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  1. The goalkeeper picks itself, while the defence is the hardest part in one area to pick. While the CB pairing itself is obvious and Naismith I think is our best RB I had a hard time choosing who to pick for LB. I went for Haunstrup in the end (Originally I planned to try and pick a back three which would have made Naismith and Haunstrup WB). Just purely for him being slightly better offensively IMO than Waters. In midfield, I wanted to make use of wingers to support the attack and opted against having a designated CAM in favour of having two strikers upfront. This left me with only the CM
  2. It's up to the manager at the end of the day. If Wright thinks the player is uncommitted or that he can replace the player or reinvest the funds better then it is better to back the coach. My position remains the same as when it was rumoured he was going to Morton. I would personally like to keep him, but if he wants to move of fine we need to move on and make the most of it.
  3. Two year deal so proper signing.
  4. Really pleased with both signings today. This is the kind of player we should be going for, those who have experience but are still young and have potential to grow.
  5. Will wait and see but if this happens I will be shocked. One of the worst goalkeepers I have seen play for Killie so no idea how he is expected to teach the next goalie what he should be doing.
  6. Just a general question how do you do these counts? I looked at doing an xpath on the source of the page to get a count of seats reserved using the attributes but decided to not follow through. Do you do something similar or is there a summary in the background?
  7. The answer is we don't know how the season will go. We still don't know what our squad will look like and how the team will gel together. But the aim has to be to bounce straight back up, that is why we are keeping the budget so high. Anything else will be seen as a massive failure especially as we are seen as the big fish in this scenario. People need to be patient with the signings though, not every signing will be flashy or a young up and comer which we have already seen. That doesn't mean they won't be able to play a part in getting us back. Overall I will wait and see what happe
  8. Personally, I would expect us to be able to have at least 2k in by the time the season rolls around which should cover the bulk of our season ticket base. We need to be careful and I will leave it to the local health experts to decide what exactly that means but we need to start seeing some normality return.
  9. Good to see us being proactive in rebuilding the squad. Definitely should be a very different team to the one we had to suffer the past year. It's a positive that we are signing players rather than relying on the loan market so far. Long may it continue.
  10. Have to praise the club especially, Katrina Watson. Had a issue with my renewal due to my category of ticket needing to be changed and she managed to get it sorted within two hours of first contact which considering it's the first day is pretty good. Hopefully a bit more to shout about next season and actually back to attending games.
  11. Surprised by this if it turns out to be true. Would have expected him to stay seeing we had got rid of Dicker to be our midfield enforcer. Will have fond memories of him like many under the SSC days but maybe for the best to see him move on.
  12. My hope for the championship is the club putting together a team capable at coming up at the first time of asking. The expectation should be that we try to come up as champions, preferably not leaving it to the final day or anything like that. My other hope is that the bridges burned between the club and it's supporters are mended and we can start to move forward together as a cohesive unit.
  13. A good post sir, but the bottom point is the crucial one. For years we have been hovering the drain of the premiership with only a few blips such as the Clarke era and Mixu being different. The issues are clear to see, why? Because they are the same as we have been calling for years. Too much squad turnover each year, putting our eggs in the loan market for actual quality, appointing inexperienced managers to name a few. Like honestly if you looked at most regular posters histories over the year you would see that we have been saying the same things year after year and only getting a
  14. To say I'm heartbroken is an understatement. I have never known Killie lower than the premier league and to see us fall out in such a whimper fills me with rage. Absolutely no heart in the team. I am beyond crestfallen and it will take days for it to sink in.