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  1. BR1869

    Aw naw.......

    SC is nobody's Number 2 now.
  2. BR1869


    Hilarious that their ironically named POTY event was the same day they got leathered by Celtic.
  3. BR1869


    Fed up trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I suspect he is languid rather than lazy but when Power (and McKenzie when he was fit) are the epitome of energy and drive Tish is infuriating. Was worth a try however thanks but no thanks.
  4. BR1869


    Sadly?! We wouldn't be able to continually mock the absolute nonsense that slides its way out of that asylum if they didn't keep doing these things!!
  5. BR1869

    Hibs away

    Spot on mate, cheers.
  6. BR1869

    Hibs away

    That's what I'm hoping. I double checked my tickets last night and the hologram end part with the bar-code is still there so assuming this is valid?
  7. BR1869

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Absolutely. Cannot wait to see what SSC can do with my / other ST purchasers money after the wonders he has worked this season. KTID
  8. BR1869

    Sheep home, Fred

    Kiltie did say in a recent interview that both he and SC were focused more realistically on next season.
  9. BR1869

    Jones or Mulumbu?

    What a question. As seems to be the popular opinion I'd keep JJ. Great combo with Taylor and seems to love playing for Killie right now. Mulumbu is a class act, and a joy to watch, but we haven't relied on him as much as I thought we would, whereas JJ really stretches teams for us.
  10. BR1869


    Incredible. As if I wasn't enjoying this season enough it seems there is no end to the good news. Well done to all involved in getting this one done and thoroughly well deserved for Taylor. Oh to be a killie.
  11. BR1869

    Manager of Month March

    Those knuckle draggers never fail to amaze. Truly living in the dark ages.
  12. BR1869

    Still Moaning About JJ

    Steve Clarke is playing JJ. That for me says enough.
  13. BR1869

    Caption Competition

    "The guys on Sportsound said Brendan will win manager of the season."
  14. BR1869

    Open training session

    Assuming the use of 'God's Plan' as the soundtrack is a subtle reference to the brilliance of SC.
  15. BR1869

    post split fixtures

    Bring them all on. Mon the killie.

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