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  1. Yes, it’s weird how the USA of all countries sets conditions that gives everyone a chance.
  2. Really interesting report, @skygod
  3. Just wish we had moved quicker, as we were free to go our own way. At least, after pressure, we didn’t go ahead with the OF game on the Sunday. Couldn’t understand, like most people, why we were waiting till Monday. Also, better not to sweep COVID outbreaks under the carpet and dump infected people into cate homes. We do have terrible figure for a country with five million people with a large land mass in relation to that. Maybe part of the problem is a lazy/frightened media who collate videos of young children reciting praise for “Nicola” rather that doing their job. Imagine for a second Boris was substituted for “Nicola”. Their would be outrage and rightly so. Not here, though. Absolutely shocking situation.
  4. Open racism......dirty foreigners.......Wow. How does Scotland for in, too, or were we not smelly like the French and the Italians? Does Greece fit the model? Bizarre?
  5. Hopefully this will be the political end of him and that Starmer will continue to build a credible potential Government. Johnston is being pilloried from right, left and centre.
  6. A final word.....
  7. This guy is having a go at both of us! Mind you I don’t want drunk Eddi defending me.
  8. By a nationalist journalist....
  9. The Tartan Tories. And recent Labour convert to the SNP is just discovering it.
  10. I won’t debate you any further on this, as you completely ignore the facts with your hatred of New Labour in particular. You are back to saying that Labour screwed over Ayrshire with no evidence whatsoever and despite the fact it is indisputable Labour put more money into the pockets of ordinary people. I can’t believe you are quoting bridge tolls again as a progressive achievement. Do you realise how ridiculous that sounds? You quote prescription charges. The poor and old already got those free and all it did was give better off people something they didn’t need at the expense of money into the NHS. They gave the richest people the biggest breaks with the council tax freeze and deprive the poor of services and they pay the fees of well off students and cut back on further education for the poor. They are currently refusing a rent freeze that the Greens and Labour have proposed, but subsidise landlords and second home owners. Tartan tories indeed. And all of your little perks would not be possible without the thirteen billion fiscal transfer, so thank the UK, not the SNP. The bottom line is that you can post nothing that proves the SNP have been better than Labour for Ayrshire. In fact, given the abysmal record on economic growth and kids education, they have damaged Ayrshire prospects. Even Prince bloody Charles has done more with the creation of a world class facility with fantastic educational facilities and over 200 living wage jobs! I asked Scooter to list the industries the SNP had brought back, given he ranted about Labour not reversing the Tory carnage. Unsurprisingly I didn’t get the list, because real Government is difficult. Isn’t it funny how Labour putting money in ordinary people’s pockets is a handout but SNP perks for the middle class is progressive? This is my last word to you on this subject.
  11. At least their leaders are keeping it classy......
  12. Anyone remember when the Nats were crowing we were doing better than England.....
  13. Too wee, too poor eh! Funny how you claim the credit for any “successes”. Complete waste of 12 years of actively harming the Scottish economy and education and causing bitterness and division.
  14. So like everyone else when challenged, you cannot justify Your comment the the Nats have done as well or better than Labour. You cannot name one major success in 12 years of receiving billions of pounds and having almost the highest spend per head in the UK. I can, however, point to Labour putting money straight into the hands of working people. Isn’t it amazing his people tho k Labour were so bad but the Nats have achieved the square root of F all and I fact have harmed the economy with their destruction of Scottish education.

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