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  1. People who are not hardcore fans need a reason to come. People have so many options of what to do nowadays. You are competing with all sorts of businesses for peoples time and money. Having been at one or two premier league games and some American sports, they aim to make watching the team an experience. You don't just turn up at the stadium and go straight to your seat. Some like Manchester City have a whole area outside their stadium aimed at entertaining their fans and getting them to part with their cash. It's admittedly harder at our level to emulate. But something like the above is what we need to aim towards so people have a reason to come back. Even a winning team can only do so much to entice the punters back.
  2. It's a step-change from the recent past. The young boys gave a good account of themselves today. Hopefully, they get some sub appearances in the coming weeks to further showcase their talents. You would also hope that those on loan deals will get their chance next season. It will be interesting to me to see what our structure will be after McDonald's departure. We haven't hired a replacement yet so maybe we are going to switch things up with our bigger focus on getting players out on loan deals to learn.
  3. Not a particularly great game of football, it has to be said. For the second week in a row, we defended poorly but standing off and not committing to the tackle. Sanders did not do a lot to convince me that he deserves to be in the team. His first touch is poor with the ball ending up several feet in front of him constantly. I would say that F Murray did well, especially for his goal. He showed the rest of the team how to finish. Armstrong as well started to grow into the game with time but needs to make better decisions consistently. Falkirk weren't great either but that first half performance from ourselves would have seen us punished by better teams.
  4. Happy enough with this. Hopefully see what Armstrong is about seeing he has mostly been used from the bench.
  5. Welcome to Killie Oli, he seems to be a good profile still quite young so you would imagine that we can improve him.
  6. Would be happy to have him as a permeant deal, not too sure I feel as excited if it is a just a loan.
  7. Privilege seat holders, I believe are the ones who paid for the seats as part of the stadium rebuild and need to keep continually buying season tickets to retain the status.
  8. There is always going to be a few days like this. Teams will be trying to sneak a goal and close up shop to stop us from playing all season. We need to figure out what to do with the left side of the field. So many of our attacks come down the right side with Naismith and Burke. The opposition then doubles up to nullify our main threat and we have no answer. I also want Innes to work, but he is not ready to lead the line of a team wanting to win the league. His movement is so restricted and his hold up play is inconsistent. Hopefully, the new signings will address this and give us something to celebrate. We are not a million miles away from being a team that can dominate in this league. We just need that extra 2% that top players possess to get us over any bumps in the road.
  9. This is exactly the situation I was in. I travel to away games with friends who don't have season tickets. If they are not able to attend my desire to go to any away day is greatly diminished as the social aspect of a day out is part of the fun. We were all raring to go until we heard the announcement that we only had 1,000 tickets allocated. My assumption was season ticket holders would buy all the tickets (I am a ST holder myself and recognise that priority is part of the deal this year) so resigned ourselves to not getting to go. In the end we ended up getting tickets but it is impossible to plan in advance as we basically need to rely on ST holders not taking up the away allocation.
  10. Cheers managed to get someone to pick them up. Can't wait for the first away day since our last Hamilton trip 🙂
  11. Does anyone know if there are still tickets available to go to general sale today?
  12. We played fine throughout the game. In the first half, we were more than in the game. But as quite often happens against higher opposition, we drifted out the more the game went on. I am not surprised as Hibs will go on to finish quite high up again this year. We won't face any teams anywhere near as good in our league. On to Hamilton next, not seen us take three points easily there even during the SSC era. So hopefully a rare win in front of a big travelling support.
  13. The season so far has been better than I expected. The team is shaping up to be quite capable at this level. We still need one or two bodies to ensure we can finish teams off. But I have faith that we will get them in. What we need to be wary of is getting carried away. I can only imagine what the reaction would have been like yesterday if we didn't grind out the win. Teams will sit in and make it difficult for us. As fans, we need to be patient and keep backing the team even when it looks like we are not getting anywhere with our attacks.
  14. Only a win will do against this lot.
  15. The rows work from the pitch upwards so DD will be the fourth row closest to the pitch of the block you are in.