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  1. Horrible, horrible people........
  2. A preview of progressive Indy Scotland. Mike Dailly converted to the SNP but is slowly seeing them for what they are......
  3. Have you found even a paper run job that the SNP have created in your area yet? Yer no so smart on that one are you #brigadoon
  4. It would be like the red neck south voting for Trump....i.e against your own economic interests for a flag. Sad, but I’m pretty sure if there is ever another neverendum the realities will kick in. No central bank, no monetary independence as we’ll still be operating under B of E interest rates, no set view on the currency yet, keeping the monarchy, dealing with the deficit and the choices regarding EU membership, the difficulty of attracting enough immigration to make the economy work and the lack of knowledge in Scotland as to the fact that is what we need. These are real issues that cannot be wished away. Nurses, teachers etc are going to get a really big wake up call when they realise it’s not all Westminster’s fault and they see very restricted finances for at least ten years. Of course, some see all of this as ‘worth it”. That’s fine. It reminds me a bit of football supporters desperate for a takeover to go through because the hate the existing owners, even though they know the problems with the new people. It’s like many Trump supporters are now saying, they “wanted” to believe it. Go ahead, but open your eyes to the consequences. The majority of posts I see from nationalists on social media are frighteningly economically illiterate. I’ll probably not be here to say I told you so, when you get your first right wing populist Government within ten years, but I’m sorry for the young people who will be. It would be good to hear one single convincing argument against these issues (fact based).
  5. See Gavin Wallace thread. You are allowed to moan, but only if the humper approves!
  6. That’s a great article and proves we have a historical problem. As usual, every other factor that has been bright up again is the same for the two other clubs in question. It’s embarrassing people still can’t see this. We want the team to compete on the park, but we’re not competing off the park.
  7. Totally agree. Terrible strategy splitting up young children. No place in a modern, progressive society.
  8. Motherwell now breaking 4000 and St Mirren 3200. We appear to be still sub 3000 despite confident predictions. Costs, economy, time on sale, blah, blah, blah.......whatever, it’s really we’re behind S Mirren and way 33% behind Motherwell. Wonder if Saints finished third last year or if I’ve missed it. Both clubs with far better fan contributions as well.
  9. What a mare you’ve had here and how quickly you turn on Scottish people (you thought) if they don’t grovel before the cult.
  10. Dyer really needs to start getting the odd win here and there......
  11. Maybe we don’t see the need to compare EVERYTHING we do with Westminster and we need to clean our own mess up first. England screwing it up doesn’t mane the Nats screwing it up any better. The current tories and the SNP are both populist nationalists. It’s these types of parties that are making a mess all over the world.
  12. SCOTTISH teachers (probably majority SNP voters) are f**kers according to the Nats Maybe they wanted a Government ( and Education Secretary) intelligent enough to see what was coming and have a rational approach rather than panic about their Poll numbers. Swinney knew five weeks before the announcement. First the teachers, there coming for YOU next
  13. Spot on. It’s for political reasons.
  14. I couldn’t care less what they do in this instance. I’m talking about our fans singing about black bastards in 2020 with black players and a black manager and black people pleading to be treated with respect. The club should come straight out and state they don’t find it acceptable. We demand that of other clubs. Nearly every decent Killie fan wants it stopped, although there are some disappointing exceptions.

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