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  1. Absolutely no need to apologise whatsoever. Valid points and ones I wanted to address for you. KTID Gav
  2. Hi, I feel the need to comment on this. We do use an iPad, the very same iPad I’ve used on a match day for what I do on the tannoy. It’s got a SIM card in it to allow us to switch between stadia WiFi and cell signal. The main thing here is that people don’t know the logistics. We, quite often than not, obtain our pictures from my KTV staff account which shows things at the same time you see it. By the time you see it on your tele, iPad, phone etc, it’s circa 90 seconds behind the actual live in person game. The pictures go from whatever that days home team is, to the broadc
  3. Unfortunately we did not have pictures today so were not aware on what was being shown. Sometimes it’s hard to ID players at the other side of the pitch too especially when there are others in the way.
  4. On each PPV there should be an option to listen to home or away Comms. You should be able to get Killie comms no matter where we are playing. It was part of the deal this year.
  5. The first poll is live It’s all about Goalkeepers. Poll is live until midnight on my Twitter below
  6. Hi all, from tomorrow John Boyd (our co commentator) and myself will start a search for the Killie Cult XI with a series of polls for each position. Feel feee to reply below before we get to the polling stage as we want to hear your best players from across the decades to make our ultimate cult XI You’ll find the content on both our twitter pages. We would love to hear your suggestions. Stay safe, Gav #WeAreKillie
  7. That could be easily changed...
  8. Sorry you feel this way, however today was the first game I’ve commented on where I got one of our players wrong.
  9. Hi all. I’m not long home from Dingwall and have had quite a bit time to think of my response to this thread. First of all, I apologise if my commentary was below par last night. I actually said to Scott McClymont and Chris Kyle after the match that I wasn’t happy with my performance, so for that, I apologise. Some of the comments, in my opinion lack a bit of tact, something which disappoints me as we are a classy club with classy supporters, however, myself and the commentary team are no different to the players when it comes to criticism or praise. I take it all on the chin an
  10. Just to jump in, glad to see everyone had a positive experience of Killie TV yesterday. I assumed the “floor manager” role for us yesterday and thanks to posts on here coupled with me streaming the match on my phone whilst sat next to the commentators in the Frank Beattie stand, we were able to act quickly with Stream Digital to ensure the audio sync issues were dealt with promptly. We were very keen to avoid issues that other clubs endured on Saturday so we made plans to get on top of it quickly. Keep the feedback coming, trust me, it helps us a lot! Cheers,
  11. I just hope he agrees to my team!! Aha
  12. This week, Rory sat down with us for another in-depth getting to know you interview. He has a wee pop at Aaron McGowan and tells us it’s about looking forward, not back. Feedback, as always, welcomed! We hope you’re enjoying the series and how it looks as well.
  13. Our interview on Killie TV with the gaffer is now available to view by clicking the link below We Are Killie! Cheers, Gav