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  1. Tbf, that was at the end of that Fleetwood season. I saw Vardy play in November 2011 shortly after he'd been signed from Halifax for £150,000. But your point that we probably couldn't have afforded him at that stage probably still stands - he had already scored 11 in 11 games by then and Fleetwood knew that they probably had a million pound player on their hands. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/15504425
  2. Having watched a few games at that level when my local side Luton Town dropped down to what had by then become the fifth professional tier of English football, I just wish that someone at Killie had scouted and recruited the best player I saw at that level. Player called Jamie Vardy. Always destined for better things!
  3. Can someone at the club check ìf they were also sent a spare Eremenko at the time, particularly if it turns out he is slightly better than the original but has been unused all these years
  4. Jon


    If SOD were to leave in the transfer window, does anybody think that Wilson at right back might be something worth trying? Or as a more flamboyant alternative, switch to a 3-4-2-1 with Rory and Niko as hard-working wing-backs, either Dicker or big Shug as the third defender and the attacking midfielders (Burke, Millar, Thomas?) under orders to get closer to Brophy to offer him much needed support.
  5. Jon


    Wilson to Juve, swap deal for Del Fabro? Angelo could sell the idea to them as another of those speculative signings!!
  6. Now now. If Gordon Parks told you to jump under a bus would you immediately step back onto the pavement?
  7. Jon


    I suspect that if someone studied our motm votes over the last three seasons then it might be discovered that Wilson's average points per match are up there with Power and Dicker. He's played very few matches but has had a considerable number where he's been the best or among the best on the park.
  8. I wonder at the outcome if someone went to a James Bond film and spent the whole time shouting abuse whenever Daniel Craig came on screen calling for him to be replaced and yelling that he wasn't as good as Pierce Brosnan.
  9. Judging from the first three ar least, those Killie women sure like to strike a ball. When it's belted it stays belted...
  10. Rather brilliantly I was inadvertently playing the sound from this classic clip while watching the goals posted below. It just made their own goal seem even more comical.
  11. If you want a serious (legal) answer you own the copyright to anything you write. However, the fair dealing defence would cover someone fairly quoting a short part of what you say and correctly crediting where it is coming from and not seeking to make a specific profit from using your words. (On the latter point, if they put on the front page of the paper "Latest Killie views from gdevoy" each week, you would definitely be due a payment.) The description elsewhere (from Fankle) of the i "ripping off" from fan sites seems harsh. Isn't it good publicity for all those sites - and isn't it better than if they just harvested some mad ravings from Facebook?
  12. Jon


    You know that you two could be making all these song titles up and 99% of us wouldn't be any the wiser. Excellent muso talk!
  13. Oh, the irony of Parks writing about Alessio improving his English and in the very same paragraph misspelling the word "is" as his. Presumably AA's English teacher can use this as an example. Always spell people's names with an initial capital (Billy bowie) and don't randomly omit the definite article from sentences unless you're trying to sound like you're from Yorkshire.
  14. No goals and a "deplorable" game. Did Rory get the blame back then as well?

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