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  1. Don't know if it was our feed or county's but several times a replay would be showing while the ball was in play, thankfully nothing much happened during these episodes but I would like to know the reasoning behind it.
  2. I think Gav does fine, he clearly enjoys the role and tries to make it as enjoyable as possible. For me with Alan Cochrane he often takes a long time to get his point across. There was one instance were he was asked for who would be his man of the match and he took so long that we ended up getting a corner and he had to start over again.
  3. Definitely need something different Kabamba is far too isolated up top there with no help. Would love to see what Whitehall could do.
  4. Always love it when we upset the apple cart, we have had them found out for years now and no matter how many times we do it I love every minute of it.
  5. Just need to make sure that we don't give away stupid fouls and we should be able to get something from this
  6. No point in being scared of them, let's give them a game and see what the score ends up being.
  7. I'm not a fan of the naming deal, the reason why is two fold for me it represents the over-commercialisation of football were anything and everything is for sale at a price, I cringe at clubs down south and up here having commercial partners for the most mundane of things, soon I would imagine some clubs will have official water partners etc. Secondly is the way the deal has or has not been done, I'm not privy to the deal so I am just speculating but what work I wonder has been done to asses the value for money of this deal. I would love to know what the true value of sponsoring the stadium would be and if it is lower or higher than the amount agreed for this one. Knowing also the duration of the deal would be nice. Fact is however I'm not in charge and the deal is done whether I like it or not.
  8. For me we have appointed him and as such we need to back him, we should at least give him 12 games to see what he can do with the squad that he has assembled. If after 12 games we look like we are going nowhere then we can make an informed decision on what we want to do.
  9. Kiltie for me showed what he needs to do to stay in the team, however have to mention that plenty of others played well.
  10. Your absolutely right, to me is it bad management in two instances. 1st: He should not have started full stop, I know its easy to say in hindsight but goalkeepers need time to gel with their defence, Rogers has had that time and so he would have been far better placed to start today than Eastwood, I imagine Rogers will be pretty angry that hes suddenly been dropped to accommodate someone who just signed. 2nd: Dropping him at half time has robed him of the chance to get more experience with the team of defenders he is going to be playing with, his confidence will be shot and with Rogers keeping a clean sheet you would expect him to start against Celtic next week. Don't know if its Thompson or Dyer that made the call but its not come off well on anyone.
  11. He was a good LB, problem was he was never given a break to recapture his earlier form.
  12. Think we will do alright but I'm not too sure if we will be consistent enough for top six, hopefully the boys prove me wrong.
  13. It would be rash to judge the window before it has finished, however this window we do seem to have a better structure in place to find players which fit our profile with thought taken to how they fit in with the group. Hopefully we can get a few more in to help the team and we should be good to go for the season.
  14. All in all it would be a signing I would file under fine, we all know that on his day he can be a great player but quite often he doesn't reach those heights. Maybe he can push on and become more consistent but we will need to wait and see.
  15. Agreed last year the bulk of the problems came from us having nothing up front attacking wise. Improving it will be vital to a successful season.

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