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  1. What a croc of s**te u are talking fella. Ffs
  2. Cmon killie. Let’s f**k these c**ts up.
  3. Cmon killie. Intae these clowns. Ktid
  4. We got ours back and had them proudly presented in the east tonight. Even after the stewards said we couldn’t lol
  5. Yep dicker is defo the weak link right now... Thought McGowan has a really decent game...
  6. Agreed. But don't throw folk under a bus afore the final whistle is all I'm saying... The driving the manager away one was just ridiculous imo
  7. Were we beat at that time like.
  8. The s**t posts in here at half time is embarrassing btw, hang yer heads in shame.... Talkin aboot driving tw home n stuff... Thats why he chooses this team obv. He sees them in training and has stated before about the quality in the squad... And he wants some continuity every week which is now paying off.. Always have faith.. f**k accies let's chase these county c**ts.. What a great second half performance, ktid....
  9. We will win morra and I believe we won't lose another game till end of season.... Mon Killie....
  10. Spineless pathetic pish!
  11. Hes far better than waters imo