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  1. This came from McGowan being interviewed on Sportsound last night
  2. I would assume that the virtual ticket is only likely to last until no restrictions are placed on people attending games in person.
  3. If the money comes in for the whole of Scottish football then Hearts will take their medicine and will ultimately be relegated (possibly after a lip service civil court case)
  4. James Anderson looking to put in £4.75m to the 42 clubs. Just over £100k each if split evenly but it’s more likely to be weighted.
  5. Had a progressive career so far and had won player of the year awards in his last 3 seasons from both Hamilton and Morecambe
  6. Hladky, Gillespie, Gordon or Fotheringham.
  7. GK - Lyle FB - Millen, Waters CB - Findlay, Broadfoot CM - Power, Dicker, El Makrini, Brindley AM/Wide - McKenzie, Kiltie, Connell, Abed, Thomas, Striker - Brophy, Kabamba, Cameron, Rennie 18 man squad covering first team and reserves. Pretty clear where we are short now that you see that. Burke will assist in the AM/Wide area but we are well short in defence (GK, Fullback and Centreback).
  8. Probably because he hasn’t signed the contract
  9. He’s also just bought a house in Troon.........
  10. Findlay will be offered a new deal this summer (once we have those who are out of contract sorted). Hopefully we get him signed up but if not then he’ll likely be sold this summer.
  11. Looking for £150 for both (not each). Offers considered Thanks
  12. Maverick11


    I agree with all of that but that wasn’t the initial point which was made by Mitch14 which I was responding to. You then made a point about not knowing the start date which all I was saying was that this is pretty irrelevant contractually.

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