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  1. Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan COME BACK DAN
  2. My story just happened a couple of weeks ago am a painter and decorator and I was working for Ronnie Hamilton and his lovely wife my dad was working with me and he was there when Killie won the league and that great night against Eintracht it was a lovely moment he told us some great stories about his time as a player and chairman It was a privilege to meet a Killie great
  3. This was my favourite Killie top my first ever top I had
  4. Very unfair we played well yesterday he has done well the last couple of weeks our squad is paper thin if we beat Aberdeen he becomes a hero again
  5. Power off broadfoot on I thought was a strange one that shows how weak our squad is
  6. Thought we looked much better when Kiltie came on
  7. Neilly


    Same team that beat rangers
  8. Neilly


    1 nil Killie branescu from goal kick
  9. Neilly

    Dave Provan

    Couldn’t agree more Scottish football is all about them all they do is pick up on the bad decisions and never give any credit for the win f**k them Scottish football would be much better without them one wants to be English and the other Irish
  10. He looks like he is about to cry lol
  11. Make Findlay captain a true leader
  12. £20 at 7/1 easy money
  13. What a feeling you get when you beat one of the old firm I am buzzing so proud to be a Killie fan nights like this are just a joy

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