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  1. Hi all. I’m not long home from Dingwall and have had quite a bit time to think of my response to this thread. First of all, I apologise if my commentary was below par last night. I actually said to Scott McClymont and Chris Kyle after the match that I wasn’t happy with my performance, so for that, I apologise. Some of the comments, in my opinion lack a bit of tact, something which disappoints me as we are a classy club with classy supporters, however, myself and the commentary team are no different to the players when it comes to criticism or praise. I take it all on the chin and welcome both, please continue to do that. I’m not going to lie, some of these comments did hurt a bit, I’m used to it though in my line of work but when people perhaps don’t understand the level of prep I put in to a match coupled with it coming from fellow fans, it’s slightly harder to take on the chin. I’d hope though that you’d tell me to my face, should you get the opportunity or if indeed we ever meet. I’m in an unbelievably privileged position to be able to go to matches and all I try to do is describe the action as best as I can. I have to talk more than most tele commentators as we are providing an audio / radio service as well as pictures, for that, I make no apologies as I want all our subscribers and fans to have the best possible experience so I have to aim it more at those not able to get the pictures. I think some of the comments about Alan are a bit too much but again, you pay your money and you are more than entitled to your opinion, again, we welcome this. Our new away match co-commentator, John Boyd, wasn’t with us last night as his wife is due their first child this Saturday so there was no way we were letting him travel nor did he want to. Family comes first. John should be back with us for Rangers away shortly. Alan is there for the older generation of fan as I think he connects more with them whereas John connects more with those who have a more technical mind towards the game. My vision for our commentary is that we be biased towards Killie at all times but we have to say things as we see it. If we are playing poorly it’s our job to tell you this, if the opposition is playing superbly, we have to tell you this etc etc but always keep a Killie bias however, too much Killie bias just sounds cringeworthy in my opinion. We are looking down the road of ex-players alongside John and I at away matches but it’s very much an availability thing. Once we have identified players then we can have discussions with them. Any issues you have with pictures at away grounds are outwith our control we we effectively just “piggy back” on that for our stream as does every away team. One thing I personally promise you is that, we try our best to give you the best experience as possible and when you’re not happy, we and more so myself, hurt and are disappointed in that. Those who are close to me will tell you that I am my worst critic and I am hard on myself as I simply strive to be better each week at my job. I’m never one to shy away from comments and criticism, hence why I’ve decided, with Scott McClymont’s backing, to reply to these messages. I’m sorry again to those who feel I was sub-standard last night. I’ll take all the comments onboard and try my best to make it more enjoyable going forward. KTID Gav
  2. Just to jump in, glad to see everyone had a positive experience of Killie TV yesterday. I assumed the “floor manager” role for us yesterday and thanks to posts on here coupled with me streaming the match on my phone whilst sat next to the commentators in the Frank Beattie stand, we were able to act quickly with Stream Digital to ensure the audio sync issues were dealt with promptly. We were very keen to avoid issues that other clubs endured on Saturday so we made plans to get on top of it quickly. Keep the feedback coming, trust me, it helps us a lot! Cheers, Gav PS - I hear the Adelaide supporters made it home safe to Ayrshire after watching the Hibs match!
  3. I just hope he agrees to my team!! Aha
  4. This week, Rory sat down with us for another in-depth getting to know you interview. He has a wee pop at Aaron McGowan and tells us it’s about looking forward, not back. Feedback, as always, welcomed! We hope you’re enjoying the series and how it looks as well.
  5. Our interview on Killie TV with the gaffer is now available to view by clicking the link below We Are Killie! Cheers, Gav
  6. Beat me to it this time ha! Ep8 out in a few weeks after you’ve all digested this one and stopped laughing at the image of Gus Hollas going tonto!
  7. Drops tonight at 6... *This podcast was recorded before the club furloughed players and the majority of staff.
  8. Aye! I didn’t realise this until post edit and it was too late at that point! I’m away to sit and think about what I’ve done...
