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  1. alistair_0

    Another Killie Legend Passes

    A legend who attended all home games for the first team and reserve team but who would not even go to an away game, not even the cup finals as he was the complete home supporter. A man who taught me everything about bowls too. What an innings - 102 and out but never forgotten.
  2. alistair_0

    Prediction for today

    2-1 for Killie with Boyd and Brophy netting.get into them!
  3. alistair_0

    Rangers thread

    It is fantastic to be part of a super run for the Killie. Time for the doubters to return to rugby Park and get behind the team like we are. We love you Killie !
  4. alistair_0

    Massive month-how many points?

    9 would be excellent given that we need to work with the existing players. Would settle for that until a few players come in January to give us presence up front and rigidity in defence
  5. alistair_0

    Jordan Jones

    Gerry Armstrong "I am not biased" stick to the commentating on Spanish games! He still living on 1982 goal against Spain. Do your homework on your own players.
  6. alistair_0

    Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    Well played Killie. We are back !
  7. alistair_0

    Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    Ooooohhhh the Killie!!!!
  8. alistair_0

    Rangers match

    Hello ya beauty
  9. alistair_0

    Rangers match

    Need a bit of pace from a centre forward playing this formation. We do not have this at the moment.

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