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  1. Always great to get a win, even better when it is with a man down. Overall we were by far the better team but again by losing a goal we are giving our attackers even more pressure to go out and get goals. If we want to move up the table consistently then we need to tighten up the defensive side of our game.
  2. Hamilton are utter rubbish but with the red card we have given them an inroad in the game. Défense for their goal was pretty poor especially seeing as we apparently had been working on set play defence through the week. Best I can say is we are still the better team just need to hope a ball falls for us in a favourable position and we take advantage.
  3. Did you signup via this website: https://ppv.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/login? It has a different login compared to the killie tv site which will only offer you audio for killie tv subscribers in the UK.
  4. Rogers Millen Findlay Dikamona Waters Dicker Tshibola Taylor Kiltie Kabamba Brophy Think Dicker suits a deeper role where he is not relied on as much to move the ball quickly, this gives him licence to act as the first line of defence for the counter attacks that Hamilton will be relying on. Taylor and Tshibola should have the legs to carry the ball forward to support the forward players while Kiltie gets to play in his favoured central position to create chances for
  5. Overall we played well again today but like most of Dyer's reign we have not got the result. It is starting to be a bit worrying that again this season we seem to be lacking any attacking threat for periods of a game. I think something that is not helping our case is our constant switching out at the back, you can see that with time Rogers is becoming more composed and comfortable but we are struggling to have a consistent back four which I think leads to us losing more goals than we should. Another creative winger for me is a must, we badly need another out ball to stretch teams and
  6. Any new features expected from it or is it just a security and bug fixing update?
  7. We are tired down the left, a change required.
  8. For the first 45 I thought we played well, we were frustrating rangers and reducing their chances the same way we were doing against Celtic. The main issue I had with how we were playing was unlike Celtic we were creating nothing upfront. If you create nothing upfront like Livingstone did last week against Rangers then you need to make sure that you don't allow them to get a goal. When we went one down we should have moved to try and set up the team to create chances instead for awhile we seemed to continue to defend a 1-0 loss which is madness to me. We really need to show some intent next we
  9. No one deserving it I'm afraid, most of the attacking players offered anything all game while the defence was all over the place at times.
  10. Been solid so far, however we have not made much inroads on the attack.
  11. I didn't want Dyer appointed, but to sack him at this stage of the season is ludicrous. We have backed him with signings and given him a full pre-season, the man deserves to get the time to show what he can do when he has played against every team in the league. We are all disappointed after this week when we could have been potentially been talking about two wins. We have played well in all four games with us scoring a decent amount of goals. For all the people talking about us being too negative against St Johnstone we were prior to the red card in complete control and creating plenty
  12. I think we need to stand firm and keep on course, the start we have had is not the way we wanted to start but I have seen enough across the four games to see that we are not far away. We need only look around us in the table to see that we are not the only ones having a slow start to the season both Livi and Motherwell have has similar starts to ourselves with managers who have been highly praised over the years. I don't think we are skint and I imagine that if Fow or Dyer needs another player or two the board will ensure the necessary funding is in place, we just need to be patient and t
  13. Agreed, just wanted to shed some light for folk that may not know that companies now a days don't buy a set amount of resources for these type of things.
  14. Any streaming company worth their salt uses infrastructure that scales on demand to deal with increased loads at peak times. Fact is the company ruining the service is plain rubbish at streaming how after a year they still cant provide an error free experience on literally the best day you will ever get weather wise is beyond me.
  15. How people are blaming Dyer for this is beyond me, 3 stupid errors puts us in this rotten position. Fact is the players need to look at themselves and ask some deep questions, they keep f**king it up for the gaffer.
  16. Been not too bad the for the first part, still feel that we are lacking someone up front to pair with Kabamba. Whitehall looks a reasonable sized unit so I image he could hold the ball up well enough to help him out. Don't think we truly have been challenged defensively so overall pretty happy.
  17. Rogers Dikamona Findlay Millen Haunstrup Power Tishbola Burke Pinnock Kabamba Whitehall Feel that we need to have two up top to try give Kabamba more support and stretch the defence to create some space for our wingers to work with. Would try and see what a Findlay & Dikamona partnership looks like, might help us stop losing early goals.
  18. Don't know if it was our feed or county's but several times a replay would be showing while the ball was in play, thankfully nothing much happened during these episodes but I would like to know the reasoning behind it.
  19. I think Gav does fine, he clearly enjoys the role and tries to make it as enjoyable as possible. For me with Alan Cochrane he often takes a long time to get his point across. There was one instance were he was asked for who would be his man of the match and he took so long that we ended up getting a corner and he had to start over again.
  20. Definitely need something different Kabamba is far too isolated up top there with no help. Would love to see what Whitehall could do.
  21. Always love it when we upset the apple cart, we have had them found out for years now and no matter how many times we do it I love every minute of it.
  22. Just need to make sure that we don't give away stupid fouls and we should be able to get something from this
  23. No point in being scared of them, let's give them a game and see what the score ends up being.
  24. I'm not a fan of the naming deal, the reason why is two fold for me it represents the over-commercialisation of football were anything and everything is for sale at a price, I cringe at clubs down south and up here having commercial partners for the most mundane of things, soon I would imagine some clubs will have official water partners etc. Secondly is the way the deal has or has not been done, I'm not privy to the deal so I am just speculating but what work I wonder has been done to asses the value for money of this deal. I would love to know what the true value of sponsoring the stadi