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  1. 6 goals this month, surely in the running for potm
  2. According to Celtic fans on Twitter it was a definite penalty, simunovic clattered into Brophy from behind
  3. I don’t think that’s the case. Only 4 Scottish teams can get in Europe I believe. Top gets champions league and 2nd and 3rd gets Europa league, alongside Scottish cup winners/4th in the league if any of the top 3 win Scottish cup
  4. Spot on, there’s no way livi are getting any more than 2 points in there next 3 games and I can see us getting between 4 and 6. Closes the gap to them straight away. It’ll almost certainly go to the last day to see which of us gets 6th
  5. If the same 6 teams finish in top half and bottom half as the season before then yes it will be an even split of playing each of the other teams in the respective half twice at home and twice away. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t happen very often so it ends up with some teams having to play other teams away 3 times and home once. Only fair way to do it is making it an 18 team league and playing each team twice in my opinion
  6. Yes, played for the reserves today as a trialist
  7. Easy mistake to make tbh, if you just look at the first part of his profile on transfermarkt it notes that his contract expires this season.
  8. Strange, only thing I can find is on transfermarkt.com where it says his juve contract runs until 2022
  9. One big criticism I’ve had of him this season is how poor his passing has been. Also the fact that for a good few games he just didn’t look interested at all, he’d lose the ball and just walk back instead of busting a gut. For those reasons alone I feel the criticism is justified, if a player isn’t playing to the high standards they’ve set previously then they deserve some criticism imo. He showed in the second half against rangers that he still has a big part to play in the rest of the season but he needs to show that desire more often
  10. It wasn’t really 3 times. He came on loan from Newcastle in august 2017 when jig was in charge and then signed permanently at the start of the following season when his Newcastle contract ended
  11. I agree, just take one look at the games they have left before the split and most of them are very tough. If we can manage to win 3/4 of our remaining home games and a couple of away games then they’re definitely catchable
  12. I see that as a positive, he was arguably the only player we had that could come on and change the game and we’ve sent him out on loan
  13. Should go for a 3-5-2 against county. Means we’re able to keep the 3 in midfield and allows us to play Millar up top and play hammy on the left of the 5. Also means we’re able to drop sod who I think has been particularly poor the last 2 games.

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