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  1. Has asked to leave due to lack of playing time.
  2. Couple of my miscellaneous items from eBay.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/furburkillie Selling some strips and miscellaneous Killie stuff on my eBay page along with some other stuff.
  4. I thought the presentation of the Killie Ltd stuff looked decent.
  5. Jordan Henderson Signed Framed Liverpool Shirt with photo DM if interested Looking for £275
  6. Ryan Giggs Signed Framed Man Utd Shirt DM if interested Looking for £165 and can deliver.
  7. It’s been long awaited and Watford have known it was coming. He was supposed to be retiring last season but decided to delay it for another year
  8. He’s retired. Confirmed yesterday
  9. He’s good.....so good he’s just signed for Wolves.
  10. 2 more friendlies before our first game. Not sure when or who though.
  11. Pretty sure that’s only because Watford won’t let him go beforehand. Our transfer window is open so we can sign players even if the transfer window for the league they play in isn’t open.
  12. Key part of that process is getting the deals over the line so fingers crossed the two whom you mentioned haven’t signed get done
  13. Danny Whitehall signing imminent also
  14. This for me also. It looks like someone added the bit underneath later
  15. Ah, no worries.
  16. He was talking about Rob Elliot; no?
  17. The club better make sure that any contract signed with Hummel didn’t give away the rights to the design then. Could have restricted it’s use for 12 months or whatever.