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  1. Thanks for the info. Can you get tickets today from the club shop or is it online only?
  2. Don’t have to drive to this tomorrow, does anyone know if the pub at the stadium lets in away fans?
  3. Hibs charging 12 quid for pre school age kids???? WTF!
  4. Can’t believe the negativity on the match thread. NO team could function as normal without FOUR centre halves missing ffs. Have these people only supported us since SSC was appointed? We are fifth in the SPL in what is our 27th consecutive season in the top flight. Get a feckin grip people!! KTID
  5. Are they not opening the top tier of the away end tonight? The girl in the shop just told me we only received tickets for the bottom half?
  6. I’m in the FB and O’Donnell definitely chucked it the last twenty minutes. Shocking attitude. Dicker was going mental.
  7. Again, did more in his limited time on the park than either Millar or McKenzie. Surely due to start him and Burkey in the same team, especially at home?
  8. Sitting in Platform 5,just outside Haymarket station, having a couple of beers before the train home. If Carlsberg made Saturdays...........
  9. Thanks mate. I’ve been told to go to the Tynecastle Arms? Apparently right next to the ground and lets weans in.
  10. First time for me at Tynecastle for ages this Saturday. Getting the train, so was wondering best place for a pre-match pint? I’ll have my daughter with me so would have to allow kids in? Thanks in advance
  11. Hope I’m wrong but doesn’t look like much creativity in there.
  12. Would love to see a version of the eighties Tourhill Joinery hoops as the home kit

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