  9. Recorded and in the bag. I’m editing it as we speak, out this Friday! I promise we are doing our best to keep some original content coming, that along with the have a go at being a Killie commentator which is live on Twitter just now. Stay safe everyone, Gav
  10. Joins me on RockSport today at 4:10 to chat about content and communication strategy and about Scottish Football as a whole. Killie content again today on the radio ;-) rocksport.tv or TuneIn radio app if you have it and we’re on Virgin Media too. If you’re on the website, we have quite a lot of Killie content ranging from the Ladies team and their manager to Chris Kyle the first team analyst going in depth behind the scenes and Cathy Jamieson & Jim Thomson talking about the Killie Trust. Also last night’s (Monday) Talking Football had a lot of Killie chat on it. I’m also now co-hosting the show until further notice. Doing my bit to spread the word about Ayrshire’s Finest! We Are Killie Cheers, Gav
  11. A bit harsh lol it’s how I normally speak. Anyway... I’ll get pulled in by Scott for this ( as well as my old man) but I’d like to say my piece on this... I’ve been asked for my thoughts on the criticism and if I’m being honest, yes, I think it’s a bit harsh but the industry is full of opinions and we can’t please everyone. I’m fine with that. I and we take on board all criticism towards us, me and the podcast as well as what we do on a match day on the tannoy as well as Killie TV. Sometimes it’s hard not to take some of it personally, especially when we all put in the effort which, usually means working a lot later then we should. These are the things fans don’t see, Scott and Neil work incredibly hard and are often at their desks late in to the evening. Hats off to them. Now to this episode... On the subjects of the sound effects, yes I understand what’s being said, however I think we used about 3 if you’re lucky. I get though, that it’s not everyone’s taste. They were put in to enhance and help with the Alan “Power Rankings” fun feature. I make no apologies for adding in what I think might add value to the podcast and make if it a bit more fun and relaxed when compared to other official club podcasts / content. We want to make it fun for all and show the lighter and human side of the players as well as having them speak out on things inside the club. All the podcasts are edited by me which takes around 4 hours to complete, which has to be done in the one hit, by the time I listen to the raw audio again and then edit out the “guff” as I call it. That’s the dead air, bits where we talk about the running order and the naughty words! I’m sure I could do half an hour of just bad words!! We want it to be fun, informative and light hearted. Something you can listen to on the move, in the car, in bed or making the dinner and not something totally serious. That’s why we have Spotify Roulette and The Podcast Pub Quiz. It shows the side to these players that you don’t see on the pitch. They are all human like the rest of us. Please be rest assured we edit out very, very little. The players share their stories, we just steer them in to it. I promise it’s not heavily edited, like it has been suggested. I’m a die-hard Killie fan like the rest of us and want people to hear these stories. We certainly don’t cut anyone off. I hope you don’t mind me commenting with my take on what you folks have been saying but please, before you say something like its “s**te” or “cheesy” remember that this is aimed at a very large demographic and won’t always suit all tastes all of the time. The feedback as a whole has been amazing for the podcast and please continue to fire it on here or below the posts on social media. Good or bad. We are doing a lot more than a lot of other clubs who have a lot more staff than we do. Onwards and upwards because together...WE ARE KILLIE!!! Cheers, Gav
  12. I’m not sure on the whether the others will have display boxes so it’s not right to comment on that. I’ll ask the question to Gregg. Details on the others will be released at various stages throughout the calendar year. That’s all I can say at the moment :-)
  13. Hammy is knackered, I’ll not be in for the rest of the season. Al D sending me out on loan ha! Some technical difficulties just towards the end of half time which took a bit of time to resolve. Think I’ll try that at each home game now haha!
  14. The 64/65 top goes on sale Friday 7th Feb. This is the first in a line of retro commemorative strips to be released throughout 2020. Only 150 will be on sale of each strip when they are released and this one comes in a display box as well. It will cost £50. I hope that helps :-) Gav

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