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  1. Need to find a shape to fit Polwarth, Robinson and Shaw in starting 11.
  2. Clarke's legacy is our relegation?? What drivel you speak. The board's inability to act quickly in appointing his replacement, and then sacking him 6 month's in, and then replacing him with a "nice guy who know's the club" is what got us relegated, amongst other dreadful signings.
  3. Surprised to see McGinn out 11, maybe opting for extra energy from Lyons. Come on Killie!!!!
  4. Heard the deal Wright was working on has fell through, now on to plan B
  5. We are 5 games in, and have conceded 1 goal. That's a strong base to build on, few of the players have joined later than the rest, (Shaw, Polwarth, Mcgowan) and some still not 100% fit (Robinson). Shaw looked good on Saturday, his movement is night and day compared to Cameron, we learn how to utilise him, and get Robinson closer to him, hopefully more goals will come.
  6. I like Brad Lyons' movement, seems to find space in box well, but shooting abysmal.
  7. Sanders looks raw, midfield not really in it since Falkirk goal. Armstrong coming into it. Need someone closer to Shaw.
  8. Could Gullan not still arrive on loan?
  9. Welcome to Killie Oli. All the best.
  10. Duku looks like the player we need Cameron to be. Hard to see where our goals will come from, but fingers crossed.
  11. Not the actual tunnel, but the other tunnel/pitch entrance area. The Ian Downie walkway? The 2 main entrances (rugby road and dundonald road) ramed after legends too?
  12. As much a legend Davie is, he has the flat's named after him. The 1965 stand for me, maybe name each kiosk after a player?
  13. A squad which had too many past their best player's 2 diddie's in goal, lack of a striker (untill lafferty). Old pal's act, and appointing a good guy, rather than a good manager, is what cost us.
  14. And what if we sign just any striker, misses loads of chances, and we miss out on the play offs by a few points. Patience is key, understand we all want one in now, but id imagine another squad striker and the main man still to come.
  15. That's easy enough to say, but may stop other clubs being willing to deal with us. Doubt we will be covering much of his wage.
  16. One keeper for league. One for cup's. Lots of club's do this now.
  17. Armstrong on for Rory please
  18. Don't look like a championship side on the 1st half showing. Robinson should bury that 1v1, Polwarth really unlucky with his effort. I like the 2 Centre Back's, but Stokes has a habit of getting caught (nearly today) trying to play too much at times.
  19. Bachmann Odonnell Ajer Findlay Taylor Longstaff Irvine Power Stewart Lafferty Magennis
  20. Gavin Reilly available on loan from Livi. Wonder if we will look at him. (Not my choice)
  21. Heard Liverpool wont be doing much this summer. But big revamp next year.
  22. We have scored in every game we have played. A stuffy 1-0 away from home will do. Nowhere near our best but 3 pts and up the road