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  1. Fantastic win... was glad when power came on , steadied things in the midfield
  2. Also think where Powers come from.... CONFERENCE football.. no other accolades really....apart from helping his team to promotion and playing Arsenal to speak off.... deemed not good enough start of season to be integral now.... funny old game
  3. Hi gav Alan power is the big 30 on the 23rd
  4. BUT to be also related through marriage??they have mutual cousins I believe.... Dickers uncle is married to Powers aunt....
  5. Great to see Dicker back, but am I alone in thinking we lost momentum when Dicker went in the middle and power went wide?Power just didn’t get on the ball as much 2nd half and was doing a great job in there.... thought Broadfoot should’ve been taken off and Dicker in defence?
  6. Are you joking??? Power was instrumental in Lincoln City’s FA cup run last season...no injuries..which ended in defeat v Arsenal...AND incidentally , this year they’ve gone out in the first round proper... wonder if they’re questioning their decision to only offer a year.?..it’s down to Clarke coming in... looking at the caliber of players he’s got and knowing how he can get the best from them.... and getting it!!!!
  7. Told ya doubters .. given the chance he’d prove himself... I’d love to know what LM had against him? Maybe questioning his team selections??but hey ho...this is the Power I know
  8. Chippie66


    Have to say I did follow Lincoln last year ( their cup run) never saw an issue with his fitness, is it our training regeime? That we can't get our players fit?
  9. Chippie66


    I know I'll be slated for this , but agree about Power... agreed had an awful start to season, after a long hard season with Lincoln, but surely he's worth a chance,can't IMO,be any worse then those getting game after game every week and not improving or proving they deserve to start every game. He's never going to get match fit if NOT playing any matches?? He can't be blamed on matches being lost when he hasn't had any part in them?

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