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  1. Secret Squirrel

    Safe Standing?

    As someone who has just signed up this month to TIK when do people anticipate there will be a vote on what the next project will be?
  2. Secret Squirrel

    Greg Kiltie

    Not sure tbh. Would make sense seeing they are based in Middlesbrough where Jordan came from. This is where i got my information from https://www.transfermarkt.sk/smi-sports-management-international/beraterfirma/berater/4173
  3. Secret Squirrel

    Greg Kiltie

    Cant speak for exactly who it is but transfermarkt has him represented by smi-sports-management-international.
  4. Secret Squirrel

    St Mirren Away

    Was this the one in the town? I'm just back from buying 3 tickets from the shop at the stadium and the girl behind the counter had a good number of tickets left.
  5. Secret Squirrel

    Hibs away, Fred

    Im guessing he means Jack Byrne.
  6. Secret Squirrel

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    Fantastic win. Now the international break to bed the new boys in.
  7. Secret Squirrel

    Chairman for the Day

    The ticketing system is not hard to do. All I was saying is depending on how old the software we are using is it poses different problems than just deploying a completely new ticketing system. The more difficult it is to interact with the original system the more days you need to pay for analysis and development. As I said e ticketing is well within the 100k remit and an idea that I support as it's something that we really need to make it more convenient for everyone. Hope it clears it up.
  8. Secret Squirrel

    Chairman for the Day

    It's always good to talk to someone else in the IT field. Your right that I might be think bit too focused on the Juventus idea and a maybe transferring that scale to other ideas. My sums are merely going off the kind of costs that my company charges clients for work who often have a lot more money than Kilmarnock and trying to scale it down.
  9. Secret Squirrel

    Reserved Seats

    Well done guys. Something so simple yet it will make a great difference.
  10. Secret Squirrel

    Chairman for the Day

    I think some people underestimate the cost of any IT project. Apart from the ticketing system everything else is well out width the budget of 100k. For a start any team would need to see if they could interact with the current software and if so what challenges and limitations this causes. I highly doubt that the software we have at the moment will be easy to interface with. By the time you get the scope right we could well be looking at a massive development timescale which is not cheap. Coupled with a few delays which is common in any project and we could be faced with a massive bill. Not trying to knock people enthusiasm but I think its worth taking into consideration. As I say the ticketing is the only IT based project I've seen here that could remotely work within budget. However 100k could be a starting point for the more ambitious IT ideas here.
  11. Secret Squirrel

    Sevco Tickets

    Red cards were the worst thing to happen to the site since the move. Meant people could disagree with you and hand you a red card without ever explaining why they did so. Now that they cant hide behind an emoji it will be easier to have discussions with them and improve the quality of discussions on here.
  12. Secret Squirrel

    Chairman for the Day

    Upgrade the ticketing system to allow the printing of tickets from home.
  13. Secret Squirrel

    Perf Saints Fred

    Overall a good performance from the lads. Seems we are still a half time team as after the break we were massively better. JJ came onto a game in the second half and is the kind of commitment to the cause that I want to see. I can accept him moving on but he needs to remain committed to the blue and white jersey till he signs on the doted line for another team. Thought Scott Boyd was also much better than against queens. Not man of the match worthy though. Ndjoli, what a player. If he keeps this up I have no doubt that he will be hot property come January time. Such pace and skill with the ball from a young boy is rare indeed. Still need reinforcements but I'll take that performance and points any day of the week.
  14. Secret Squirrel

    Perf Saints Fred

    He didn't play against qp. It was Scott Boyd who played in his place.
  15. Secret Squirrel

    Line up face St Johnstone

    Ahh I see. My mistake seems were not allowed to know things cause SCC is a good manager. I wait till after the game so he can tell me what to think.

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