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  1. Richard Tait released from Motherwell, could he be the replacement we need for SOD?
  2. Don't think there will be an answer yet bud. Would imagine that due to the terms of the deal the TV will remain the domain of Sky and then the 'Killie TV' style platforms will stream games that sky don't pick.
  3. Not too keen on them myself, but finances may dictate that we look at players like Gogic. Will be interesting what players we end up picking up
  4. I think we will need to be quite creative when we return on how we recruit players. Here's one I came up with when reading about the Scottish Championship potentially not starting until January. Dunfermline have just released 17 players so they seem to be feeling the pinch, would it be possible for us to agree a six month loan deal for Nisbet? Would mean that he would be fully prepared for when they return as well as getting one of their biggest earners off the books while they are shut down. We get a good striker for a pittance and can then potentially agree a deal to sign him the following summer.
  5. At what point are you going to read what I said above, if you can't see my point is managers earn the right to have time by being successful whether that's immediately or being successful at other clubs then I don't know how to phrase it any other way. Did you think I was drawing comparisons to Klopp and Dyer in my above post then? If you say 15 games isn't enough then you need to provide some sort of counter to it, when is it enough? Otherwise your argument carries no weight.
  6. I got your point about SAF pretty well, just you are ignoring the key point that I put in my post, one had a pedigree of winning titles and so earned the right to take his time while another is completely untested, do you think Klopp would have been given three years at Liverpool without winning anything if it had not been for the fact that people knew from his time at Dortmund that he could win trophies? You say my opinion is "just plain wrong" what utter nonsense. I have actually provided evidence based on data and metrics gathered from Dyers time as our manager, you have provided nothing but subjective opinions backed up with no evidence to speak of.
  7. First on Alex Ferguson by the time he was appointed at Man Utd he had won 12 trophies including a European cup so I don't think the two Alex's are comparable. If you don't think 15 games is enough to judge him on then feel free to let me know what you believe the average manager should get. I don't think you can call Kilmarnock fans entitled, for most of the past 12 years we have been more often than not a relegation threatened side with the occasional uptick in form that generally last no more than two seasons in a row. For the most part we have seen that the assistant stepping up to the big job often ends up poorly, the only one that has been favourable for us in my time has been Shiels. Many managers we have appointed were sacked because they were hopeless and more often than not would have taken us down to the championship if they had been given any more time, again Shiels is about the only one who can feel aggrieved at his sacking, its also worth pointing out that out of our last 10 managers 3 have left us for other jobs rather than being sacked. Not accepting declining standards in everything apart from goals scored under Dyer is hardly what I would call living in cloud cuckoo land, rather it is a desire from the fan base to have some ambition to not just be in the top league to make up the numbers but to actually challenge for Europe, top six and cups. Time will tell us if its the right call, if he gets the job he will receive my full backing as every other manager has but I've set out my stall as I did with Lee McCulloch that I don't think Dyer is the one to take us forward.
  8. Not had a fair crack at the whip you must be joking the man has had 15 games and a transfer window to find his feet. You would think Angelo had us in the relegation places the way people go on about the so called 'crisis'. When Angelo left we had the third best defensive record in the league which Dyer has seen too quite well letting us slip to sixth. Also Gary Holt that you just mentioned went on a nine game windless run, Angelo was on a four game run when he was sacked, so I ask why is Holt's acceptable but Angelo's is a crisis? Maybe when the Dyer supporters can offer more than vague murmurings of improvements and fuzzy what ifs I will take the idea of him as permanent manager seriously.
  9. Broadfoot is past it and Waters hardly has me out of my seat. Much work to be done when the window reopens, not much can be done at the moment I'm afraid.
  10. As always should be put out for everyone to apply. We need to select the best candidate for the role, the virus should play no part in our thinking, ideally this is going to be the person leading the club for the next three years long after this has passed.
  11. Would have him back in a heart beat, if the Findlay and Fabro partnership was not broken up we would have done much better than 8th.
  12. In today's money seems the 5k would translate to £8,730.27 going by the inflation calculator.
  13. I'm sure there is penalties if we don't give them what they want. I say its a rotten deal to begin with and if this gives a get out a clause I would gladly take it. The fact its five years long just adds to the insult.
  14. Any reconstruction that ends up with teams playing each other 4 times a season should immediately be put in the bin. If we are going to change the leagues then lets make it so we end up with a more compelling product at the end of the day. Everyone is bored playing each other so often, for reference since the start of 2018 we have played Aberdeen 12 times in the league and cup. That's far too much for a period of just over two years. I say we move to a top division of 18, everyone plays once home and away and that's it. No splits or any of that nonsense. 3 up and 3 down with no playoff's. The removal of 4 games from the calendar allows us to have a proper winter break without cramming everything in when we get back. The championship can be reorganised into a 16 team league along the same principles. The remaining 8 teams for the current setup can be shoved into new regional leagues. If Sky don't want to pay for that then we can offer it to BT for the same money and see if they bite.
  15. Yep you should have received an email titled: "Your Invitation to Vote in the Election: CALL TO ACTION: 'Trust In Killie' - use of funds"

The Killie Trust

KFC Supporters Association

Young Kilmarnock

FC Kilmarnock

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