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  1. I can see the nuisance part. But kenny miller without the goals is not kenny Miller. Being a hard worker in itself is not enough to be in a top Scottish team. I’m sure Rory would press and run in a similar way if playing as a central striker? There needs to be more attributes for me...but anyway I’m getting sucked back into the whole brophy thing. Good luck to him snd hope he bags a treble on Saturday.
  2. What do you believe he’s good at? Not a cheap dig. I genuinely want to understand what I’m missing. I looked at Boyd for years; terrible first touch but instinctive goal scorer. Heffernan, clever link play between forwards and midfield, josh; physical presence that unsettled defenders and powerful runner. Kevin Kyle, dominant in the air. Paul Wright, the best all round striker with a bit of everything ( minus the heading part maybe). How would you describe brophy (without reference to penalty taker - which his record is fantastic)?
  3. Fair enough. Hope you are right on this one. Really do.
  4. Right, maybe. Not trying to be sly. As you say I’m open about my feelings on brophys performances for a long time now. I want him to score a barrel load - I’m really not one of those folks that would rather be right even at expense of results/performance - but I’ve never seen a player performing so poorly over such an extended period maintaining such support with the fans. I’ve seen better performers crucified for much less. It’s fascinating for me. Is it because he’s had a few “big moments” which dominate folks thinking? He’s not great in the air, not showing great hold up or link play. He’s
  5. Mary’s prayer craigie ....80s band...
  6. We do. Huge player for us. Defensively sound but surging runs were a great out. We focus on jj as the primary out ball but the number of times sod was the first runner on the counter was amazing. Few important goals thrown in.
  7. “Outstanding. But 2 out of 6 in terms of games. Been posted missing in some games but guess that’s why he’s with us. When he’s good he looks very good. Seems to have it all - both goals today class for different reasons. But he’s inconsistent. Hope he kicks on. Number 1 striker for us” Thats what posted after dundee Utd on this kabamba thread. 11 reds which - for me - maybe not slaughtered. But I’ll stand bye this position. Think the big man can be huge asset but a ways to go yet.
  8. Yes. Not the most popular interim. The game at meadowbank one of the all time lows for me. Folks were raging at the players. Seems we did have a bounce back with Eddie for a bit ( cubby overhead kick at methill a highlight)...short lived.
  9. Really? My memory says he won his first 3 (Falkirk 3-1, east fife 0-1, ?). If I’m right the next 18 must have been pretty grim....
  10. Assuming power is out, I’d start with that. Kiltie Has earned his place and brophy needs to drop out. I really like dicker, he has been immense for us but I would like to see that two together. I’d like to see pinnock have a run from the start but Rory may bring better balance. Not sure hamilton are quite as “tight” as they were so can maybe have a real go at them.
  11. It’s not what you say sometimes it the way that you say it. We all bristled with confidence every time ssc opened his mouth. We heard what he said but knew what he meant. In a similar way to some of the great Scottish managers of the past. Clarke WAS killie for a couple of years. He raised up everything and everybody around him. The players, Dyer, the board. Without him everybody has lost the shine. The club is a top 12 club. No less, no more.
  12. Good post. This is a good summary. The only thing to add is that almost everyone - after a handful of games - already accepts that we can’t be in the top 4. A team that for nearly 2 seasons was the most consistent and successful in the league Has already passed on Europe after 7 games. Just over a season after finishing third and it’s already at the “with a decent run of fixtures we could be up with the st mirren and ross county’s”. It’s true and I feel the same as you. But it’s a lot sad that our expectations has shifted soooooo much in a little over 12 months. A failure of leadership.
  13. Think that ship may now have sailed. Worth trying to get something by moving him on but his performances level has been largely poor for a while now. Should have been sold summer after ssc left. That penalty against rangers and first Scotland cap. Still 18 months on contract at the time. Likely to stumble through to January till pre contract offer. But his next club won’t be Leeds anymore. In danger of wasting his potential.
  14. The league has dropped a level this season imo. The lack of fans may well be a factor and it could pick up but it’s clear that the top 4 are better than the rest. So 1 out of 8 chance to finish bottom in a poor league. I think we have 3 or 4 very good players and 3 or 4 that are good premier league players. We are much stronger imo that the teams we had under Jefferies latterly, Calderwood, Johnston and Locke. So I’d be shocked if we finished in the bottom 2.
  15. I said that after dundee Utd and got slaughtered. He is an enigma. He looks unplayable sometimes and never played other times. He’s good enough to be in our team but a bit more consistency would be welcomed.

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