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  1. I'd be happy with that. Just don't see Dyer dropping his 'captain'.
  2. I think you might have hit on the right system but with the wrong personnel. I can definitely see a back three and then wing backs to try and nullify Taylor and Frimpong. I'd go... Rodgers McGowan Bruadfoot Findlay Millen Tishbola Dicker Power McKenzie Kiltie (between the lines) Kabamba (I'd be looking for Kiltie and Kabamba to defend from the front; run themselves into the ground for 55/60 minutes and then replace them with Burke and Brophy) The other way to nullify Taylor and Frimpong - if you were feeling particularly brave - is to go with three up-front in a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. Easy for me to say because I won't be the one slated for it in the papers and forums on Monday morning but I'd love us to take the game to them and go... Rodgers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Millen Tishbola Dicker Power Burke Brophy Kabamba
  3. Christ, aye. Rangers (should be top of everyone's list); Celtic; Hearts; then Ayr. Ayr more to be pitied than hated.
  4. Heard the BLM issue explained really well using two analogies. The first one has a guy running to the fire station to tell them his house is on fire. The Fire Brigade respond "Yes, but ALL houses can go on fire." The second has someone explaining how they're depressed after the recent death of their father and being told "Yeah, but ALL fathers die." The point, obviously, is that we deal with the most urgent issue first and that, of course, is changing society so that everyone gets a fair shake. At the moment, in too many countries, the black population (and especially young black men) do not enjoy equal life chances. Scotland may have less of an issue than our neighbours but we still have issues and to pretend otherwise is plain daft. Which means (and I await the red cards from the 'traditionalists') it is time to stop singing about A*r being 'black b*st*rds'. Dirty, manky, filthy all scan just as well and would remove the possibility of our support being branded with a reputation we don't deserve.
  5. Seems Killie played two completely separate teams in either half. A Trialist keeper in the 1st half: Rogers? Trialists at full-back and striker in 2nd half: Haunstrup and Whitehall. Looks like Whitehall scored Killie's second. Other scorers were Kabamba and Kiltie. Kilmarnock first half: Trialist, Millen, Broadfoot, Findlay, Waters, Power, El Makrini, Burke, McKenzie, Brophy, Kabamba Kilmarnock second half: Lyle, Trialist, Broadfoot (Dicker), Rossi, Taylor, Kiltie, Brindley, Pinnock, Trialist, Cameron, Connell
  6. Supposedly turned down a move to Melbourne City to come here - they were willing to pay £100,000 for him but as he was out of contract that would seem to have been a signing bonus. https://twitter.com/TransferCenter5/status/1279325322551463938?s=20 So, could be a bit of a capture.
  7. Anybody could have seen JJ's demise at Rangers. Playing for us suited him. A team that wasn't dominant offensively, that invited opponents on to them, soaked up pressure, and then hit on the break, was perfect for Jones. It left him acres of space to run into and then try to knock it past full backs and take them on with his pace. He was never gonna get that set up at Rangers where they have the majority of the ball in most games and then have to break teams down. Jones was never at his best when he had time to think. Srewart was a bit more surprising. If he had been given a proper run in the team he might have been exactly the kind of player they needed to break down other teams and create chances for others. For some reason though - not sure why - it just hasn't happened for him. Of the two, who would I have back at Killie? Stewart. In a heartbeat. ;-)
  8. Absolutely no doubt. "Aw look, these damaged clubs are offering us even less of a challenge. In the interests of sporting integrity, it's time for us to sneak off to England. Just like we've dreamed of doing for 30 years."
  9. You're spot on BigDaw. And I'm not suggesting it as an option for everyone. I wrote "if you possibly can" then "if you can afford to do so". I might be able to stretch to two tcikets but it's gonna cause an almighty row in my house but I'll do what I can to stop Killie slipping into the Championship. If you manage to buy a season ticket in the present circumstances, nobody could ask any more of you. You'll have done your bit. I agree we have been in much worse league positions but the current situation is possibly club-threatening.
  10. Okay, we all know that Scottish football - including our club - face an enormous threat due to the Covid-19 crisis. And, without getting too philosophical, it also creates opportunities. Indeed, the two characters used in both Chinese and Japanese for the term 'crisis' contain the terms 'danger' and 'opportunity'. So, first the dangers. Scottish football is more reliant on paying customers than any other league in Europe. If, as seems almost certain, we have to endure a major part of the coming season without paying fans in stadia some clubs are going to suffer enormously. It's also possible some will go to the wall. Those that don't will suffer substantial financial damage. This will not only affect playing budgets, but youth acadamies and all other back office functions that allow a club to prosper. This damage will not be restricted to the coming season. It will have an effect for some seasons to come and may even lead to a sustained downward spiral for some clubs. We have to accept that Killie are one of the clubs who could be badly affected and go into a serious slide. The opportunity exists, however, to get a jump on the other clubs in similar situations - Motherwell, St. Mirren, St. Johnstone, Hamilton, Livingston, Ross Co (who might be okay because of Uncle Roy). The only way we can get that 'jump' is to pump money into our club. Obviously, the virus has affected many people's jobs and incomes and many might not be able to commit to a season ticket this year. Which means the rest of us have to step up. If you possibly can, ladies and gents, buy a season ticket. If you can afford to do so - f*** it, buy two, or three. The teams that come through this season in the best financial shape should create a competitive advantage that might last for the next 5-10 years. Do your utmost to ensure that Killie are one of those clubs. Never before - not even in the dark days pre-TB - have your club needed you more.
  11. Snap. When they went down to 10 men against us he was immense. Mobile, powerful, combative.
  12. Alex Gogic who almost single-handedly snuffed out our attack in the last game at Hamilton is out of contract. St. Mirren sniffing...
  13. Absolutely. Presumably on big money but, again, depends on how important international career is to him. No guarantees, of course, that Hearts (especially if they have people leave over a delayed start to Championship) would get promotion at first time of asking. ICT, A*r, Dundee and Dunfermline might do better holding on to players and give them a run for their money. If lower leagues are suspended for a longer period than Premier, it could really throw things up in the air. How long could Hearts keep that expensive squad together with no income coming in?

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