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  1. The ‘contracted players’ section worries me more than the players leaving!
  2. Theoretically he could drop big Kabamba who didn't have his best game on Wednesday and play three in central midfield (Rory or Kiltie as a 10). However, I think we need to stick with the 4-4-2 and the big man up top allows Brophy a lot more space to work so I think Dicker's got to drop out. Let big SF have the armband and maybe give Dicker a jolt?
  3. I always think Beaton is worse than Walsh... and then I watch Walsh! Was it NW for the 3-2 game against Dundee and the ref?
  4. They haven't been pretty, but they all count! More importantly, he is getting in to positions to score goals - something we have been lacking for a while with Brophy ploughing a lone furrow.
  5. Dyer didn't want to apply for the job. That, for me, should close the case.
  6. He scored what should have been the winner. Does a lot more than just win the occasional header. He was fouled out of most of the game last night but Aberdeen spent so much time wrestling him that Brophy got more space and was able to cause problems. Had Brophy been more clinical he could have had three tonight, we’d have won and Kabamba’s impact would have been more obvious. A little more time to gel and that could be an excellent partnership.
  7. For me it has to be DDF coming on instead of Johnson. The boy is a liability. Why he’s trying to head that is beyond me.
  8. Findlay is an absolute no-brainer for me. He is the absolute lifeblood of this club, both on and off the pitch and imo should be captain. DDF would be an absolutely brilliant acquisition but getting SF a new contract should be priority number 1. The prospect of two young centre halves developing a strong partnership in the longer term though is very appealing.
  9. Agreed. 24 is a very good age to be trying to get someone like DDF on board permanently.
  10. Cult hero potential. I really like the big man and looks like he could become a very decent player.
  11. Sign him up but time to pass the armband to SF. We should be building the club round Findlay.
  12. All the more reason to keep the pitch. I love the seeth when we beat them and if it gives them something else to get their knickers in a twist about then happy days.
  13. Fair play to the big keeper. Would have taken a bit of bottle to come in again after Wednesday but did well in horrid conditions.
  14. How do we know Koprivec is really that bad? The guy’s played 2 league games and 10 minutes at Hearts. Hardly enough time to knock off the rust and get over any nerves.