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  1. See these clowns saying aberdeen are worse than us to watch, wtf games have yous been watchin... Aberdeen prob should have scored more today.. They have 5 wins in a row. They have a manager thats been long term, half the folk on here are calling for our managers head... Folk need to take their glasses off at times man.. We didmt play terrible but didnt do eonugh to get much from the game... Dons are miles ahead of us.. End of...
  2. Big diff was kiltie in midle
  3. Yaaass... Welcome back mulumbu... Delighted with this... The guys freekin class man...
  4. Just another easy target!!
  5. Power out for weeks with hamstring???? Lets hope we do sign mulumbu then.
  6. What else we gonna do... We dont have the power to make decisions do we... Weve just got to hope alex cam turn it around before it costs him his job..
  7. Its gettin boring now... Lets see what mext week brings eh..
  8. Assume away... Forum were on.. Were aloud to see it diff. We dont all need to see it like the historyman!!!!!!!!
  9. Management, not bad defenders imo...
  10. Silly mistakes have cost us tbf but over all i dont think our defence is the worse.. Folk were saying at half time we had defended well. 2nd half is a diff story yes
  11. Ive got hope we can turn it around still... Not gonna shoot every man n his dug the noo..
  12. Cant defend.... Have u watched any games apart from today?
  13. Im feelimg the same mate but its a long season man. Have hope! Ktwd.
  14. Yes its a result drivin buisness but we have started other seasons alot worse amd still stayed up. theres still time to turn it around. Yes maybe not under the current manager but still time.