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  1. I find him difficult to read as well.
  2. Why ? I'll be driving from Périgueux to Sorede for the same reason, but I've had my killietv membership since its inception.
  3. I actually think he was better than Bobby Ferguson. And he was a god.
  4. Brilliant. I really needed a chuckle. Thanks.
  5. Nobody's come up with Zeno's paradox yet, thank God.
  6. Has Craigieboy taken another pseudonym?
  7. I give you ... Matt Watson.
  8. Slater playing for Queen's Park, still only 26. I thought he had a very good footballer hidden somewhere.
  9. I'm in exactly the same situation. Some clarity would be useful.
  10. "most of the RC players live in and around Inverness", aye but whit aboot the Proddies ?

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