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  1. Experienced back up, as a short term measure. Bit meh, but need a keeper in the door
  2. I think those are only for the games, that were shown on Sat night's show.
  3. Broadfoot too tight, Dicker with a stupid foul, and a lame attempt at a save. Not what we need against Celtic.
  4. jam1869


    I felt Kabamba competed well enough, dug in and challenged for every header. Bit isolated at times, but with Brophy beside him, you will see the best of him.
  5. Who if utilised correctly, would have been a very good player to have.
  6. I thought they had stopped printing tits in The Sun
  7. Maybe just trying to iron out the final and finer details, with all club's. Price etc
  8. Said the same myself. The fact we havent signed a keeper, makes me think its a done deal
  9. Joe's boots blew the budget.......
  10. Not sure how it works, regarding loans etc, hope the info is wrong, as like others, i think we need more than 2 in.
  11. Heard there is only budget to bring 2 more in. Not including loans. Source is usually ok with info.
  12. I dont get the hate for SOD. Was a huge part of what was a great time in the club's history. Decided to move on. Thats football

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