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  1. BDM2510

    Jim Duffy

    No, Coisty lives near Houston. Keith Lasley lives in Langbank. Only 4 Killie fans in the village so far but only moved here recently from Isle of Bute. The Morton games in the lower leagues were great many years ago and fantastic atmosphere when the mighty Killie were there. Hopefully they will go up next season then I can go to St Midden and Cappielow when not at TTOP.
  2. BDM2510

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    Thankfully we have him and no one else. Bring in Coulibaly and start building an even stronger team. Just need Bryson or Liam Kelly and the jigsaw gets closer. Keep it going Killie!
  3. BDM2510

    Rangers thread

    Whether Killie fans may think Boyd's loyalty lies elsewhere, look at his reaction when he scores twice against them. Quality game, quality finishes, and a team unified and going forward into the top 6. Despite his flaws McCulloch had good players but Clarke's influence made them even better. We were due this and whilst there are good times, there will be dips along the way but far fewer on Clarke's watch. Keep it going lads and let our first goal be away from the dog fight in the bottom. Manager the month so far.
  4. BDM2510

    Rangers thread

    Awesome result and well deserved. Merry Killie Xmas
  5. BDM2510

    Rangers thread

    Super Killie, super Killie, away, away, away. Steve Clarke's Blue and White army...........
  6. BDM2510

    Bobby Williamson

    Be strong Bobby and as a world beater you can beat this as well. Best wishes and our thoughts are all with you and your family
  7. BDM2510

    Monty is for Life (Not Just for Christmas)

    Thanks Hippo. Picked up my signed copy today and excellent read and so much admiration for Monty from is fellow professionals. Was at the Scottish Cup game and great to see games Monty highlights in his career and his perspective on them. A total and utter Legend which any Killie fan should go out and buy this book as a must read...........so many awesome memories of games I attended as a teenager.
  8. BDM2510

    County away Fred

    Great fight back and 8 away games unbeaten away from home for the Killie...............safe trip back
  9. BDM2510

    Ross county

    Passed the team bus today at 10.30am on way to Perth at Doune roundabout. Bus didn't stop at Subway on A9 for Boyds morning snack. Goosebumps when you see the pride of Ayrshire on their way to the Ross County game. Come on the Killie!!!!
  10. BDM2510

    Monty is for Life (Not Just for Christmas)

    Must have for Xmas. Can I reserve copy killiehippo and collect Saturday before game? Drove to Perth today and passed team bus at 10.30am at Doune roundabout. Come on the Killie!
  11. BDM2510

    Derek McInnes

    No class, No McInnes (just announced) , and No Clue. Onwards and upwards for the Killie
  12. BDM2510

    Kiosk Staff

    Went to Old Trafford last season with my son as part of his birthday. Kiosk system was about the customer. Easy decision making, clear signage, and simple trade up at tills. No more than 12 customers to each queue. All key items at £2 each and boards above kiosk clearing showing prices and suggestions up to 6 mix option for £12. At till, clear signage for limited items for less. Ch'ing, Ch'ing all the way to the bank. Said to my son at the Hearts game how poor the service was. Slow Queue, servers walking from till area to till area and general poor organisation. A4 Price list for customers taped to noticeboard and not the easiest to read. Asked for tea and a minute later girl chewing gum whispers black or white. No idea what she was saying with milk sticks on front counter. 3 attempts later got our food and no eye contact or thanks. Going back over years at Rugby Park, I felt like a customer and came back after NAPM and it shows how he took us all for granted. Time to and for change and make our kiosks the best for customer service and put us first, proper signage, train the staff correctly, and Ch'ing the club will benefit. This is not a moan but an easy fix and start getting the customer experience back.
  13. BDM2510

    Season Ticket Renewal Online

    Signed up for Family season tickets yesterday in the shop after NAPM since Kenny left the building. No issues but system a bit slow and staff friendly. Glad to get back to Rugby Park with the family and another 4 fans committing to the team and the club after the news last week. Roll on the new season
  14. BDM2510

    In-store season ticket renewal

    Signed up for Family season tickets today after NAPM since Kenny left the building. No issues but system a bit slow and staff friendly. Glad to get back to Rugby Park with the family and another 4 fans committing to the team and the club after the news last week. Roll on the new season
  15. BDM2510

    Johnston Gone By April

    Yes but which April? 2018, 2019, 2020, ........2025 ??? Please go now. NAPM but full commitment when he is gone!

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