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  1. Excellent all round team performance. Kiltie showed that extra bit of quality so he gets my vote.
  2. Yes, sorry I should have been clearer- I was meaning access to games through ktv. Contacted SLO and he has resolved the issue so thank you for that suggestion. Come on the killie!
  3. Thank you- I have been in touch with support@killietv.co.uk but all they can tell me is they don’t have my details!
  4. Do you know how to get in touch with the slo? Thanks.
  5. Bought a season pass on the morning of the St Johnstone game but was unable to get access to the game online as my details hadn’t been passed over to ktv so had to watch it through ppv! I’m still not getting access to ktv two weeks later and being told my details have not been passed over yet and unable to tell me when they will be. I’ve had no response from the club and all ktv can tell me is they don’t have my details. I normally pay at the gate but decided this year to buy a season pass to help the club at this difficult time. Any advice greatly appreciated on how to get this issue resolved
  6. To be fair Millen and waters have had consistently good performances since being brought into the team.
  7. 100% agree. Performances have been generally good. Deserves at least one round of games before being judged. What was also different in the clarke era, was the positivity of fans even when the team played well but didn’t get the win (eg Hibs game).
  8. No, like the OP I was also visiting the sports bar however decided it was best to visit the shop first!!! Great customer experience.
  9. I hear there is planning under way for a potential second spike in Scotland early October.
  10. Visited the club shop today and was delighted with the level of customer service. Staff were very helpful and extremely friendly to my 9 year old boy.
  11. I would be willing to offer you £90 for the top?
  12. They were also youth team coaches at the club together for a number of years after finishing playing.