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  1. Is Bryson still not under contract at Aberdeen for another season?
  2. It was Scott Burns who wrote the piece. Am I not right in saying he was always the guy with the Killie related exclusives in the past?
  3. Memmingen, in Germany haha. A bizarre route we're going but worked out relatively cheap.
  4. Few of us have just booked there! Tuesday - Friday but only in Belgrade the Wednesday and Thursday night. Can't wait, absolutely buzzing.
  5. Honoured to be linked with my dream job but just a bit too soon for me. I'm sure Bowie will appoint the right man.
  6. Went in and got 16 there and there was also a good number of people in getting their tickets. My uncles are over from Canada for my sister’s wedding on Friday and they are all coming to the game on Sunday. Absolutely buzzing for this, should be a cracking crowd.
  7. I've actually deleted my twitter. Can't hack it. Can't believe the amount of neanderthals trying to justify this sectarian abuse - from both sides.
  8. Makes it worse when you consider the repercussions of the Falkirk game in 2016. Once again the authorities made an example of wee diddy Killie to compensate for their lack of action in the Hibs Rangers cup final. I personally know of two incidents that day where the police were heavy handed with fans. First one was after Kiltie's opening goal he goes and celebrates towards the Frank Beattie Stand and a boy I know - who happens to be mates with Kiltie - jumps on to the track to hug him and immediately goes back into the stand back to his seat. There he was met by a couple of police officers who lift him and he's forced to spend a night in the cells. His punishment? A year's stadium ban for every ground in the UK and a £700 fine. The other was one of my mate's who attempted the sparse pitch invasion at the end. He got halfway over the wall before a policeman stopped and cuffed him. Night in the cells and £500 fine. I appreciate these boys should have known better when you consider the chaos at Hampden the day before, but it does show it is one rule for them and another rule for the rest of us. The lack of CONSISTENCY is alarming. The police will act the heroes and make an example out the smaller clubs whilst letting Old Firm do as they please. Sickening.
  9. He's a Killie fan, was a regular on the Valley Bus for years. Good guy.
  10. Seen a few people say this over the years. Never thought he over celebrated or did anything disrespectful. This is the most he's ever celebrated against Killie and he barely does anything. To be fair he's just scored a goal on the last day of the season to win the league. I apologise in advance for reminding everyone of this day which I almost erased from my memory... Here
  11. The stick directed at Tish round me today was absolutely embarrassing - I was actually cringing at times. As has been pointed out in the thread, he never wasted a pass although his shooting could be doing with a bit of work. As @Fletch said, he was getting more abuse than Jones!
  12. From the Record: Jordan Jones has revealed he will NOT leave Kilmarnock this month to join Rangers. The winger agreed a pre-contract with the Ibrox side earlier in January and has copped stick from Killie fans over how he reacted to the news. Jones took to Twitter immediately after signing the deal expressing his delight and ending his post with "#WATP". Some supporters of the Rugby Park outfit want him out of their club, with Kilmarnock Supporters’ Trust chairman Barry Richmond slaughtering the star. But Jones and manager Steve Clarke appeared at a joint press conference at Rugby Park ahead of Scottish Cup tie against Forfar to insist he is remaining in Ayrshire until the end of the season. Jones, 24, said: “I’m fully committed to Kilmarnock until the summer. I won’t leave in this window. “Everyone has an opinion in football and they are maybe a bit upset in way it was done but my team-mates and gaffer know how committed it is. “I need to show to the fans. Looking back at the tweet I was over excited and it was a bit of inexperience but I can’t take it back. I can only win them back with performances. “I’ve always tried to give my best in two-and-a-half years and commitment never in question. That won’t change. “It’s happened. The Rangers thing is put to the side until the summer. It’s old news. I’m fully focused on helping Kilmarnock. “The only opinions that matters to me are the gaffer’s and manager. It’s up to me to change fans’ views.” Clarke told supporters if they jeer his player they are in effect jeering himself. The boss said: “I haven’t got an issue with pre-contracts. It’s part and parcel of the modern game. It changed when Bosman ruling came in.“If the fans boo Jordan then they’re booing me as well because it will be my decision to select him.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/jordan-jones-reveals-rangers-wont-13868653?6
  13. Pleased by this. I was working at the Queens Ayr game earlier in the season - Dobbie scored four of the five goals - and Dykes was excellent, a real handful. Could do worse than have a look at him.
  14. Aye it's our bus that's leaving from the Brass mate, sounds like there should be a cracking support. Can't wait!

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