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  1. Kick in the balls mate, but i can't see it being refunded.
  2. jam1869

    Niko away?

    Felt he started very well and dipped, looked like his confidence took a battering. Would like to see him play as a LM, as opposed to LB
  3. Been a few. De Boer's, Gazza, Laudrup, Larsson, Sutton. Maybe not the best, but i used to think Moravcik was a quality wee player.
  4. The pre match pint, the anticipation walking to the stadium, seeing the players as you come up stairs, the people sitting around you. And of course the actual game.
  5. The porn star doing the half time draw
  6. Talk is all English premiership games to be played under quaranytine, behind closed doors and neutral venue. All games be televised.
  7. I meant Ngonge. No idea why i wrote Aubameyang
  8. I'll try go obscure or lesser knonw lol Rascle (France) Bernstonn (Sweden) Ada (Cameroon) Maksimenko (Latvia) Panikvar (Slovenia) Fotakis (Greece) Evans (Wales) Winchester ( N Ireland) Silva (Cape Verde) Gros (Madagascar) Ngonge (DR Congo)
  9. There has been a guy on here offered £50, why not try reach agreement with him, rather than outpricing yourself on ebay?
  10. Lower than 500k according to articlr
  11. Harsh for Kiltie to be benched, good to see Hendrie finally get a game.
  12. He would drop the paint brush
  13. Osman Sow hits a good penalty
  14. Dont think he would be able to play. Would've needed to be signed before the 1st game

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