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  1. Really good result considering the circumstances. Tshibola outstanding once again.
  2. Mark Connolly has allegedly broken Covid restrictions. With Nicola Sturgeons comments after the Bolingoli incident it might end up with the season being paused....
  3. Was confirmed as signed 3 hours ago.
  4. Thought he was our best player today. 2 assists and a lot more great passes and movement. Looked a lot like the Kiltie we had before his injuries. The header for Brophy’s goal was fantastic.
  5. What a game Kiltie is having. Fantastic player.
  6. I’d imagine if we get Mulumbu that will be our business done, Craigie.
  7. Can we avoid turning this thread into another Rory McKenzie debate.
  8. “Former Celtic star...” he played 1 game.
  9. Stupid challenge. Gonna be a nervy 25 minutes.
  10. Obviously nothing has materialised down south. We already have 2 players capable of starting right back for us and one of which in fantastic form. Don’t need him now.
  11. Motherwell fans on twitter seemingly think he’s signing for them. Strange considering his comments about wanting to move down south.
  12. Rogers Millen Dikamona Findlay Waters Power Dicker Burke Haunstrup Kabamba Whitehall Brophy for Whitehall if fit
  13. I don’t understand why we don’t utilise subs more. Allowed 5 subs a game now and we make 1.
  14. Think this just highlights how much we need a number 10. No link between the midfield and attack at all.
  15. We need to learn. We keep lumping it up to Nicke, it hasn’t worked once yet. Need to play our football on the ground.
  16. Anyone else getting really bad buffering? As in, every 10 seconds.
  17. How can you be unaware that he was in Spain ? Surely he wouldn’t have turned up at training. Unless he was there for 1 day.
  18. When you search Colin Doyle saves on YouTube the top search result is “Colin Doyle Mistake compilation”
  19. won’t write him off after one mistake obviously but skip to 3:40 in this.
  20. Really uninspired by this. Surely much better options than him.
  21. I’m hoping this isn’t a serious post...
  22. Criticised him being in the starting 11 before the game. But I’m pleasantly surprised. Fantastic performance. Didn’t put a foot wrong.
  23. Completely ran the show today. What a signing he’s been.
  24. My guess is a new deal for Stu. Maybe even Brophy too.