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  1. Fair play to you Drew I thought you would def be in the 'it must be cancelled at all costs' singing it from the rafters bracket for the obvious reason but as you say I am sure It WILL be finished one way or another and Henderson will eventually get to lift the English prem trophy I just hope Killie manage to get their act together by then too as I'm none too confident over their chances of avoiding the playoffs. especially with a team of players whose contracts have run out by then . in fact if I was offered the chance of voiding all leagues right now id honestly take it to ensure killie's prem future...…. even if it meant Liverpool loosing out on their first league trophy in 30 years although I am a massive Liverpool fan ….Killie are the ONLY team that really matters when it comes down to it
  2. Or maybe because we signed broadfoot ?
  3. On the whole a Poor atmosphere , no getting away from it ....it started good , had a wee uplift when we had 5 mins of the game a few groups of guys scattered about were trying to create a sing song but most weren't interested 2 divided camps in that some feel the team should play well and thus encouraging the crowd to get excited and sing and others feel the crowd should help a poor performance by getting behind them no matter what Backed up by comments I heard on Sunday "sing ya Fanny's , support the team" countered by "sit doon ya prick I'm here to watch the fitba a no sing" you canny win either way
  4. Reading the pie and bovril site a lot of other fans in disbelief a good quote from a Motherwell fan stating how well we had played against them with 10 men recently , how well organised we looked and that key player injury had taken its toll on our squad with recent results going against us another good quote from a hearts fan saying he deserved the sack for only scoring 3 against them and allowing them 1 shot on goal another stating he heard a rumour that Bruce and Alessio had a war of words and Dyer refused to back the manager. another saying it may have nothing to do with the football side ? who knows but not great i think the board need to give us a bit more clarity to put all the rumours to bed
  5. I am really enjoying watching us play we have a well organised, extremely difficult to break down defence, who on the whole try to pass their way out of trouble. a superbly strong midfield trio/quadruple who boss most matches with Gary Dicker improving in quality and confidence with every passing game, he also sets a high standard for all around as he isn't shy in letting team mates know if they have slipped below said standard . only thing that is frustrating in my opinion is our final 3rd play and that's not for the lack of effort in the forwards behalf a wee break here or there for the forwards and a better quality final ball and most games would be won a bit more comfortably score wise . as a few have said if we could possibly somehow get an Eremenco type player in at Christmas (Far easier said than done to be fair) we could be some team whats not to enjoy ?
  6. if we are in negotiations and agents get wind of record fees etc then they will try to get more out of us
  7. Might just be that the board don't want to broadcast today to clubs, players and agents how much they have in the kitty for new signings
  8. Thanks for that info Mr President Choo Choo it is then
  9. I agree they couldn't arrest them all however By not arresting anyone of them or at least going through the process of doing so on national tv , the police have been shown up as weak and unable to control a pitch invasion . they have now set a very dangerous precedent on the first weekend of the new Scottish season and offered further encouragement to fellow neds of all teams to 'fill your boots ' when it comes to invading a football pitch . a few officers marching a few of them out of the ground however would have made them think a bit harder about doing the same the next time. total joke and bottle job by them I'm affraid
  10. Good on you , well done. seems like you did literally win the golden ticket Enjoy
  11. 'IF' this is true as you say it is un defendable .......but certainly easy to make a conspiracy theory up to as why it could be true
  12. oh please tell my right hand he can have a rest ...its went numb refreshing here and email lol
  13. past the 5pm deadline so not looking good here.....anyone celebrating getting one?
  14. yes and i don't think that they even have my email

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