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  1. League is getting interesting. If Hearts beat us on Friday they will only be 3 points behind Killie. However if we win will give a good gap to 3rd place. Exciting times.
  2. If we managed to win the league it would be one of the greatest stories in not just Scottish, British but World football. We can do this....
  3. In the future when we are old and grey we are going to say - do you remember the Steve Clarke years. Enjoy while it lasts...never been a better time to be a Killie fan.
  4. Burke has been exceptional. Been like a new signing...wonderful footballer and most importantly wants to play for the club.
  5. Sounds like a good deal. Cover where we need it..interesting to see if he is coming as 1st choice centre back..
  6. One of the all time great nights at Rugby Park. Support was fantastic.
  7. Queens are my other team. Dobbie won't be coming to RP. He came back to Palmerston because he wanted to give something back to the club who basically saved his career after it had gone off the rails. Has said frequently he loves Queens as a club and would love to help them get promoted to the SPFL. Fantastic footballer probably one of the best players to grace a Queens shirt in the last 40 years. A slightly different attitude from certain players I could name.
  8. If his wife wants to return to Scotland then she will be a big factor in him possibly returning.
  9. I wonder if it might be QOS. Gary Naysmith said after Dundee game he was waiting to hear back from SPFL sides about some loan deals.
  10. He has left, made his choice..Not really interested in what he does anymore..
  11. With everything going on maybe it would be worth playing the Killie 150th club video again. Still get goosebumps with Ross Mathie's quote. This is a marvellous club. Once Killie gets into your blood your Killie till you die..
  12. I would give Thomas a shot. Give him a chance.
  13. Stewart chose Aberdeen probably means they are paying more money so I will just go there. Really beginning to think loan deals are a waste of time. Just designed to suit the individual on loan and are stepping stone in their career with no thought to the club they are on loan to. Byrne, Tishbola, Stewart was meant to be season turned into a farce at the end, Bright havent worked out well. Doesn't really say much for Stewart if he chose Killie over Aberdeen. Really think we should start giving our own lads a shot Wilson, Kiltie, Rory at least they have a bit of passion for the club. Fairly hacked off tonight. Interested to see what happens now with SSC just hope he hasn't put all his eggs into the Stewart basket 8n the transfer window..I feel a boo coming on..
  14. Gutted.....huge blow...interesting to see why he has been recalled..

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