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  1. Wanted to provide perspective and input in our club and the love of my life. It’s been a great 50 years and I’ll continue to support my club for the years ahead. But I’ll sign off here because we’ve stalled and the only way is back. There are folks in the forum and the club that think mediocrity is good. That incremental revenues are the way forward. My views are irrelevant on this basis. Support the club anyway you want but get to games and encourage others to get to games. The game time is all that matters at the end of the day. I hope that others will join the board and move the club forwards. I could see a situation when killie are a major force in Scottish football and ready for Europe. Others don’t have the same view. Come on the killie..... and goodbye.
  2. Killie is a desperate last option.noooooooo!
  3. Makrini is the person we need to change. Evident after first few games. Folks saying he best player etc..,emperors new clothes..poor..,.get rid..
  4. I hope you are right and we can set our sights higher than main. Doubt it. He’s decent.
  5. The reality is that Stevie Clarke’s “trophy cabinet” will be pretty empty tonight. It’s not about what others say. It’s what we led the world to believe. It is another embarrassing climb down but better sooner than later. It’s about cold hard cash. We need the money.
  6. Exactly. He was a major player for motherwell. Cosgrove has been outstanding for the sheep so he’s had limited involvement. He won’t want to take a pay cut but he’s not playing and surprising as it may sound, some players still like to play. Surely we could attract a player like main. We were the third best team in Scotland last season.
  7. Kris Boyd...absolute legend. Greatest finisher in a killie shirt in a lifetime. Came though our youth system. I could not care what shape he was in, in the twighlight of his career he was top scorer in the spl. Wish we had a fat bastard with half the talent in our number 9 shirt now. Mr watters was no Adonis (sorry Wullie fans) but he knew where the poke was. It’s not always about shape fortunately. Talent still has a place.
  8. In short. Yes. Fuelled by the fans to be fair. We complain about not being able to compete to sign 2 grand a week strikers yet actively shut down a 2 times 150k revenue stream. 300k is more than the Tik donations and could fund a couple of progressive signings. We enjoyed our moment. It was magnificent. Even though I though the decision was brave/mad I loved the consequences last may. But it was a moment in time. If folks want to urge reality....there is not greater reality than we need the old filths green and blue dollars.
  9. I’d be interested in main. He caused problems and scored decent amount of goals in a mid league team. Brophy is no longer a guaranteed starter. We need a first choice striker with options for a second. I was more ambitious in the past but Curtis main is now our level now. We should grab him if available.
  10. No difference of opinion from me when we are talking non football aspects
  11. Fair enough. The original comment was suggestive that all Jones had done for us was to get us up the park and win the odd penalty. I reminded that he actually had scored a fair few goals. The comparison to Burke ( who is held in the highest esteem by the majority of killie fans) is simply to provide the contrast, even though jj hAs scored more goals, the views on the players merit seem poles apart. Burke is a great player for us now (he was picked far fewer times by Clarke as a starter through February 2019 when both were available for selection which I think is interesting) but for me - like Clarke it seems - it’s jj every time. I’d love both in our starting 11 mind you.
  12. You seems confused by my opinion of the man and the player. Ive been very clear what I think of the man. It baffles me that people refuse to see the pivotal contribution to the success we enjoyed under Clarke. Really baffles me.

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