week before McCulloch.
  13. Smith's been pretty good this season. Got a cracking work rate. Arguably the best passer in the squad. Knows when to slow the game down. Long may the Scottish Lahm continue to be a waste of a jersey.

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