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  1. Killiecal


    Record front page:
  2. Killiecal

    Boydy for player of the year

  3. Killiecal

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Adult, student and an u-16 purchased for the Frank Beattie yesterday. Next season can’t come quick enough.
  4. Killiecal

    Mulumbu gossip

    Celtic and Rangers - as much as I despise them - are far bigger than the vast majority of teams in England, with the exception of Man United and Liverpool. I wouldn’t change Scottish football in its current form for any of that tin pot rubbish in England.
  5. Killiecal


    Few of us booked in for the Accies game to celebrate my dissertation being done and dusted...can’t come quick enough.
  6. Killiecal

    Ibrox on Saturday

    http://www.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/Article?id=6883&ShowCat= There you go mate.
  7. Killiecal


    People have to be realistic about crowd increases. First game of the season against Saints - Saturday 3pm - the crowd was 3,900, and that was with a couple of hundred of them coming down. Last night was a decent enough turn out. Especially considering some punters are in a position where they will probably have to prioritise games with the busy schedule we’ve had recently. We play that game this time last year, or midweek at the beginning of this season and the crowd would be little over 3k. It’s clear to see the supporters are coming back when you look at our away crowds; 1200 Murrayfield, 1400 (?) Easter Road, 1200 Fir Park, and 1300 at Pittodrie. Crowds are on their way up without a doubt.
  8. Killiecal

    Support today

    Absolutely fantastic backing from the fans today. What a support and what a day, bring on the replay!
  9. Killiecal

    Hearts Away

    Fair point, he was in the official club shop and they had ran out of their allocated lower tier tickets. He went back when the Killie Zone staff brought what was left of their tickets so he could get the lower tier and sit with us. I assume the numbers were from both shops combined, but could be wrong - just passing on what was told to him. I think it sounds more accurate given our allocation at Tynecastle is normally 750, well it has been since they came back up anyway.
  10. Killiecal

    Hearts Away

    My mate is just back from the shop, says we’ve sold about 500. Makes more sense as I was certain the allocation we get for Tynecastle is only 750.
  11. Killiecal

    Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    It's excellent news the game isn't on the tele. Surely means more people will travel? I certainly know a few boys who are going now but probably wouldn't have had it been a lunch time kick off live on BBC/Sky. Absolutely buzzing for this, hoping for a big support.
  12. Killiecal

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

    Agree with this. I was saying to my mates coming out the ground that he would have tried to take a touch in that position last season. What an unbelievable finish, just shows the confidence of the big man. Keep them coming Boydy!
  13. Killiecal

    RockSport DAB interview

    One of my mates works for RockSport, they seem to be doing a lot of things right since they’ve come back. Good to hear some decent Killie content on it too.
  14. Killiecal

    Last minute deals

    In fairness his lack of recent playing time at Dundee was nothing to do with ability. He had a fall out with McCann...”allegedly”.

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