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  1. Ireland and Mugabe in the same breath, get a grip man!!
  2. But they’re not, the death rate per capita in Sweden is more than double that of their neighbours.
  3. Dominic Raab, speaking about Boris: “I'm confident he'll pull through because if there's one thing I know about this prime minister, he's a fighter.” Presumably, in his view, the dead simply didn’t fight hard enough then ...
  4. It’s not a huge deal, but Matt Hancock had said earlier in the day that exercise outside might be “banned”. There is a member of my household who relies on outdoor exercise to manage a medical condition and so was quite distressed. As a consequence of this, for the first time ever, we tuned in to see what was going to be said and Got nothing, which exacerbated the situation. A simple comment that there were technical issues would have been helpful.
  5. You're telling me that the BBC News readers telling us that the press conference hadn't started yet, when it had, is "nothing to do with the BBC". I'm afraid I don't follow your logic??
  6. I wonder why the BBC didn’t “go live to Downing Street” for the UK government’s press briefing, until the briefing itself was over and the Q&A had started. They said repeatedly that they were awaiting the start of the briefing, even though they were reporting the contents of the briefing in their text feed ... I assume it was technical problems, but if so, why not say so...
  7. For the Scottish Cup 5th round game against Inverness in 2009, my wife and I stayed at the Kingsmills Hotel, which, as it turned out was where the team was staying. I bumped into Jim Jeffries and Billy Brown in the foyer and chatted to them (or perhaps it was at them) for a couple of minutes. I told them I was going to the game etc. Jeffries said nothing, but looked quite confused, Billy was bouncing around the place like Zebidee (maybe he needed a piss). Billy then reached into his pocket and have me 6 tickets for the game. I still haven't figured out if they were confused by the fact that an Irish guy had travelled to see Killie, or if they hadn't a clue what I had been saying.
  8. Nico seems to be one of the few who consistently delivers accurate easily controllable throws in, rather that simply chucking the ball at a teammate's groin or lobbing it over their head.
  9. Please take my treadmill away!
  10. Did anyone see the woman outside a rammed grocers in London on the C4 news on Thursday evening who said something along the lines of ' I'm carrying on as normal, If we change how we do things, it's just letting the virus win ...' You literally cannot reach or teach stupid ...
  11. Sinn Féin was the dominant political party in Ireland in the lead up to the formation of the "free state". It splintered quite spectacularly immediately upon the singing of the anglo - Irish treaty and effectively disappeared. Whilst the current party bearing that name can trace its roots to the original party, so can most of the other parties (except Labour and The Greens). Whilst I sincerely hope and expect that the formation of an independent Scotland will/would be a lot more orderly than what happened (and remains unresolved) in Ireland, I would be very surprised if the SNP remained fully intact for more than a single parliamentary cycle.
  12. It would seem that Man U has self-imposed the same absence, presumably in a gesture of solidarity ...
  13. Credit where credit is due - Katrina Watson replied and has removed the concession ticket for me. Top marks!!
  14. I’ve emailed the club to ask. I’m now going to stop breathing until I get a response.

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