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  1. Got the billets for our first ever trip to Gayfield. Pre match meal booked!
  2. So it’s not a load of crap. Always better getting evidence and a reasoned, polite reply. Thanks. I’ve always found the English people in general like Scotland and the Scots. The hatred is mostly on one side. Mind you, as the independence side are not one inch nearer to their goal, seven years after the referendum, it’s pretty theoretical.
  3. It seems to be. Another illusion. They’ll be here voting for what ever right wing party sets up with a Scottish flavour. And in the economic chaos that follows with unpopular spending cuts/tax increases, a lot of people will be shocked at how conservative a large section of the population turn out to be when doesn’t have a Tory label.
  4. He is a miserable git. I played old men’s football on Wednesday against Gordon Smith. And he did score against me! Had a quick chat and he told us a few stories. Not keen at all in his Sevco connections, but seemed a nice enough chap.
  5. Much though I despise them, they are of course, Scottish. I don’t know any reasonable people who wouldn’t want them to disappear tomorrow. All it proves, once again, is that there are good and bad in every country. And they and the Rangers/Celtic coalition and the Tories would still be here after independence. A big chunk of the population.
  6. Because, it might not just be about money for everyone. Maybe they value the ties and shared experiences we’ve all gone through.
  7. They were indeed the basis of the White Paper on independence and have been described by the SNP as the gold standard. No serious economic commentator or senior SNP politician disputes them.
  8. As I say, you clearly know nothing about Barnett consequentials. Scotland has the biggest budget in its history. Brilliant stuff from @mackpomm. He’s ripping the nationalists to pieces with sheer logic, facts and knowledge. Great to see.
  9. I’m off to play fives, so see you tomorrow!
  10. I’d have to look at the individual cases and assess them, Your Honour.
  11. Mclean07


    FM Nicola Sturgeon commented “Ach, these things happen”……
  12. That they’ve never once claimed credit for one. I think, knowing them, that’s a pretty good guide.
  13. Great to see some of my arguments re the economics of an independent Scotland and the inherent conservatism of Scotland being well made by sone other posters. @Beaker71 really does his case not good at all. Senior members of his party are pleading with their supporters to stop abusing people who disagree with them as it does nothing for their case, but he still calls people yoons and scabs. He also rages nonsense about abuse. I can’t see how these people can’t see how pathetic they sound when Scotland is one of the most generously funded parts of the UK. He then make claims that are factually and demonstrably untrue like Scotland paying for HS2, when the fact is we gain millions by way of Barnett consequentials. His own leaders and economic exports have actually used Gers to make their case in the past abd have confirmed the validity of the deficit. It is so tiresome when people are in denial of facts that can be found with the tiniest amount of research. However, some brilliant other contributions from people who actually live in the real world!
  14. No, I’m very unhappy with a Tory Government, so I keep fighting for a Labour Government. I certainly don’t want my children and grandchildren to live in a country with no central bank In the event of a pandemic or financial crisis, or a country trying to get the biggest deficit in Europe under control, or a country dominated by sectarian conflict or a country that might elect a right wing government under a different banner. I’ll take my chances with Labour, thanks. By the way, the Scottish Govt haven’t created a single job in Ayrshire as stated and your reply merely proved the need for cooperation across the UK.
  15. Thank you for making the case for the UK. 103 million pounds each from the UK and the Scottish Government and 45 million from the three local authorities. A perfect example of stringer together.