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  1. Secret Squirrel

    Would you rather

    I'm not inclined to believe someone 'hearing it'. If in the next financial statement we have an increase in debt to Billy Bowie or his company then I will stand corrected. However with the aforementioned increase in cash flow and strong financials I don't see why Bowie would be paying for these improvements.
  2. Secret Squirrel

    Would you rather

    First I'm not making it about me. You stated that unless we pay our £15 then we are 'fans' not supporters. That is a narrow definition and clearly thanks to the up vote systems you will see my points resonated with quite a few people. Secondly do you have proof that Bowie is paying for all these upgrades? I for one would think a business that has made a profit of nearing a £1 million as well as expecting an increase of income due to a new sponsorship deal, increased attendances and higher league payments would be investing in a better experience and new sources of income as any business with growth would do. Thirdly the success of fan ownership has a rocky history in this country. Motherwell are successful because they appointed a manager that has assembled a squad that has blended well and play a direct style of football very well. There off-field success is down to having a fan as chief exec that is very passionate about the club that has worked there since they were privately owned. He in turn has appointed people like Grant Russell that has lead a social media revolution similar to what Scott McClymont has done here. These in my opinion have nothing to do with being fan owned. Rather the by-product of appointing the right people to the right roles. I wont comment on St Mirren as I don't know enough about what they have done. Killie will be maintained as a club by the 'fans' who have for the near 150 years of our existence have bought strips, tickets, sponsorship etc and followed the team throughout the country. Finally the way you view your fellow fans is pretty toxic and is not conductive of the environment I expect of Killie. There is no class system of fans. There people who only show up for cup finals and then there's fans/supporters who make the effort to go to as many games as they can. I applaud you for writing a response rather than just giving me a red card. Its clear we wont agree but I hope you take some of my points on board.
  3. Secret Squirrel

    Would you rather

    You seem pretty good at patting yourself on the back. I have some news for you some people just want to watch football at Killie rather than wake up in a cold sweat over who is running the club. Some people like me just don't buy into the TIK. I have admiration for those that run it and believe in it however I have other things to spend my money on than Killie. Under your definition I am a lesser fan despite me holding a season ticket and investing money through merchandise and supporting the club around the country. Having a holier than thou attitude set backs your cause more than it helps. Also why would Bowie be shaking his head at us almost surpassing our season ticket number from last year in two weeks. That to me is a sign that fans are willing to back the club financially? Or the amount of club merchandise I see when I travel around Ayrshire ?
  4. Secret Squirrel

    SC on Mulumbu and Findlay

    If he signs then that will be great. If not then I wont be bothered. My days of letting newspapers get my hopes up are mostly over.
  5. Secret Squirrel

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    My hope is that we sell about 4000 and it seems we are well on the way to doing just that. Will be interesting to see how many we eventually end up selling.
  6. Secret Squirrel

    Jam Tarts Fred

    We were pretty good today against and admittedly weak hearts side. Erwin was immense today every ball put to him he seemed to win and carry on to allow us to start an attack. This is the kind of performance that I hope to see more of him next season. If it wasn't for it being Mulumbu's last game he would have easily won the man of the match award. The club is in the best shape I have seen it in my 12 years of watching the team. The club on and off the park is night and day compared to where we were under AJ,Locke,Mcculloch and MJ. This is a season that I will long remember, hopefully as the season we stopped accepting just staying in the league as good enough. All the backroom staff and players will long be remembered in the minds of Killie fans for years to come. We as fans seem to be doing our part by snapping up season tickets to give Clarke our cash so he can go out and pick up the quality of player we need to continue to improve let's see if we can break the 4000 mark. To all Kilmarnock supporters I hope you have a relaxing summer and I will see you all when we return to begin our league cup campaign. KTID
  7. Secret Squirrel

    Hearts match

    I don't think so. Is it not reopening next season to just house the family tickets?
  8. Secret Squirrel

    Season tickets

    If you have a previous ticket card then it will automatically be added to the card. If you don't then I would guess you would just need to go into the shop.
  9. Secret Squirrel

    Rangers away, Fred

    Some pretty angry people on this thread on both sides. Both need to get a grip. Yesterdays second half performance was not befitting of a Stevie Clarke Kilmarnock side. We looked timid and scared and the substitutions suggested we were happy with a point. We should of had a right go at them and showed that we are the better team. However the doom mongers are just as bad. We may be losing but the team are working hard and are tried from their 10 game unbeaten run. We need to be realistic that we were without our player of the year yesterday. As for Mclean you are the prime example of the worst type of fan. So quick to have a go at the team and anyone trying to make the club better. I try to give you a fair chance. But its clear you are beyond the point of reason and we are going to hear that the season tickets should have been launched earlier for the next three months.
  10. Secret Squirrel


    Maybe not an experienced pro but he's played 67 games and is 23. He's not a young boy anymore and needs to deliver a much higher calibre of performance if he wants a contract here or elsewhere.
  11. Secret Squirrel

    Hibs away, Fred

    Great game, the boys gave there all today however it wasn't to be. The main fault today was the defence leaving too much space behind them. With Hibs having so much pace in their team they will punish you. Both Fasan and Tishbola are not up to scratch I'm afraid. Too many mistakes between they to justify new deals IMO. Still a great season with us competing with two of the best teams in the league despite us losing. Shoutout to veryone at the game. Everyone was in great voice.
  12. Secret Squirrel


    Not good enough for me. Too casual, never takes a risk and struggles to tackle properly. I think we could do much better with someone else in his position.
  13. Secret Squirrel

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    If you have twitter PM Scott McClymont. He's good at getting back to fans and should be able to help you.
  14. Secret Squirrel

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    What most people on this thread seem to have missed is that you can' t launch something as major as a season ticket campaign without the board approving the categories or prices. I don't know and neither does anyone else not directly employed by the club when the board approved this deal and whether or not alternatives were put before the board by the marketing team and rejected. What I do know is the media side of the business and playing side are night and day from last season. As others have said, let's get behind Steve and the players as we move forward as a club.
  15. Secret Squirrel

    Match Day Website

    I replied yes but agree with other people that the way to go would be an app. If it only costs 2K I'm sure the club would be interested in have some part. Without sounding like a data scientist at Cambridge Analytica it could be of benefit of the club in gathering data on users so that they better understand and tailor the match day experience and other deals closer to what the fans expect. If fans from other clubs could use it it could also allow them to monitor and get rough estimates of away numbers. Just my two cents.

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