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  1. Fantastic signing. Hearts fans loved him.
  2. Think you are spot on to be honest.
  3. And 24 appearances overall. Which is a large chunk of our season. To say we won’t get top 6 with him in the team is laughable.
  4. Dont know what game you were watching. Kiltie was really good and caused problems. One of the few who looked like creating something. Mckenzie wasn’t at his best but was still good. Mckenzie was literally in our starting team when we finished 3rd.
  5. Better team. A silly error has lost us 3 points. Hopefully just first day nerves. Made a good save just after. There are definitely positives to take away.
  6. Got it cheers. California is very nice this time of year.
  7. When does the international stream start ?
  8. Looks like Pinnock is injured for the game today.
  9. When you go on the actual article, the first guy (Robert Grieve) also predicted St Mirren to win the Scottish Cup. Oh dear.
  10. He treated our club like sh*t when he joined them. He thought he was bigger than the club. Thats never a good thing. Jones should not be allowed near this club and I don’t even know why it’s even being debated since they want a fee.
  11. This was the worst one. Right after beating us.
  12. Sky Sports Transfer Centre saying Hull and Bolton were both in as well but he’s chosen us.
  13. Think he just meant that it would be nice to have a good keeper for more than one season. Which i’m sure we can all agree on. However, if a good loan move opened up then i’m all for it.

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