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  1. Jamsie

    Betfred Cup 2018/19 Dates

    Couldn't care less about A*r. They're not even near our level, complete irrelevance.
  2. Jamsie

    Season tickets

    Absolutely criminal how hard they make it to give them money! I hadn't renewed my ST as only I've managed 4 and 6 home league games the last 2 seasons through shift work and other commitments on Saturdays, which will be the same next season. Majority of games I get to are midweek or away/cups. Trying to buy a ST online (will probably work out at >£50/game) and I can't get past the Select Your Seat part. A new or returning ST holder is going to have to be pretty determined to hand over their money. I'll try again later and if it still doesn't work I'll just PATG again and save £200. I shouldn't have to tweet anyone or get up earlier between night shifts to drive down to the shop.
  3. Jamsie

    Leo fasan

    If hypothetically budget meant you could only have 1 experienced sub, is there not a lot of sense in that 1 being a GK as youth players can be coached by experienced team mates through games or the shape altered to help them out (more defensive player in front of an inexperienced full back for example) more easily than a young goalkeeper can command a box or gain his centre halves confidence? Obviously not as clear cut as that cause if you've got Boyd & Erwin and get the chance of Brophy, you're taking him ..but GK is a specialist position and a long term injury etc could potentially derail your season.
  4. Jamsie

    Junior Cup Final

    YNTTK threads for this.
  5. Can we please stop saying Mulumbu looks disinterested?! He's better against the better sides because the standard is higher. Playing against Ali Crawford and Imrie is a walk in the park for him, the intensity drops and he isn't at his best. I don't believe for one minute that he's ever played for us uninterested in how he performs. Brown, McGinn etc play at a much higher intensity which suits Mulumbu's game. Even vs Sevco a big crowd sets the pace and intensity of the games.
  6. Jamsie

    Stephen O'Donnell & Steve Clarke

    Handsome b*stard . SOD isn't bad either.
  7. Jamsie

    Season tickets

    The pre-season rumour mill will keep us all entertained. The "reliable sources" will be in overdrive!
  8. Jamsie

    Pie stalls

    You were lucky! Only soup and hot drinks left at half time today.
  9. Jamsie

    Mulumbu gossip

    You know you don't have to comment on every thread just for the sake of posting? That is absolute drivel.
  10. Jamsie


    Delighted to hear him say he wants "bums on seats", another mathematics/arithmetic lesson awaits
  11. Jamsie

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Blatant trolling^^
  12. Jamsie

    Manager of Month March

    Lisbon Squirrels has a nice ring to it. Squirrels > Lions.
  13. Jamsie

    Loan players

    I was at the game, if Higgins has any chance of getting into our team now he has to be head and shoulders above his Airdrie team mates and that unfortunately just wasn't the case. A good prospect with a decent career ahead of him but I can't see him making much of an impact as Killie build. Well taken goal when the ball dropped to him from a corner which wasn't cleared. Half-volleyed in.
  14. Sevco- the most odious organisation ever in Scottish society.
  15. Jamsie

    Dons match fred

    You didn't. He is what he is, the fat, useless, baldy goal machine

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