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  1. Some thump by Oli. Was I alone in being reminded of some of Robbie Muirhead's prodigious blooters ?
  2. Any other foreign-based Killie fan having trouble with buffering on the Thistle site ?
  3. And Tommy tells it well. R.I.P.
  4. AND it's next door to the venerable and superb Shish Mahal !
  5. By the power vested in me as a card-carrying Killie curmudgeon, I hereby award him the H N D.
  6. That boy Gilmour can play a bit. I would allow him to play for Killie. After a suitable trial ,of course.
  7. Glad to see Waters getting a game and playing well. Warnock is great to watch. Shaw will come good.
  8. I was a bit put out by Kennedy's ungracious comments on the club when he went to Everton, and I've seen little since then to show that he is better than Burke or F. Murray.
  9. Give Waters some game time and Warnock too. Otherwise, same as of recent weeks, minus Burke, who must be a mass of bruises.
  10. Dan de luxe ? While we're all displaying our ignorance of French ?
  11. Great mysteries of life: what is Haunstrup's right leg for ? Why Alston ?
  12. Ooooops, mixed him up with Sean.
  13. Longstaff was recently valued at £10,000,000 so I don't see that happening.
  14. I haven't heard him sing, but I'll take your word for it.
  15. Andy Kerr was a full-back who became a high-scoring striker. Jimmy Millar a defensive midfielder who did the same. Hendrik Larsson was another midfielder who became the greatest striker in the Scottish game. Malcolm McDonald of Newcastle was a converted full-back. Is there nobody on our present strength who could step forward and become a goal-scorer ?
  16. Well, that was 90 minutes of my life that I won't get back again. Obviously, a striker needed, but despite our midfield overload of journeymen, we still don't have someone to put his foot on the ball, look up and play a decent ball forward.
  17. jasper


    No, I don't have that honour. I chose Jasper as a pseudo because it was Durant's nickname and I thought he was great.
  18. jasper


    And the sunshine.
  19. jasper


    I was at the réserve match and when the shocked announcer revealed that JFK had been shot, a clown at the back of the East terracing shouted " Wan Pape down and eleven to go." I have never heard anything so vile from a Killie fan.