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  1. Leo's son Paul, who is President of the Kilmarnock Rotary Club may well be privy to the secret formula, but I haven't seen him in fifty years so you would have to contact him through the Rotary. I suspect that you are right about the condensed milk and I agree completely about the darker tint of the old vanilla. Here in France, there is a long tradition of clinging on to secret recipes, but much of it boils down to ( see what I did there ?) the fact that the older generation had no access immediately post-war to the pharmacopia that we have now, and had to use fresh, unadulterated ingredients. You can still get these, of course, but have to pay the extra for the Bio label. Best of luck in your researches.
  2. Crocked by cruciate ligaments. We need to examine players very carefully who have been out with injury. There is an old adage, " They never come back".
  3. And he was our captain at one time, so he must have been seen as having leadership qualities.
  4. I see Ashcroft has been released by Dunfermline. I don't think he was given much of a chance at RP and we need a big CB. Useful signing , if only as a squad player. Okay, 66 games was quite a good chance...
  5. jasper


    So was his father, a man who made dour look cuddly, but he was one of the greatest of all time, as was the relentlessly grim Willie Waddell.
  6. Will it be possible to incorporate filter material in these masks ? I use Miele vacuum filters in mine and sterilise them with industrial alcohol. I'd buy a Killie mask if it were possible to stick a filter in it.
  7. I remember him well, and he was dross. Odd, because that had been his original position before Waddell made him into a hard-tackling midfielder. Luckily, it was obvious that he was no striker and Eric never played centre again.
  8. Well, I think that clears it up. Only two of Brian's goals were headers. It must have been some game, by the way.
  9. George Peebles of Dunfermline was also massively influential. A goal-scoring winger, he used to give me the fear. There was also a huge, bald guy who played centre-forward, though this might have been later. He simply used to throw defenders out of the way. ( It was Charlie Dickson, who left them in 1964. Very high-scoring fans favourite. Long live Google.)
  10. The story goes that when McIlroy first signed for Rangers as a very young man, Scot Symon called him over in training one day and said,"What's your name, son ?" "Jimmy, Mister Symon." "We've got too many Jimmies here. What's your middle name ?" "Brian." "Right, from now on, you're Brian." And so it was.
  11. Thank God for that, I'm not cracking up as much as I had feared.
  12. With increasing senility and lockdown boredom, I'm finding it hard to distinguish between reality and illusion. Recently, I was so convinced that I had seen Ivor Allchurch play at RP that I even posted about it. Now, what I want to know is whether Brian McIlroy got a hat-trick of headers at East End Park some time in the sixties or did I just create it out of half-remembered Scotsport snowstorms and Montfordian stramashes. Everygame doesn't help.
  13. They also beat Aberdeen 8-1 on aggregate in the Europa League, I think it was. Makes our score fairly respectable.
  14. I was a fairly dwarfish sixteen year old.
  15. Who are you calling a very small minority ?

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