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  1. Anyone know what the fee is? I am guessing they have matched the 3m if there are no swaps??
  2. Just make yourself comfy mate we need updates
  3. A striker would be nice. Deadline day tomorrow so might get a promising loan striker(s) with the GT money?? It's all speculation - if anything I am blindly putting 2 and 2 together because honestly nobody knows. I just hope we get a striker through the door as I feel Brophy feeds better from that support/competition (Boyd, Erwin, Stewart...).
  4. Let's hope O'Hara brings the hype with him that he had with us and more so at Dundee. What about a striker are we rumoured to be getting anyone?
  5. I have been hearing 2m plus 2 loan players??? 2 ways to look at it. I would prefer the full amount and forget loans considering at the end they return to parent club and it's back to square 1. Although on the other hand 2m is 2m and the loans might help fill the gaps considering a couple players we have tried to bring in has fell through at the last minute.
  6. Happy Birthday Craigieboy! Have a good one. Enjoy!
  7. Any truth to the story circulating regarding Lafferty rejecting a deal to join?
  8. What about the 2 from Inter? Does it hold any weight or is it just rumours?
  9. Too much confusion around this one. Some say it's only a matter of time at the exact same time others are saying it's fell through. So... who is telling fibs?
  10. Still going to take it with a pinch of salt. No point believing anything yet.
  11. Cheers Martyn. I think I know the car park? Near a retail park??? Or within one... Haven't been to Hamilton away since 2016 with supporters bus so memory might be a bit off.
  12. You've clearly not seen the videos of him yet. Quick feet, has some skill about him and a good playmaker. Likes to chase the ball too. It might be from selected highlights (which were 14 minutes long of entertaining football, more than what we get on Sportscene... just saying) but if he brings what the highlights show then he certainly could add to our squad.
  13. Not for this away day coming thanks to work but I am going to try and drive to more away games that are decently close like Hamilton, Motherwell, St. Mirren etc. so I was wondering for future reference does anyone know where there is a good trouble-free parking area near the ground? Are Sainsbury's quite iffy given it's right next door?
  14. Delighted he is back. Hope more join him through the door but until the enjoy his return.
  15. Are they going to boycott us again? Need to learn the meaning of it first. Trying to sneak mates in using same QR codes is not a boycott...

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